Comodo Antivirus Review

Comodo Antivirus

Comodo Antivirus has earned itself a stellar reputation due to its user-friendly interface and efficient performance, with minimal impact on system resources while being quick in detecting threats.

With its Default Deny Protection feature, files that may pose security threats cannot access the system until approved by software. This can significantly decrease malware infiltration.

Virus Protection

Comodo’s antivirus software utilizes a real-time scanner that constantly inspects running processes and other susceptible areas on a PC, to detect potential malware infiltration in advance. Furthermore, the Quarantine Mode isolates unrecognized or suspicious programs to prevent permanent changes to be made by them; advanced users can enable and customize Host Intrusion Protection Systems that allow them to give greater control over what programs can access the PC and what actions are allowed of these.

One fascinating feature is its capability of running any suspicious files in a sandbox environment, effectively isolating them from other vital systems and stopping malware from stealing passwords and information. Furthermore, Secure Shopping helps safeguard you against man-in-the-middle attacks during banking or shopping sessions online.

Comodo’s virus scanner proved highly capable in our tests, able to identify a wide variety of malware threats; however, we found it was less efficient at eliminating infection than some of the top antivirus programs on the market and took too long to scan our entire system completely; its features were somewhat limited as well.

Comodo offers round-the-clock customer support that provides helpful resources for their customers, including online forums, a knowledge base, live support options, guides that explain various features of its software as well as guides explaining their proper usage.


Comodo Antivirus offers effective protection from spyware, rootkits and other dangerous infections that steal personal information and data from your computer, grant hackers unauthorized access to it and spy on web browsing habits or keystrokes. Such threats may come from untrustworthy sources online or from files downloaded directly by you – these threats could be lurking anywhere from websites to files downloaded from untrusted sources or programs you install yourself – its anti-malware features utilize an advanced sandboxing technique which isolates suspicious programs into a virtual environment so they cannot damage Windows, registry data or valuable files on disk.

The program also comes equipped with an effective firewall, monitoring all incoming and outgoing network traffic to detect dangerous applications that try to send personal information directly to attackers’ servers. Furthermore, this firewall can detect adware and malware to alert you about potential risks as soon as they appear.

One additional feature is a free cloud-based antivirus scanner. This scan scans files and behaviors on your computer for telltale signs of known malware, and if any are discovered it submits the file for further examination by Comodo community analysts – this process typically takes less than an hour, with results sent back directly back to your PC so Comodo antivirus software can block or eliminate them as soon as they detect them.

Comodo’s security suite includes an efficient Internet browser powered by Chromium – the open technology behind Google Chrome. In addition, Comodo features a “game mode” to temporarily suppress security alerts from Comodo antivirus components during gaming sessions and automatically pause functions like updates so your PC can focus on gameplay instead.

Geek Buddy, Comodo’s 24/7 support service that connects you to an engineer who can take control of your PC to provide customized malware cleaning, is another standout feature. Similar services offered by other programs tend to be more costly.


Comodo Antivirus features an excellent firewall component, known for imposing only minimal strain on computer processors and wallets while providing unparalleled levels of security. This layer of protection scans both incoming and outgoing communication, blocking malware from infiltrating PCs.

My tests with Comodo’s firewall revealed its capability of identifying network intrusion attempts, spoofing attacks, and malware files which Windows’ built-in protections had missed. Furthermore, its user interface was straightforward and customizable enough for basic or advanced features viewing options.

Comodo firewall’s unique feature, VirusScope, monitors running applications to identify any actions which threaten your privacy or security and reverse them immediately if any become unlawful. This provides a granular layer of protection without disabling legitimate software outright.

Comodo antivirus program features a File Rating component, which compares downloaded files against its cloud database for any signs of malware or potentially unwanted programs. If any file does not belong to one of Comodo’s safe lists, they will be blocked from accessing your PC with a popup alerting you of its presence; Comodo will then provide advice based on threat analysis conducted and advise how best to proceed based on that analysis.

Comodo Antivirus provides additional utilities, including the creation of rescue disks to run antivirus scans in pre-Windows/pre-boot environments. In addition, its software package also features Dragon Browser; a fast and versatile browser designed with Comodo’s exceptional level of security in mind. GeekBuddy, their 24×7 online support service with Comodo technicians ready to assist with any issues over an instant messenger-style interface, stands ready 24/7/365.

Host Intrusion Protection System

Comodo HIPS continually monitors your computer files, folders and registry for unauthorised modification by using whitelisting to identify safe processes while blocking unwelcome ones from running in the background. You can create custom HIPS rules using Comodo’s advanced settings interface for enhanced security posture.

Comodo Antivirus goes beyond providing comprehensive antivirus and firewall services by also including an intelligent heuristic detection engine, not typically found among free antivirus programs, to reduce false positives and ensure reliable protection. Furthermore, this unique technology creates virtual containers where programs run so as not to damage the system in which you install Comodo.

HIPS protects against buffer overflow attacks, root-kits, inter-process memory injections and key loggers; as well as blocking malicious software such as Trojans, spyware and other forms of threat which may steal private information. In addition, this program includes several other features designed to enhance computer security such as VirusScope which allows you to undo suspicious-appearing changes that your PC records.

As part of its additional features, Virtual Kiosk includes a web filter to protect users while browsing the internet, an ad blocker to prevent pop-up ads from popping up unexpectedly, blocking certain online games or setting parental controls if needed, blocking specific types of advertisements from online and the ability to use Virtual Kiosk to make desktop computers unavailable for unauthorized users.

Comodo Cybersecurity Suite (CCS) provides multilayered protection across your LAN, internet and cloud, protecting against zero-day malware attacks, ransomware attacks, data breaches and other threats. CCS uses its unique Comodo Containment Technology to isolate any untrustworthy files on your endpoints by creating an isolated container which cannot be modified or destroyed – CCS is easy to set up remotely using its IT management console, making configuration, management and monitoring hassle free!

Web Filtering

Comodo Antivirus has been around for more than a decade and has amassed both supporters and detractors over time. Although its detection rates and user interface are solid, false positives make the product somewhat unpredictable at times. Furthermore, Comodo comes equipped with many helpful supplementary features, including game mode that prevents antivirus alerts from interrupting gaming sessions; cloud backup/VPN; custom DNS servers for customized domain filtering as well as malware domain filtering features – some might call these additional extras!

The program features an intuitive, user-friendly user interface. On the left of your screen is a panel which reflects security status; green indicates all is well while red signifies any issues. Below that, a two-by-two grid of rectangular action buttons allows you to perform full scans, quick scans or rating scans that target only specific areas. In addition, manual checks for updates or reenabling programs you may have accidentally blocked are also possible.

When a suspicious file or application is identified, its launch can be safely conducted in the sandbox environment, where it will run but without making permanent modifications to your system. This feature is present across Comodo products and provides an efficient means for testing new applications; additionally it’s an invaluable way for online shopping with secure virtualized environments that block malicious software from running on your PC.

Comodo provides additional services, such as a centralized management platform that can be configured per-company and prevent admins from spending too much time configuring unnecessary settings. Furthermore, the program boasts an expanding library of malware signatures and heuristic detections.

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