CloneDVD Review

CloneDVD is an advanced DVD copying and conversion solution tailored to meet today’s multimedia solution demands.

Copy movies onto DVD with unprecedented picture quality with ease using this convenient process, whether just the main movie or an entire DVD collection. A special transcoding technology efficiently compresses long footage at high speed while an interactive quality bar clearly illustrates its effect.


CloneDVD is a DVD copying program designed to create exact copies of movie DVDs without copy protection schemes and compatible players. Furthermore, CloneDVD can convert DVD files to other formats suitable for portable video devices like the iPod Touch 4th Generation, iPhone and iPad.

This program utilizes a transcode engine to convert long footage into manageable files on mobile video devices while maintaining original picture quality. Furthermore, it can split a DVD-9 movie into two DVD-5 movies automatically while also eliminating DVD region codes and automatically recognizing source format of a DVD disc.

Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) and SSDs have become the go-to data storage solutions, but optical discs such as CDs and DVDs remain an excellent way of transporting movies, music and other forms of information on the go. It is wise to maintain a backup copy in case something happens to your DVD collection – which includes having backup copies in case your collection gets lost or damaged.

CloneDVD can save your DVD collection either as an ISO image or directory of individual DVD files, while processing or writing back out to disc is also an option. CloneDVD also mounts ISO images for direct conversion into directories of individual files using Virtual CloneDrive, although this requires using another emulator such as this program for ISOs.

CloneDVD can create a DVD menu to facilitate selecting your movie more easily. Its built-in DVD player also helps make finding what you’re looking for easier, while you can install up to three copies at once and customize your copying experience by including or not including special features and specifying output file size – plus, CloneDVD will remember your last settings so it suggests them automatically when next you use it!


CloneDVD allows users to rip DVD movies into any multimedia format for playback on portable devices, including iPods. The software program can copy either the main movie or an entire DVD in high quality and support multiple audio streams and subtitles; additionally it offers user control over sections of a DVD such as commentary, bonus features or main menu; furthermore it uses an advanced transcoding engine which improves its performance at high reduction rates without suffering issues like pixelation or macro blocking.

This software can automatically bypass copy protection systems such as CSS, RC, RCE, UOPs and Sony ARccOS. Furthermore, it can convert a DVD-9 disc into two DVD-5 discs – or vice versa! Clone damaged DVDs without losing data while Rip and Copy any DVD movie to popular video formats for playback on devices like mobile phones, tablets, computers or TVs.

User-friendly features make this software intuitive to use even for novices, while experienced users may find its customization options limited. Still, this tool offers quick and simple backup solutions of DVD collections – although its configuration settings don’t offer as many flexibility settings than competitors do, most users should find sufficient flexibility here.

This DVD ripping software program can convert virtually all DVD movie into popular video and audio file formats such as MPEG-4, H.264, DivX, Xvid and AVI files for playback on mobile devices such as HTC, Samsung, iPhone or iPad. MEncoder’s open source codec provides high-quality output.

This program’s DVD ripping and cloning processes are extremely fast and simple to manage, able to copy a disc in under an hour with superb image quality. Unfortunately, however, some recent copy protection mechanisms don’t yet support. But with regular software updates being released over time this DVD ripper software remains viable option for simple DVD manipulation tasks.


CloneDVD stands out from most DVD cloning programs with several unique features that distinguish it. Chief among them is its ability to copy all content of a protected DVD movie without decrypting any of its files – this can be accomplished either simultaneously or one at a time if desired by users. CloneDVD allows them to choose both its destination format as well as specific parts of a movie they wish to clone for copying purposes.

Save output as an ISO file or folder of DVD files for easy burning and playing back with media players. When saved as an ISO, it can be burned directly onto CD/DVD with BurnAware Free; or copied and saved onto hard drive for playing back via media players such as VLC Media Player.

As part of its cloning feature, this program can clone dual-layer DVD movies into single-layer discs by transcoding their original video to a lower quality but still very usable standard. Once produced, these discs will work perfectly with any DVD-R, DVD+R DL recorders.

This program also can split a DVD-9 movie into two DVD-5 discs for those with limited storage space on their DVD burner or who would rather store a large movie in smaller increments. Furthermore, this can copy menus and extra features from a DVD, along with its main movie.

The program comes equipped with several tutorials designed to help novice users get started quickly and effectively. One is an in-depth step-by-step guide on how to clone a DVD, while the second covers how converting DVDs into mobile formats works. Although these may not be intuitive for use, they provide an ideal starting point.


CloneDVD is an impressive DVD cloning program, capable of copying every disc precisely – whether that be just the main movie, all extras, or both! Furthermore, CloneDVD can convert DVDs to various video formats and includes an ISO mounter; though lacking some of the more granular controls that have made other award-winning programs so sought-after.

This program supports both NTSC and PAL DVDs, has an intuitive user interface, can handle multisession discs, and offers various configuration options. Furthermore, it can copy CSS encrypted DVDs; however, anyDVD must first decrypt these files for use.

Cloning DVDs is fast and straightforward, with excellent results that provide a backup copy in case of disaster. This program makes an ideal solution for those with extensive DVD libraries who require backup copies just in case anything happens to their collection.

Another feature that distinguishes this software from its competitors is the ability to strip audio streams, subtitles and chapters by customization – this enables users to remove unnecessary parts from a DVD such as its menus, bonus features, commentary or certain scenes from within its actual movie. Furthermore, using transcoding technology it compresses long footage at high speed in high quality so more can fit onto one disc.

CloneDVD also serves as an effective DVD to iPod converter. This program can convert a DVD into the format necessary for playback on Apple devices, producing highly attractive small files with excellent resolution and very small file sizes. Furthermore, CloneDVD can make DVDs suitable for video iPods as well as other portable devices; however it cannot copy commercially released movies.

CloneDVD falls short in receiving awards due to its absence of CSS decryption capabilities, something many users would appreciate having. Furthermore, it does not support Windows XP which may pose further issues for some.

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