CloneDVD – A Powerful DVD Copy and Backup Tool


CloneDVD is an impressive DVD copy and backup tool capable of eliminating all disc protections (CSS, RC, RCE and Sony ARccOS) during the burning process. Furthermore, users can customize audio streams, subtitles and chapters according to individual needs.

One downside I encountered with this software was an occasional audio/video sync issue caused by ffmpeg; hopefully future updates will address this. Overall, though, it is an excellent program.


CloneDVD is a DVD copy software program that enables users to make backup copies of any unprotected DVD movie. Users have the choice between copying their collection onto new blank discs or to an ISO file on their computer; CloneDVD also automatically removes protection and region codes during copying processes.

CloneDVD can be especially helpful if your DVD player can only support unprotected movies. In addition, its customization feature enables users to remove audio streams, subtitles and chapters to make the content fit on destination media – for instance if copying from DVD to blu-ray disc. Disc space saving or having an incompatible player are other factors which may warrant its use as well.

CloneDVD features an intuitive and straightforward user interface, complete with buttons for functions and buttons as well as two columns displaying information for source and target media respectively. To begin the copying process, first insert their desired disc into a DVD drive before clicking “Source” button and choosing either “DVD Disc” or “DVD Folder”, depending on whether they possess physical copies of it or an ISO image file of it on their computer.

CloneDVD can compress long footage at high speed to maximize quality without visual degradation, thanks to its powerful transcoding engine that is significantly faster than that used by other DVD copying programs like DVD Shrink. As a result, users are left with DVDs compatible with any player or portable devices (Sony PSP and Apple iPod Video compatible), that they can customize using criteria like title/chapter selection as well as audio/video settings.


CloneDVD is one such tool that enables users to rip DVDs and convert them to other formats for playback on portable video devices, offering options such as audio codec, sample rate, channel mode and bit rate customization as well as various video output settings.

CloneDVD allows users to easily customize output settings, while also offering pre-made configurations designed to make it simple for newcomers to get started right away. These include profile presets for some of the most popular devices such as Apple iPod, iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S and Note series devices, HTC Archoss PSP players etc.

CloneDVD can help convert DVDs to file formats compatible with mobile devices and create ISO images of their contents that can be burned onto blank DVD discs. Furthermore, CloneDVD can remove copy protections such as CSS encryption, CPPM, UOPS, ARccOS and RipGuard so that copied content will play in standard DVD players.

This program can also be used to make movies from scratch or edit an existing DVD movie by adding menus and extra features, merging two or more titles together into a single DVD, adding subtitles, selecting various audio tracks, previewing video clips before making modifications, and selecting media player to view video clips and preview audio tracks before final output file is created.

CloneDVD is an all-inclusive DVD processing application suite offering simple tools for copying, ripping, creating, and converting content as well as making slideshows from images contained within. Designed as a one-stop solution for easily processing favorite movies on DVDs for personal use only; making copies for other people would likely violate local regulations.


While hard disk drives (HDDs) and solid state drives have taken over much of the storage market, optical media like DVDs are still popular as portable and offline data backup solutions due to their compact form. DVDs offer significant information storage space on an inexpensive storage media option.

CloneDVD is an easy and versatile DVD processing software suite, providing intuitive tools for copying, ripping, creating, converting and creating slideshows of any media type. Support for both ISO and Joliet file system formats as well as DVD recording speeds of 18x are provided by this application.

This product’s main strength lies in its ability to easily create backup copies of any DVD movie without relying on third-party programs. Clone DVD Movie automatically removes disc protection such as CSS, RC, RCE and Sony ARccOS during the cloning process and also removes subtitles/menus that come installed with it; replacing these with new versions as necessary.

This product not only copies and rips DVD movies, but can also convert them to different video file formats, including MP4, AVI and ASF for easy use with portable devices like an iPod for on-the-go viewing of movies. Furthermore, its compatibility with various DVD players and home video game consoles provides extra value.

Another useful feature of DVD Shrink is its ability to compress movies down, thus freeing up space on a disc. Furthermore, this software eliminates the need for a DVD burner by converting movies directly into ISO image files that can then be burned onto blank DVDs or stored external hard drives – perfect for frequent travelers with DVD movies! Unfortunately however, this feature won’t work with discs that have been encrypted with DVD Shrink and require separate decryption programs such as AnyDVD to break their encryption.


CloneDVD makes DVD backup easy with its effortless backup capability of movie titles or chapters extracted automatically, using advanced transcoding technology, for use on smaller discs without losing quality or having any impact on their readability by standard DVD players. It works similarly for Blu-Rays.

Cloned files can also be converted to various multimedia formats for playback on portable media devices like iPad, iPod, iPhone, PSP and cell phones using an advanced conversion engine that takes advantage of multiple processors for faster converting speeds. This is particularly beneficial when copying DVD-to-DVD, where multiple cores allow faster production of high-quality output videos.

CloneDVD software’s key strength lies in its ability to combine pictures and music to form an attractive slideshow for computer playback. Photos may be imported in BMP, JPG, GIF, TIF or PNG formats and easily organized using two arrow buttons to arrange in a list. Rotations, reordering or rotation can be accomplished as needed for maximum impactful presentations. Transition effects like circle in/out, shutter vertical/horizontal shutter and mosaic may further add impactful transition effects for maximum results.

Functionally, this program stands out as one of the finest programs of its class and can easily outmatch more expensive solutions on the market. Its copying abilities rival those of more costly options and it can copy DVD discs directly onto blank ones or movie folders on computers – plus you can rip a DVD disc into an ISO file or burner, automatically disabling CSS, RCE, APS RipGuard UOPs Sony ARccOS protections!

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