CloneDVD is a CD, DVD, and Blu-ray application compatible with Windows operating systems that provides excellent CD, DVD, and Blu-ray cloning solutions. One of the top applications available today, CloneDVD makes your music discs digital.

Copy movies in superior picture quality using this system. Moreover, its special transcoding technology enables you to select any DVD video size suited for you freely.

Easy to use

CloneDVD is an invaluable program for those seeking to make copies of their DVD collection on hard discs. The software allows users to easily copy DVDs directly from disc or folder, with multiple copy modes supporting complete or partial clones of various titles or segments. Installation and use are both straightforward; additionally it has a settings menu offering burn engine settings, workspace folder preferences, as well as automatically shutting down computer when the cloning process has completed.

The software works quickly and provides high-quality copies, featuring features such as video preview and an inbuilt DVD decrypter, making it especially helpful for beginners. Furthermore, this program can rip and convert DVDs to various formats – useful if you own different digital devices – as well as remove extra features or subtitles from copied files; another useful feature. It even has features to help those with limited space on their hard drives reduce storage needs!

As part of its offerings, this software can clone and backup any DVD movie without restrictions – something especially useful if a disc becomes damaged or lost. Furthermore, the resulting DVDs will likely have lower quality than their counterparts.

This program enables users to convert DVD movies to various formats that can be played back on various portable players such as an iPod. Though somewhat pricey at $39, there is also a 21-day trial period and this product cannot copy protected DVDs; nevertheless, it provides an ideal way for those wanting to digitise old film collections into digital format.

Use of crack, keygen, serial number pirate key warez full version or any other illegal methods could either corrupt your system installation or breach your privacy and create backdoors that hackers could exploit to access personal information on your computer. To minimize risks and ensure a clean download experience you should only download this program directly from its official website – this way you’re assured of downloading an updated and virus-free copy.

High quality

CloneDVD is a DVD copy and ripping program created to address today’s DVD challenges. It can clone DVD movies onto blank discs for safe storage as well as convert DVDs into other video formats that can be played back on other devices like mobile phones and personal computers.

This software runs on Windows systems and is offered as shareware – that means users can use it free until the trial period expires. While its appearance might not be appealing, its functionality makes up for that in spades: its main window displays the title of DVD being ripped along with several options for audio, subtitle, and chapter selection.

Quality of output is impressively high: the software can easily rip even dual layer DVDs to standard optical media while maintaining original 5.1 channel Dolby AC3 audio, split DVD into multiple files, and users can select which extras they would like to keep, such as menus or bonus features.

CloneDVD stands out among other programs with its speed. While not as fast as DVD2DVD or DVDeasy, CloneDVD still gets the job done efficiently and quickly. Users can customize file size and encoding settings; furthermore it features profiles to convert DVDs into video file formats compatible with popular mobile devices like Samsung Galaxy phones, Apple iPod touchs, HTC phones and Archos tablets.

Users of this program can also take advantage of its strip audio streams and subtitles feature to save space on DVDs while editing or removing certain elements such as main menu, bonus features or commentary – simply by moving a quality bar or selecting standard optical disc formats.

Another unique capability of the program is its capacity to rip and compress DVDs into smaller files for storage on hard disks or portable media, keeping original menus and extras intact while compressing. However, this may not work on copy-protected discs; therefore if attempting this, additionally install a CSS decryptor alongside.

Supports all popular DVD-5/DVD-9 discs

CloneDVD is one of the premier DVD copying and backup software programs available, enabling you to make backup copies of protected DVDs to either blank discs or files on your hard drive, then play them back on any compatible device – computer included! Furthermore, its output profiles support selecting an audio codec, sample rate, channel mode and bit rate; extract audio stream into separate file; convert DVD movies into multiple video formats like AVI, ASF MOV MP4 WMV for playback on devices manufactured by Samsung Apple HTC Archos Sony etc.

CloneDVD stands apart from other DVD copying programs by not only being capable of removing CSS and region codes, but it can also compress long footage into a smaller size while maintaining high picture quality. With its Filmstrip assistant guiding you through configuration settings – showing their effect on final target size while offering options such as trimming individual chapters – as well as offering to customize DVD video size customization and providing visual quality bars – CloneDVD truly stands apart as one of the ultimate DVD ripping tools!

CloneDVD stands out as an exceptional software solution by its ability to transfer DVD content onto either hard disk or ISO file for editing later. Furthermore, CloneDVD allows you to split a DVD-9 into two DVD-5 discs while maintaining menus and special features, plus all common optical disk formats including DVD-R, DVD+R DL etc.

CloneDVD may not offer as elegant of an interface as other DVD copying programs, but its user-friendly nature and basic functions make up for that deficit. Its main window displays a film strip with buttons, an embedded media player and DVD info, with options to select titles/chapters/audis & customize video according to disc size & a handy preview feature that allows you to assess quality before beginning to copy a video file.

Multiple copy modes

Though hard drives and other digital storage media dominate the data-storage market, DVDs remain very popular. Offering high capacity and easy portability, DVDs remain a reliable method for transporting movies, music videos, documents, and other files. Many people utilize DVD cloning software to back up their data so it’s always accessible whenever and wherever necessary. The top programs feature multiple copy modes so it’s simple to copy from any source and create digital copies such as ISO files or folders as well as 1:1 copies that erase menus during copying processes!

CloneDVD is an innovative DVD copying and backup program compatible with both DVD-R and DVD+R discs, designed to quickly copy complete movies or individual titles while stripping unnecessary audio streams and subtitles from long footage clips. Furthermore, its Film Strip assistant simplifies configuration while its visual quality bar shows you exactly how your settings have an effect on the final copy video copy.

CloneDVD provides three copy modes tailored specifically for your needs: Full Movie, Main Movie and Customize. In Full Movie mode, CloneDVD will backup the entire contents of a DVD (including extras and special features, chapters and subtitles). Main Movie copies only the main movie without including extras or special features; Customize allows you to select titles, chapters or other data; DVD menu inclusion/omission can also be toggled via this software as well as preview your selected titles in Video Preview area.

CloneDVD stands out from other DVD cloning software by being able to save a DVD in its entirety by saving it as a VIDEO_TS folder, thus maintaining the entire structure of a disc. Furthermore, CloneDVD can mount ISO files as virtual drives using disk image emulators before converting them to VIDEO_TS directories; copy DVDs onto blank discs or hard drives for easy storage; create MKV files suitable for playback on various devices and more!

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