Comodo Antivirus Review

Comodo Antivirus offers continuous virus protection without cost – this feature is known as on-access protection and it serves as an ideal alternative to antivirus programs that charge for both software licenses and annual updates.

Heuristic detection and containment systems work to detect malware before it has the chance to compromise your computer, and have been independently evaluated as performing well on independent antivirus testing sites.


Comodo antivirus’s free version is an ideal option for home users looking to protect their computer against common threats such as viruses, trojans, worms, spyware rootkits backdoors and adware. Furthermore it can prevent and detect infections as soon as they appear; additionally it features a host intrusion prevention system to detect and block unauthorised system modifications by hackers.

This program also comes equipped with a firewall, which monitors both incoming and outgoing connections to protect against untrustworthy applications from accessing your system. The firewall prevents suspicious files or programs from accessing your internet connection and protecting against man-in-the-middle attacks during online shopping and banking sessions; additionally it will block any attempt by keyloggers or malicious software to gain entry to personal information stored on your PC, helping keep you safer online.

Comodo also provides several additional features that can bolster your security, such as data shredding and turbo scanning – two features which erase sensitive data on your computer – as well as cloud backup for files with 50GB storage space and gamer mode for prioritizing computer performance for gaming tasks.

Another useful feature is Comodo’s Sandbox feature, which enables you to run software in an isolated virtual environment so that it cannot access your system and connect. This prevents malware from infiltrating your system and also lets you test out programs before deciding whether to purchase. The Sandbox feature can be found across all their products including their free antivirus suite.

Comodo antivirus’s other features include a password manager that securely manages logins and passwords as well as a secure browser, and will notify you if an insecure website tries to steal your personal details. Furthermore, Comodo features a phishing protection tool which will assist in blocking websites that offer misleading advertisements; unfortunately however, Comodo antivirus hasn’t received updates since 2021 which makes their protection below average when compared with competitors.


Comodo Antivirus is a free software program that protects your computer against viruses, malware and other threats. It also has firewall and other security features. Unlike other antivirus solutions, Comodo uses multiple layers of protection – from cloud-based databases of known viruses and malware to automatic Sandboxing and virtual desktop virtualisation. Real-time protection prevents unknown programs from making permanent changes to your system.

Comodo Internet Security features an intuitive user-friendly interface designed to make it simple and straightforward for anyone to use the application. It has an integrated search function which makes finding information quickly a snap; and can scan single files or entire drives quickly and effectively. Furthermore, this software automatically detects and deletes any infected files as soon as it detects them, running files in a sandbox to protect against viruses and malware attacks while providing virtual keyboard protection against keyloggers.

Comodo scored poorly in my tests of malware scanners but still offers reliable firewall and sandbox technology. It lacks popular features like password managers and protection of webcams and microphones – for those seeking comprehensive protection tools, top competitors such as Norton or TotalAV would provide more complete solutions.

Comodo Internet Security doesn’t include a password manager, but does provide an extensive range of other security tools – including Valkyrie Sandbox Technology to detect suspicious files; Secure Shopping program to facilitate online banking transactions and virtual keyboard to protect against keyloggers; as well as antiphishing protection and an encrypted browser.

Comodo’s installation process was quick and effortless, while their user interface (UI) is intuitively designed. A full scan took only 12 minutes on a standard desktop PC to install; 30 percent of CPU/memory resources were utilized during that full scan without resulting in noticeable slowdown or resource utilization spikes.

Comodo Internet Security’s free version can be an ideal choice for businesses in search of an effective cybersecurity solution, but it is essential that businesses assess its suitability for their specific needs and operational environment through conducting a detailed needs analysis and requirements gathering process.


Comodo’s antivirus program does a strong job detecting malware, its firewall and virtual desktop are outstanding, but its anti-phishing features do not compare favorably to those found in Norton or McAfee products; during our tests it even performed worse than Chrome’s built-in protections against phishing attacks.

Comodo proved straightforward and user-friendly during our testing, boasting an intuitive UI with clear navigational tools and well-organized submenus, plus an interactive mini-dashboard showing containment tasks (Comodo’s feature that lets users run untrustworthy programs in virtualized environments); listing of suspect files needing verification; list of current processes running; Comodo’s reputation score for each file and more. Scan options available included full or quick scans as well as rating scans targeting commonly compromised areas and custom scans.

Comodo Internet Security stands out from many free and premium antivirus programs in that it doesn’t restrict how many devices it can be installed on. It makes an ideal solution for people who use multiple computers at the same time and wish to keep all of them protected from threats. While installing, Comodo did ask to change browser and homepage settings; you have the ability to opt out easily during setup; in addition, Comodo asked that statistics from your PC be sent back to them; again you have this ability as well.

Comodo scored an outstanding 98.8 percent in our May 2020 Real World Protection Test and also excelled in our more stringent September 2020 Malware Protection Test that looked for malware not yet known by the community; further, its low false positive rate contributed significantly to its outstanding performance.

Comodo’s detection rate against various zero-day malware threats was impressive and its performance impressive for such an affordable product. However, Comodo may not do as well at identifying common or widespread threats compared to premium suites like Bitdefender or Norton; for optimum malware identification performance.


Comodo Antivirus is a free security suite that offers comprehensive protection from various threats while offering an easy installation process. While Comodo requires an active internet connection for updates and full functionality, it doesn’t occupy excessive system resources or slow down your PC. Furthermore, its useful features such as Data Shredder Turbo Scan and 50GB online storage support gaming mode to ensure it won’t interfere with gaming sessions; and offers 24×7 technical support via GeekBuddy; an instant messenger style interface.

This program is easy to install and features an intuitive user interface, offering access to various features such as scanning options, real-time protection and quarantine management in its main view. Furthermore, its settings can be tailored specifically to meet the needs of each individual user.

Comodo Antivirus performed impressively well during our tests conducted by AV-Comparatives to detect real-world malware protection, zero-day attack detection and overall effectiveness against various forms of malware. Scoring 100% in both of these tests demonstrates its impressive efficacy against a broad array of infections.

Comodo Virtual Desktop is another remarkable feature, providing privacy protection by concealing sensitive information and blocking attackers from stealing keystrokes or taking screenshots. Furthermore, this tool warns users if an unknown application tries to connect with their PC – an essential tool in maintaining an effective security system.

Comodo takes an innovative approach to cybersecurity that employs behavior analysis rather than signature-based detection, which means it can identify new or unknown threats and block them before they cause damage. Furthermore, its advanced sandbox feature isolates unknown files from accessing your system – this feature can prove especially useful if you use outdated versions of software applications.

Comodo utilizes a host-based intrusion prevention system (HIPS), which monitors programs running on your PC. HIPS can identify suspicious activity and block programs from accessing disk, registry, or memory space – an especially helpful feature for users concerned about privacy or fearful that their personal data could be exposed by malicious files.

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