Comodo Antivirus Review

Comodo Antivirus boasts an intuitive user interface that’s simple to navigate, offering real time scanning capabilities as well as one click quick scans of key regions of your computer.

HIPS provides advanced users with an excellent solution. Users can create rulesets to prevent certain executables from running without authorization and from man-in-the-middle attacks during online banking and shopping sessions by verifying whether SSL certificates can be trusted.


Comodo stands out as one of the only antivirus programs offering an Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS), an advanced level of defense to keep malware away from interfering with your operating system. HIPS helps thwart threats such as remotely shutting down or installing keyloggers which steal passwords.

Comodo’s virtual desktop and sandbox can also help you test files, so you can check whether they contain malicious attributes before opening them on your computer – helping prevent viruses by only opening files from trusted sources.

Comodo Antivirus features both sandbox and heuristic detection, both of which are useful. Unfortunately, however, in real world tests it performed less well; only 91% of malware could be caught during AV-Test’s July-August 2023 review and difficulties were encountered when dealing with multiple different malware families. It also sent logs back to its servers which is an indication of poor privacy practices.

Comodo remains an effective antivirus choice, with numerous advantages that make it a standout contender in its field. Additional software or extensions may be necessary to get the most out of Comodo; its KillSwitch repair tool in particular can make an enormous difference by fixing HOSTS files, DNS settings and Explorer policies to block malware infections on your device.

Other features include a Rating Scan that scans running processes and commonly infected areas to create a reputation list of all files on your PC; Game Mode prioritises computer performance so full-screen activities don’t get interrupted; but both an Ad Blocker and Cloud Backup function were found to be ineffective indicating further work needs to be done to ensure its stability and transparency.


Comodo Antivirus typically takes 15-20 minutes to install, and then automatically begins scanning afterward. The installation process is intuitive and does not require special knowledge for its completion. Please be aware, however, that during its installation package attempts to make Yahoo! your default browser and add tab pages; if this bothers you then make sure to uncheck this option during setup.

Comodo antivirus is built upon Chromium, the open-source engine behind Google Chrome. However, Comodo includes its own web browser – although this might not be necessary depending on browsing habits – which could pose security risks depending on user activity. Comodo features an intuitive user interface but some additional tools and features may feel unnecessary for more casual users.

Comodo stands apart from traditional antivirus programs by employing an approach called “heuristic detection.” This method analyzes each file for attributes associated with malware and then runs them in a virtual sandbox to protect your computer against further infection or potentially dangerous programs being installed onto it. This helps stop infections spreading further or becoming implanted onto systems.

Comodo provides its usual range of features, such as personal firewall, auto-sandbox and HIPS. HIPS is one of the key elements in its protection, as it restricts what applications can do with the system while blocking any unwelcome programs from running on it. Furthermore, rulesets can be created which either allow or disallow specific executable files; however, by default HIPS is turned off; advanced users who understand their actions are advised to enable it for increased protection.


Comodo should be intuitively simple for newcomers – its primary menu contains only one button: Scan – which makes launching either Quick or Full scans effortless. More experienced users should appreciate Comodo’s extra features like an automated sandbox that automatically quarantines suspicious programs, virtual desktop access for apps independent from user accounts and game mode which blocks annoying antivirus alerts during gaming sessions.

Comodo Antivirus’ rating scan uses cloud-based technologies to assess file reputation. This feature can help identify unknown, potentially harmful files not recognized by Comodo; it is important to keep in mind, though, that Comodo can be fairly system intensive: in our benchmark tests it slowed performance by 35% – quite an impressive figure for an antivirus software product! Though home computers might still benefit from its use; those prioritizing PC performance may find this less than ideal.

Comodo’s Heuristics Scanner is designed to identify all sorts of malware, from file size and location on hard drives, executable name identification, to the ability to spot threats missed by traditional AV solutions. As a result, its use has proven invaluable in uncovering complex threats not normally detected by basic security tools.

Comodo stands out by its ability to restore settings that have been altered by malware infections such as HOSTS files, DNS settings and Explorer policies – this feature makes for a quick way of cleaning out infections that have established themselves on your operating system. Unfortunately it does not come equipped with rootkit detection or firewall features however these can easily be purchased separately in the market.

Cloud-Based Behavior Analysis

Comodo Antivirus is an all-in-one security suite offering multiple features at once, from sandboxing and advanced firewalls, sandboxing, fast malware detection rates (it caught 91% of malware samples tested by SE Labs!) and strong protection; all within an easy to use software package that’s completely free! With their paid version – Comodo Internet Security Pro and Complete – offering $500 Virus Guarantee coverage alongside online backup storage security features and wifi protection, this security suite makes a strong impressionful first impression of any company offering everything at once!

Comodo Antivirus also features cloud-based technology for file reputation verification. Furthermore, its array of additional utilities helps solve various specialized problems – such as analyzing started processes, editing items in autoload, creating boot drives to check infected systems etc. Additionally, Comodo Dragon browser adds additional Internet security with tools that protect sensitive data while simplifying SSL certificate identification and providing anonymous browsing options.

Comodo Antivirus offers an effortless user experience. All controls and features are accessible directly on the main screen compared to other security products which hide them under convoluted menus and submenus.

Firewall performance was quite effective and its configuration could be easily customized; however, our tests revealed it underperformed when it came to protecting against phishing attacks and blocking P2P downloads. Furthermore, it lacked any VPN service – making it inapplicable for bypassing geo-restricted content or for secure internet surfing. Host intrusion prevention system provided additional monitoring security but may not meet advanced users’ needs and failed to block DNS hijacking (a potential issue if changing IP addresses is frequent).


Comodo Antivirus provides constant virus protection – also known as on-access protection – at no charge, providing an affordable alternative to other services like Norton and McAfee which charge for their software updates and subscription fees.

Comodo Antivirus’ modern heuristic system is regularly updated, providing users with maximum protection. Furthermore, users can manually submit files for analysis by its Valkyrie system which uses both automated and manual testing methods to determine whether or not a file is malicious; once determined as such it will be added to both global black-lists and white-lists to help other Comodo Antivirus users avoid infection from similar files.

Comodo also uses virtual desktops and “sandbox” environments to run potentially risky applications in a secure manner, and use cloud technologies to check all files on a user’s computer for reputation checks.

Advanced users will find this program provides them with several settings to tailor the behavior and performance of the antivirus to their own individual needs. They can alter sensitivity of heuristic scan, create custom profiles for scans, set user checks for root certificate authorities, running processes and commonly infected areas as well as check files’ reputation against all files on their computer via its rating scan feature.

Comodo Antivirus offers many features which should appeal to a broad array of users, but some omissions could deter potential customers – for instance, its phishing protection underperformed during tests and its firewall was less customizable than competing programs.

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