CloneCD Review

CloneCD is an innovative CD/DVD copying program developed by Slysoft that makes exact copies of all CDs – including copy-protected discs – with ease and comes equipped with an intuitive user interface for user accessibility.

To use CloneCD with any burning software, rename all.IMG files to.BIN as this confuses programs. Once done, simply burn as any other CD would.

Copying CDs and DVDs

If you need to clone CDs or DVDs, this program makes the task straightforward. With its user-friendly interface and advanced options for power users, it provides everything necessary for success in this regard. Plus it’s stable enough that it won’t use up as many system resources compared to similar products out there; plus its speed makes this one highly recommended!

While other programs only clone specific types of CDs or DVDs, CloneCD can produce an exact 1:1 copy of any disc – an essential tool for those who own discs they want to be able to play on devices other than their computer, such as creating backup copies that will work in stereo systems and car audio systems or copying video DVDs that will work on any home DVD player.

CloneCD was specifically created to work at full speed when handling DVDs, giving you confidence that your copies will be completed quickly and efficiently. You can even use CloneCD to rip protected game discs and copy them directly onto your PC in order to play them on any PC – perfect if your games detect whether they’re being run from CD-Rs or DVD-Rs!

RedFox acquired Oliver Kastl’s CDClone 3 (Elby/Elaborate Bytes), later known as Slysoft program before selling it back to Oliver Kastl in March 2016. Since then, RedFox has combined knowledge, innovation, years of experience and direct customer communication to continuously enhance this software solution.

Now this USB drive can copy any data or audio CD, including those featuring the new SafeDisc 3 protection system, rip any Blu-ray movie into mobile format files for use on any portable device, create backup copies of original data CDs/DVDs for emergency replacement purposes and more!

Additionally, this program can also be used to rip and convert protected music CDs and DVDs to ISO images that can then be burned onto blank CDs or DVDs for storage purposes. Furthermore, protected games can also be converted to ISO images for safe copying onto blank media.

Copying IMG Files

CloneCD is an optical disc authoring software program created by Oliver Kastl and offered by Swiss company Elaborate Bytes until European copyright laws changed, forcing them to discontinue offering it on the market. Following that change in regulations it was sold off to Belize/Latvia-based SlySoft where it currently resides today and continues making great programs such as Daemon-Tools and Alcohol 120%.

CloneCD can also be used to copy IMG files, which contain control information for CD images. IMG files typically exist as BIN/CUE files but can also come in ISO or MDF/MDS formats.

Once an IMG file has been converted to ISO or MDF/MDS format, it can be burned onto disc using any CD burning software like Nero, ImgBurn, or PowerISO. The quality of a burned IMG file depends heavily on both its source media and recording speed.

To ensure a high-quality IMG file, CDMage or DPMViewer tools should be utilized to inspect image structure and physical sector scan for errors. These tools are especially helpful when working with protected CDs; unprotected copies may be easily copied using just a few clicks; however attaining quality requires knowledge of the process and some fine tuning – especially since Mac users only have access to Apple’s Xcode and MacPorts tools which require extra work before completion.

Erasing Discs

Depending on the type of CD or DVD that you are copying, erasing may be required before you can reuse it again. You can typically do this via the Tools option of your main project window; just keep in mind that this process could take several minutes; therefore ensure you allow yourself enough time before beginning.

A good CD clone program should support all four main optical disc formats: write-once (CD-R, CD+R) and rewritable CD-RW/+RW formats as well as any special purpose formats used for other types of content such as karaoke discs with textual lyrics on them and an audio track.

CloneCD stands out from its peers by being capable of creating exact copies of music and data CDs without regard for copyright protection mechanisms, making it an excellent solution for people wanting a backup copy of their valuable music collection. Unfortunately, this can still prove challenging when dealing with discs such as games that use more advanced copyright methods.

Sometimes it is possible to bypass copyright protection with the aid of magic marker, an old technique involving carefully marking around the edge of an outer CD layer with black marker pen ink. This will stop Windows from reading its second session and allow you to copy your CD like any unprotected one; however, this method could become obsolete should Microsoft decide to address its flaw which makes this possible.

Daemon-Tools can also help get around DRM protection by acting as a virtual drive emulator and mounting CUE/BIN images as virtual CDs – producing subchannel data copy. This may be useful when copying protected CDs that you own but cannot legally playback on car stereo systems.


CloneCD is a CD cloning software program compatible with all types of DVDs and CDs, using advanced encoding technology to produce an exact replica of an original disc – perfect for backing up data even if damaged or lost! CloneCD also supports most DVD formats including: R, RW, +R Dual Layer and RAM discs.

CloneCD’s latest version boasts significant upgrades in both its user interface and performance, making it easier for everyone to use, regardless of experience level. Furthermore, advanced options have also been provided for those more adept with disc copying techniques. Furthermore, this free download from its website supports all versions of Windows OS.

CloneCD does not require any special hardware; however, to optimize its use it’s recommended to have a CD-RW or DVD-RW drive of quality with 16 MB free space on the hard disk and reasonable system requirements – meaning most computers should be capable of running this program without issue.

CloneCD offers both speed and accuracy when it comes to its performance, supporting all standard optical disc formats such as ISO and UDF as well as some more advanced ones like Blu-ray and HD-DVD. Furthermore, it can read most read protections as well as emulate weak sectors on discs.

No matter whether it be music CDs or game discs, CloneCD can help make an exact 1:1 copy of any valuable original compact discs. In addition, it can “unblock” copyrighted disks that won’t play in your CD or DVD player. However, please remember that copyright laws vary across nations so this software should never be used to circumvent them.

CloneCD is an esteemed and reliable software utility, and has earned many industry awards. Developed by SlySoft, the program features support and guides available online along with an active forum where you can find answers to any of your queries. Furthermore, CloneCD stands alone as being one of the few programs capable of fully emulating video games, making it an excellent option for gaming enthusiasts.

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