Comodo Cloud Antivirus Review

Comodo Cloud Antivirus

Comodo Cloud Antivirus features cloud based behavior analysis and an auto-containment program to automatically run suspicious files in a virtual environment. Furthermore, gamer mode can be enabled which mutes notifications during full screen activities to optimize computer performance.

Extra features of note include a Sandbox that can be found within the main menu and used to test programs or files safely, as well as to isolate web browsers into an isolated environment.

What is Comodo Cloud Antivirus?

Comodo Cloud Antivirus is an all-inclusive security suite that provides multiple layers of protection against malware and other threats. The HIPS uses behavioral analysis to prevent invading malware before it causes damage, while its Sandbox feature lets you test files before they enter your PC – helping identify hidden malicious software which would otherwise be difficult for conventional antivirus tools to detect.

Valkyrie’s Sandbox Technology uses a virtual desktop to isolate web browsers and programs running on your PC from malware, thus protecting against keyloggers that steal passwords and personal information online. Furthermore, this function makes testing new software or hardware easier without risk to your PC.

Other features include a USB rescue tool which lets you run an uninfected version of your operating system, so as to repair your computer when infected with malware. Furthermore, there’s also a network firewall which blocks unauthorised incoming and outgoing traffic as well as an anti-virus scanner capable of finding lurking malware on devices – it even protects webcams against unauthorised usage while blocking websites with known phishing, scamming, or harmful content!

Comodo Cloud Antivirus’ website does not make this clear, but all the features are actually included in its free version (called Internet Security Premium). A paid plan with only 24/7 support and virus guarantee makes this an unattractive choice; better-value alternatives such as Bitdefender and Norton offer comprehensive suites with additional features that Comodo doesn’t provide; for instance Bitdefender boasts an effective mobile app to secure devices on the go while Norton boasts added protection like VPN connectivity and cloud backup for home computer programs.


Comodo Cloud Antivirus installs quickly and smoothly onto your PC without interfering with everyday computer use. Set-up is straightforward, with a user interface designed for ease of use that comes complete with various themes to personalize its appearance as you please. However, I wish Comodo offered its tools all together on one handy online dashboard similar to Norton does.

Comodo’s antivirus scanner may not be among the top performers; during testing it missed some malware that other competitors detected more readily; its Quick Scan and Full Scan weren’t as thorough either; nonetheless, Comodo is more reliable than many competing programs’ scanners.

The company’s other security features were unimpressive as well, failing to block known phishing websites during our tests, while its secure browser isn’t as safe as those found on most other laptops. ID protection supposedly checks your email and credit card details against an internal database, yet didn’t function during our test; many competitors offer more accurate dark web monitoring tools that provide live updates if any information has been compromised.

Comodo disappointed me by not offering a USB rescue toolkit, an essential feature if malware gets past your defenses. Many competitors, including Bitdefender, include this toolkit in their premium packages.

Comodo Internet Security Premium offers most of its features for free, without being overwhelming in its functionality. These include firewall, malware scanner and secure browser capabilities as well as gaming mode that mutes notifications while playing games – though it lacks system optimization features similar to Norton’s. Comodo’s paid plan, Comodo Internet Security Pro adds 24/7 tech support and virus warranty compared with Avira which offer similar protection at much lower costs.


Comodo Cloud Antivirus is one of the top home PC antivirus software applications. It comes equipped with a firewall, malware scanner and host intrusion prevention system; additionally it includes virtual desktops, automatic “sandboxs,” as well as utilities to address specific problems – for instance analyzing started processes, editing objects in autoloads and creating boot drives to check infected systems.

Comodo provides an outstanding firewall with many customization options for tech-savvy users. Their malware scanner was adequate in my testing; I found most threats were detected and prevented from running. They also provide virtual desktop and sandbox security features which offer additional protection than what an average free antivirus program can provide.

Comodo’s phishing protection and ad blocker both fall below average, as do its real-time protection; in my testing it caught only 93% of threats. However, its virtual keyboard provides extra security by protecting passwords while blocking keyloggers from recording keystrokes.

Comodo’s security features generally don’t work very effectively: Sandbox and virtual desktop may not always launch correctly and its ad blocker may have bugs; its phishing protection provides limited protection from attacks.

Comodo Cloud Antivirus features some bonus features, including a password manager and app locker, along with its browser, Comodo Dragon. Based on Google Chrome, this browser features many tools designed to keep your device secure such as an incognito mode that hides browser history and blocks tracking as well as extensions that review web pages for malicious content (Comodo Site Inspector/Comodo Privalert). Most top antiviruses such as Norton/Avira provide mobile security features in their packages which make them more valuable than Comodo’s mobile software; although free to use, Comodo mobile software may not provide all features of larger competitors’ packages.


Comodo Cloud Antivirus is a comprehensive home computer protection package. Incorporating features like antivirus, firewall and HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention System), as well as automatic Sandbox, virtual desktops and specialized utilities it makes an attractive solution for anyone searching for comprehensive security.

Software solutions employ real time scanners that run continuously to detect and block threats, as well as one click quick scans, in order to quickly discover any malware or other issues. Furthermore, reputation databases allow for quicker blocking of newly emerging threats as they can provide quick alerts upon discovery.

One great feature is an antivirus program with an inbuilt sandbox, allowing unknown programs to run safely without accessing your actual file system or registry. This can protect against malware that might have been downloaded or installed via websites and is an integral component of modern antivirus solutions.

A feature known as Viruscope was designed to monitor any processes running within a sandbox environment and alert you if they exhibit any unusual or suspicious actions that might indicate malware infection.

Comodo Cloud Antivirus proved itself highly effective against an array of malicious threats when we tested against it, even when we ran tests with threats designed specifically to bypass other antivirus solutions. Our tests confirmed this observation – in no case did any malicious threat get through our scanner!

Comodo software can be very system intensive at times, particularly during rigorous benchmark tests, which may present issues for users that prioritize performance over anything else. Furthermore, its ad blocker was found wanting, failing to block most web advertisements; and its gaming mode (which suspends updates so the computer can focus on games and movies) didn’t function reliably either.

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