Comodo Cloud Antivirus Review

Comodo Cloud Antivirus provides protection from malware infections by running any unfamiliar programs in a sandbox mode, which isolates them and prevents them from connecting to your system and accessing personal information about you.

Real-time protection does not compare well to top performers like Norton; and its scores underperformed during phishing, secure browsing and ad blocking tests. Still, 24/7 support and virus guarantees are both offered – two important considerations when selecting any antivirus solution.


Comodo Free Antivirus Software offers cloud-based protection that quickly detects and removes malware in your system, using their unique combination of virus monitoring, auto-sandbox, and behavior analysis technologies to safeguard against known and unknown threats immediately. Their intuitive design makes controlling all aspects of virus scanning simple with just a few clicks.

Comodo Cloud Antivirus offers real-time protection from known viruses, junk files and registry errors. Additionally, this program scans for potentially malicious processes using its built-in behavior analysis feature known as Viruscope to identify them. Lastly, HIPS helps monitor your device and stop malicious code from running without your approval; by default this feature is disabled but can be enabled if additional layers of security are desired.

My tests demonstrated that Comodo Cloud Antivirus detected 93% of viruses and threats; however, it failed to block all of the phishing sites I tested; in addition, several high-risk files were missed during scanning, while updates to its virus database took much too long to process. Comodo’s other features, such as its ad blocker and secure browser were similarly unimpressive.

Comodo uses multiple apps and extensions for its additional security features, making the program seem cumbersome and disorganized. For optimal use, all these tools could be combined into one user interface for easier navigation.

Importantly, Comodo Cloud Antivirus does not offer mobile security or cloud storage features common among competing programs; instead, it provides free online backup service and uses Viruscope-powered sandboxing technology for safe file scanning.

Comodo provides an intuitive user interface, featuring large buttons and customizable themes, with customizable toolbars and graphical representations of PC protection levels. Scan scheduling and custom profile creation capabilities make for effective protection, but I would like to see additional advanced user options added into the mix. Furthermore, this program sends logs “anonymously” by default – meaning any information collected could potentially be used for marketing purposes by Comodo itself.


Comodo Antivirus Software has quickly become one of the top antivirus programs on the market. Boasting an outstanding user interface and reputation analysis technologies such as cloud services, it features some exciting and unique features like “sandboxing” and virtual desktop capabilities to run suspicious scanning applications safely without fear of infection on a PC. Furthermore, Comodo utilizes cloud technologies for reputation analysis analysis on files present on computers.

Comodo Antivirus performed extremely well in our tests, with only minor false positives and missing some malware using polymorphic techniques to evade detection in zip files. While its real-time scanner performed adequately but did not block all phishing sites or detect complex threats – however it offers additional security features including secure browser and VPN services to provide added peace of mind.

Comodo’s heuristics system continuously scans computers for signs of malware and attempts to recognize viruses by searching code, signatures and filenames for signatures or code signatures that match known threats. Furthermore, Comodo offers users a special feature which allows them to add patches or keygens as trusted files so Comodo won’t quarantine these programs when used legitimately – it is even available for Linux as an alternative OS platform!

The program offers various scan options, including quick and full scans. While full scans require longer to run than quick ones, they cover more areas. Full scans tend to be more intensive than quick ones and may cause CPU usage to reach its maximum during their 58-minute duration – something which shouldn’t negatively impact performance for older or slower systems.

Comodo provides a 30-day free trial period, giving users plenty of time to evaluate its features. Furthermore, unlike some competitors’ offerings, this one does not require credit card information – an important advantage over rival products. Furthermore, their support team is extremely helpful and responsive – something many competitors cannot match.


Comodo Cloud Antivirus has been thoroughly evaluated and praised by third-party labs, receiving impressive scores in tests such as AV-Test. Notably, its 100% protection rate against zero-day attacks as well as its minimal impact on device performance were all hallmarks of quality for any security solution. Users who care about keeping their computer running smoothly will find Comodo Cloud Antivirus useful.

Comodo provides an efficient program to scan specific files and folders as well as entire drives for hidden files and malware, with configurable user checks allowing for customized heuristic checks that meet specific parameters such as how sensitive any should be. Furthermore, its convenient scheduler lets users run scans at predefined intervals or on demand.

Comodo stands out with its sandbox feature, which enables users to test potential malware files in an isolated environment without risking their computers. While this feature may be ideal for cybersecurity professionals, most casual users likely won’t use it effectively. Furthermore, Comodo includes a secure web browser but underperformed my tests and its anti-phishing protection wasn’t effective enough in blocking as many threats as Google’s default protections do.

Comodo’s firewall performed well, blocking all online threats in my test. This makes it an excellent choice for tech-savvy users who require just firewall protection but do not require additional features found in premium antivirus suites such as malware removal tools or password manager capabilities.

Comodo may have an impeccable reputation, yet its service still contains some major drawbacks. For instance, its servers send logs containing personal data such as names and emails addresses directly back to them for use by advertisers – this does not bode well for users who value privacy.

Comodo Cloud Antivirus’ heuristic detection can be inconsistent and sometimes incorrectly flags valid programs as malicious, leading to false positives that can cause major disruption for some users. Furthermore, this program can only be installed on three devices at one time; thus making Comodo an insufficient solution if you own multiple computers and tablets that need protecting.


Comodo Cloud Antivirus provides a clean and straightforward user interface, making installation a simple task. Users can create profiles for specific files or websites for advanced users who may find this feature beneficial. Multiple scanning options are also available so scans won’t slow down their computer. Finally, Comodo Cloud Antivirus’ lightweight scans don’t interfere with system performance either!

The program’s malware protection employs an innovative combination of auto-sandbox and behavior analysis technologies to detect unknown threats that evade signature-based detection methods, quickly eliminating malicious programs and shielding devices from serious infections. Designed to safeguard PCs against all forms of malware such as rootkits and zero-day attacks.

Sandbox features of this virtual desktop are very effective at blocking malware, and its antivirus scanner has an extremely high detection rate. Other features underperformed however; particularly anti-phishing and ad blockers. Real-time protection could only block 93% of threats during my tests while virtual desktop and sandbox features require separate applications to function effectively.

Comodo Cloud Antivirus goes beyond providing just a sandbox and firewall, by also offering a host intrusion prevention system (HIPS). HIPS allows you to monitor all executable files on your system so you can create rules to stop specific programs from running without your authorization. Although by default it is disabled for advanced users only.

This program also features a backup disk feature, which enables you to create bootable disk images for performing virus scans in an isolated environment. Furthermore, the software is free and you may install it on as many computers as you’d like; Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems are supported, though other antivirus programs should be disabled prior to installation of this particular version of AntiVir.

Comodo Cloud Antivirus provides basic antivirus protection, but may not meet the needs of more advanced users. Furthermore, Comodo Cloud Antivirus should not be used with Microsoft XP or Vista due to their outdated nature and vulnerabilities exploitable by malware. If you require comprehensive protection with advanced features then another security suite such as Bitdefender or Norton might be better suited.

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