CloneCD Review


CloneCD is an optical disc authoring program developed specifically to create 1:1 copies of music and data CDs and DVDs regardless of DRM protection. With its intuitive user interface and robust capabilities, CloneCD provides exactly what users need: perfect copies.

CloneCD can also be used to clone games and software requiring bin/cue files, recommending you clean your PC before beginning.


CloneCD is an optical disc authoring program with comprehensive functions for copying music and data CDs, DVDs or both, including movie protection schemes such as Region 2. Originally developed by Oliver Kastl and distributed through Elaborate Bytes before it was taken off due to changes in European copyright laws and taken off sale; currently owned and rebranded as RedFox by SlySoft in Antigua and Barbuda and available once more as RedFox in 2016.

CloneCD stands out from its competition through a number of unique features: it can copy entire DVDs and most standard CDs as well as data files and ISO images; decrypt encrypted DVDs to make an exact 1:1 copy; advanced transcoding technology allows it to compress extensive footage at high speeds while you select audio and language options on DVDs; repairs weak sectors on disks by emulating them, making the copied copy playable; repairs weak sectors when needed so the copied copy remains playable; plus more!

This program boasts an intuitive user interface and few technical options, making it suitable for novice users with little computer experience. Furthermore, its lightweight nature means no excessive memory usage is needed, and compatibility with both Windows and Mac operating systems means it’s widely accessible across multiple languages; free trial versions may even be downloaded before purchasing a license is obtained.

CloneCD stands out as an exceptional copy protection removal and emulation program for video games, offering users an effective option for making backup copies of their favorite video titles. Furthermore, it can create bootable images of each game to allow it to be played across different computers.

Though it does have some restrictions, this program remains an excellent solution for making backup copies of their music and movies. Furthermore, its various other functions – such as ISO file ripping – make it suitable for home users as well as small businesses alike.


CloneCD is an invaluable program for those who wish to copy their music and CD files onto hard drives, digital storage devices or the cloud. Additionally, CloneCD can create exact 1:1 copies of DVD movies and data CDs regardless of copy protection or type of data contained within them – this tool even works with encrypted DVDs! It makes an ideal tool for backup purposes.

CloneCD version 5.0, released in 2015, boasts several improvements over previous releases. These enhancements include making the user interface more intuitive; improving performance; and having lower system requirements; as well as being capable of creating 1:1 copies of any CD (movie DVDs or data CDs); as well as being able to emulate weak sectors on older CD burners for compatibility purposes.

One notable improvement is the addition of Dual Layer DVD cloning capabilities in later versions of software, something not available previously. While many programs can clone this type of media, only certain cloning programs can copy DRM protected DVDs.

CloneCD may cost more than other programs of its type; however, its simple user interface allows for efficient CD or DVD copying.

CloneCD can copy any CD in less than four minutes – a remarkable speed for a copying program! Furthermore, DVDs can be copied within seconds as it offers high compatibility with modern burners.

CloneCD does have one major drawback – its high price. At almost sixty dollars for something that only does one task well, Slysoft would likely benefit by consolidating offerings and lowering pricing in order to become more cost-competitive with similar programs.


CloneCD is an excellent program to use when copying CDs and DVDs, creating exact copies of data and music discs (including games that use copyright protection), including games. It’s user friendly on both Windows and Mac computers and even allows for backup files on a computer, providing protection in case of disk or drive failure.

CloneCD has earned praise among gamers for its ability to copy video game titles without any issues, thanks to its ability to bypass copy protection mechanisms that would normally prevent gamers from copying their own titles. As one of the most widely-used CD/DVD burning software programs available today, it has received high marks from reviewers.

Simple user interface and straightforward operation makes this program ideal for non-tech-savvy users, such as beginners. Unfortunately, it does not support all CD formats – for instance it cannot create copies of DVD-RAM, DVD-RW or dual layer DVD-RW discs – though its RAW mode allows it to work with damaged discs. Furthermore, its powerful feature of amplifying weak sectors during CD writing enables it to help amplify weak sectors when writing discs.

CloneCD is not only an effective means of backing up data and music, but it is also an invaluable tool for copying movies. With just a few clicks it can create perfect 1:1 copies of movie DVDs in minutes! Furthermore, audio CDs can be copied as well as CDs protected with SafeDisc 3.

CloneCD offers a free 21-day trial version to give you enough time to decide whether it meets your needs, after which time if it does, you can purchase a license to continue using it.

Before installing any programs on your Windows system, it is recommended that you ensure it is clean and free from malware. To achieve this goal, regularly run malware scans, clean your hard drive with SFC/SCANNOW, uninstall programs no longer needed as well as regularly monitoring auto-start programs and updating drivers on a regular basis.


Though CloneCD may not be the ultimate CD cloning software, it performs its task admirably. With its user-friendly and straightforward user interface, users can copy any CD with just a few clicks of the mouse – plus there’s even a mode that enhances weak sectors on certain CD writers! In addition, CloneCD works on most DVD formats including movie DVDs.

CloneCD can easily create perfect 1:1 copies of your valuable compact discs. Additionally, this program can make backup copies of copy-protected music and data CDs that contain copy protection features. Compatible with most CD and DVD drives and capable of copying the latest copy-protected disks – CloneCD is a fantastic way to protect both software and data loss on your computer system.

SlySoft makes this software available as a free trial download from their disc utilities section of their website, with limited functionality, but it provides a great opportunity to try before purchasing. Both 32- and 64-bit versions are available, with compatibility on most Windows systems prior to Vista; however it does not support Vista or later operating systems.

SlySoft CloneCD is one of the most renowned CD cloning programs currently available, used to backup any optical media such as audio CDs, video CDs or data CDs. Compatible with most IDE, SATA, and SCSI CD/DVD burners and virtual drive emulators such as Daemon Tools or Alcohol 120% virtual drives emulators it also reads disc image files in CCD, IMG or BIN formats while creating its own.ccd file to store registration details.

CloneCD stands out from other cloning programs by providing more advanced features than simple copy functions. For instance, this program can copy CDs to blank discs directly, making this especially helpful when copying music and games CDs to disc. Other cloning programs don’t provide this capability, saving time when needing to reinstall software packages later. Moreover, its user-friendly interface and compatibility with both Mac OS X and Windows make CloneCD an attractive solution.

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