Comodo Antivirus Review

Comodo Antivirus provides real-time protection that will keep your system safe. Plus, this freeware offers features not found elsewhere – virtual desktop, game mode and drag-and-drop submission of suspicious programs for analysis are just some of its many unique capabilities.

However, the installation screen attempts to change your browser homepage and default engine unless you uncheck them first. Furthermore, they want to install a secure web browser which I would consider unnecessary bloatware.


Comodo Antivirus provides an impressive suite of protection software at no cost, though installation takes slightly longer due to an installation program attempting to make Yahoo! your default search engine and add dozens of tabs. After installation, scan and update times take 15-20 minutes with Comodo stopping 746 online threats in our Real World Protection Test which makes an impressive showing from such an inexpensive program.

Comodo’s heuristic detection and containment features are great at protecting against malware attacks, too. Heuristic detection examines a file to see if it contains code commonly associated with viruses before either deleting the virus or suggesting containment, which runs it in an isolated virtual sandbox away from your operating system – helping avoid false positives since Comodo can’t simply look for specific virus signatures.

Comodo provides an effective defense against spyware with regular scans and preventative measures, but its real-time protection wasn’t as strong compared to some of our 2023 tests. Still, Comodo did successfully block spam emails known to harbour spyware while its quarantine feature could isolate suspicious programs in an secure environment.

Comodo provides an impressive training mode, which sets rules for applications it considers safe. Furthermore, this feature aims to prevent ransomware attacks by making it more difficult for hackers to obtain encryption keys required to gain access to files. Furthermore, Comodo offers firewall capabilities with allowlisting and port visibility protection against remote desktop protocol ports that offer easy entry points for attackers to gain entry.

However, some features can be more challenging to access than expected; parental controls for instance are scattered across the dashboard without clear labels, making them harder to locate than they should be. Furthermore, Comodo doesn’t include mobile security for iOS and Android devices with its product; that service must be purchased separately as well.


Comodo Antivirus is an award-winning security program known for detecting and blocking malware and viruses. Installation is quick and painless – typically taking only 15 minutes! Once complete, rebooting will be required at which time a welcome screen will provide information on which components have been installed along with helpful tips and advice from Comodo Antivirus’ team of security experts.

Comodo antivirus’s interface is user-friendly and user-friendly, featuring simple checkboxes to set application rules, global firewall settings, network zones and port sets. Furthermore, adding or editing different scan types is straightforward; additionally the program features a sandbox for suspicious scanning applications to run in virtual environments as well as virtual desktops that let you start programs independently from other parts of your system. In addition, Comodo utilizes cloud technologies to analyze the reputation of files on your system.

There are multiple user checks, enabling you to specify which files or folders should be tested, while you can customize the sensitivity of Comodo’s heuristic scanner so it doesn’t overscan your computer. Furthermore, Comodo allows users to connect directly with its data center to check reputation of downloaded files.

Comodo provides many additional features, including a password manager and phishing protection tool. Furthermore, this program blocks websites with dangerous content while simultaneously safeguarding browser from unwanted changes. Furthermore, Comodo will warn of potentially malicious sites prior to visiting them, making it an excellent solution for comprehensive protection.

Comodo Antivirus is freely available, while their premium version features 24/7 support from experts to assist in any problems that may arise. You’ll also find plenty of guides available to you on Comodo’s website on how to use their various security tools – though Norton offers much more comprehensive plans that keep you protected over time.


Comodo Antivirus includes several additional features to keep your computer secure, including a heuristic detection system to identify malware that has evaded other antivirus programs and quarantines suspicious files to stop infiltration and spread of infections. Users can customize settings so as to tailor how sensitively the heuristic check should operate.

Virus Vault provides another layer of security by safeguarding files against accidental deletion or corruption by locking them away in a secure container. It’s ideal if you’re concerned about losing passwords or personal data; additionally, this feature can block access from unapproved USB drives or external devices to your files.

Comodo provides users with a sandbox feature to enable applications to run in a safer environment and limit malicious software from tracking user activity. Furthermore, its virtual desktop allows for testing software prior to installing it on computers and its firewall helps prevent network-based attacks by blocking ports and restricting communication channels.

Comodo Antivirus offers protection for both Windows and Mac operating systems, mobile apps with user-friendly interfaces and outstanding customer support. Their antivirus protection has received high scores from independent testing labs while performance during rigorous benchmarks can sometimes be slow.

Comodo’s quick scan proved dismally inadequate during testing, missing malware easily detected by other antivirus programs. While full and rating scans performed better than their quick counterparts, both often mislabeled trusted files as risky.

Comodo excelled at both protection and false positives, yet its performance in other tests was less impressive. For instance, its antivirus cannot block all exploit attempts; three devices with its top subscription plan can use antivirus protection; its knowledge base contains outdated articles – these deficiencies need further work before Comodo becomes truly reliable.


Comodo Antivirus’ price point is reasonable when considering its sandbox and virtual desktop features, while falling short when compared with other premium antivirus suites when it comes to malware detection and performance. Some benchmark scores were below par, which may not be an issue for most users but may be more of an issue for gamers. Furthermore, Comodo had one of the lowest phishing protection scores and did not offer VPN functionality compared with its peers.

Comodo Internet Security Premium includes an excellent firewall in their free edition; however, most gamers would likely benefit from opting for something with more features.

Gamers invest both money and time into building PCs, so it is essential they select an antivirus that will offer maximum protection from viruses and other threats. The most reliable gaming antivirus programs will prevent hackers from accessing private information and optimizing system resources to provide seamless gameplay; real-time analysis of CPU usage; file behavior analyses; as well as being capable of quickly scanning for and detecting malware without slowing down their PC significantly.

Comodo’s malware scanner may not produce stellar performance results, but it still outshines most other programs. Furthermore, Comodo offers many extra security features not found elsewhere such as virtual desktops, sandbox mode and gaming modes that few competing suites include.

Some features, like sandbox mode and VPN access, may not be essential; others, like gaming mode aren’t bad either. Unfortunately, VPN doesn’t actually come equipped with its own secure server – although the sandbox mode provides a unique way of testing applications and protecting against viruses while at the same time helping prevent ransomware attacks – something not offered by competing security suites – it should definitely be given serious thought as an all-in-one security solution solution.

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