CoffeeCup HTML Editor Review

CoffeeCup HTML Editor offers an impressive array of features designed to assist users in building websites quickly and efficiently, including visual site designer tools, drag-and-drop functionality and an FTP feature.

It provides support for several browsers and languages, extensive documentation, and live chat assistance – although it does lack features like database wizards, site wizards and collaboration software.

Ease of Use

CoffeeCup HTML Editor is an all-purpose HTML editing solution suitable for beginners as well as experienced developers. Novice users will appreciate its WYSIWYG Web page creation features while more experienced developers appreciate syntax highlighting and code snippets to speed their web project development progress. Furthermore, its built-in FTP functionality enables easy file transfers and updates between remote servers, further increasing productivity.

Reviewers were quick to praise how easy and straightforward the software was to learn and use, particularly its drag-and-drop functionality and visual site designer which make creating and organizing elements on webpages much faster and simpler. Others highlighted its live preview feature which lets them see exactly how their pages will appear as they build them.

Reviewers praise the software’s performance as well. Reviewers report that it easily handles large files and complex projects. In addition, its built-in FTP functionality enables smooth uploading and updating of website files – further increasing productivity. It even comes equipped with an HTML tag reference feature, listing all valid tags with expanded entries showing their attributes and properties for easier reference.

CoffeeCup HTML Editor stands out with its form builder, which can help users quickly design online forms for Web sites. Support for up to 11 cross-browser previews makes form creation simpler while the split-screen editing and customizable label options make field label customization simple. Furthermore, multiple data sources make designing forms tailored to the needs of individual websites simpler for users.

Some reviewers mentioned that the software lacks advanced design tools necessary for more complicated projects, while some thought the pricing to be prohibitively expensive compared to similar tools.

CoffeeCup HTML Editor requires a computer running Windows to function; it does not support Linux or Macintosh systems. Users may purchase it for an annual license, giving access to all functions and features permanently; prospective buyers can take advantage of a free trial version before making their final decision about purchasing.


Overall, CoffeeCup HTML Editor delivers strong performance as an application designed to aide website development. Its code editing features like syntax highlighting and an in-built validator tool help streamline writing code for websites while its FTP functionality makes file transfer and updating much simpler from local computers. Furthermore, its drag-and-drop and visual site designer features allow users to easily add and rearrange elements within web pages quickly and efficiently.

No matter the interface may seem outdated to some reviewers, others praised its affordability compared to similar products on the market. With its free trial option offering access to many features and functions that would otherwise cost extra, CoffeCup HTML Editor stands as an attractive solution for those who seek maximum value from their investments.

Software like Dreamweaver offers quick solutions for quickly designing web pages. Thanks to its many templates that provide quick starts in web design and coding, including responsive ones optimized for mobile phones that make business websites accessible, or developers can create their own customized templates to create truly unique sites tailored specifically to individual requirements.

Attracting many users, the live preview function offers users a fantastic tool that lets them see exactly how their web page will appear as they work on it, which allows them to quickly identify errors and correct them before being published online – greatly increasing productivity and efficiency. Users can access this feature via either split-screen, other window, or second monitor depending on their preference and computing environment.

CoffeeCup HTML Editor offers many useful features, as well as maintaining an extensive collection of frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). This resource can provide answers to common queries as well as additional avenues of support should a user run into any difficulties using its software.


CoffeeCup HTML Editor not only offers straightforward purchase options, but also a free trial version of their software for users to experience before deciding a paid plan is right for them. Compatible with Windows and Linux OSes alike, their support staff is readily available by phone, email and online help forums if any issues arise with installation and operation of their editor.

This program is tailored to meet the needs of both novices and experts alike, offering several helpful tools that make Web coding simpler for any skill level – including an HTML tag list displaying all valid tags with their attributes, live preview of pages before saving and live preview of pages before saving it for final editing.

An additional advantage of HTML editor is its user-friendly user interface, compatible with various browsers and making learning HTML programming much simpler for beginners. Furthermore, the editor includes an extensive library of HTML and CSS templates which can help users build custom websites quickly.

Although HTML editors are powerful tools, some reviewers have expressed concern that their price point may be too steep for students and beginners in the field. However, there is an affordable Lite version which provides limited usage and storage capacity.

Overall, CoffeeCup HTML Editor is an outstanding option for developers seeking a powerful yet flexible coding tool to meet all their coding needs. Its robust set of features–such as its code refactoring engine, responsive design capabilities and project management features–make it worth taking a serious look.


Overall, CoffeCup HTML Editor is an excellent program that provides web developers with various features to make coding simpler and speed up development processes and improve productivity. Available as both free and paid versions with more options available to the latter one if desired by users, this quality program can assist IT professionals as well as novice web designers looking for an edge with web design and coding.

The program allows users to start from scratch, select a template, or open any file without the need for another app. It supports various coding languages, provides code editing assistance, visual site designer functionality and FTP/SFTP support while offering templates and layouts to get you going quickly.

CoffeeCup HTML Editor stands out with its WYSIWYG drag-and-drop functionality, which compares written code with what it looks like in various frames. This makes it easy to see the effects of changes, spot errors easily, and fix them promptly. Furthermore, CoffeeCup HTML Editor includes other useful features for streamlining coding, such as tag highlighting and code hinting capabilities.

Another significant benefit of the program is its affordability; it’s more cost-effective than Adobe Dreamweaver and other leading applications, making it ideal for students. Unfortunately, however, some users found its interface outdated or confusing; others felt its prices too steep; particularly those without large budgets.

Overall, CoffeCup HTML Editor has received high marks from users. Most are pleased with its ease of use and functionality; however, some have noted that advanced features like CSS validation or an image editor may make it unsuitable for professional users who require such features. It comes both as a free trial version as well as paid versions, giving potential purchasers ample opportunity to test out this program before deciding to purchase.

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