Comodo Cloud Antivirus Review

Comodo Cloud Antivirus

Comodo Cloud Antivirus features an intuitive user interface. Running scans or setting schedules is effortless; plus you have control of its heuristics scanner sensitivity settings too!

This program does a solid job at protecting against real-time threats, though it doesn’t detect polymorphic viruses as effectively as some top competitors do. Still, it remains an effective choice for detecting malware.

Free version

Comodo Cloud Antivirus offers reliable protection for PCs against viruses and malware. It features real time protection, auto-sandboxing, cloud scanning and an active user community; additionally there’s secure VPN connectivity as well. Designed with simplicity in mind, its software boasts customizable features to meet individual user requirements while its customer support channels offer speedy responses; though detailed answers may take time.

Comodo’s antivirus technology scans real-time for viruses and malware files, offering both quick and full scans to keep systems secure from harmful programs that access critical folders. Its granular scanner detects suspicious processes hidden within the system while protecting critical folders from access by harmful software programs. Comodo’s scanning technology is reliable and quick, automatically updating to include known malware definitions.

Sandbox functionality can also be very helpful, providing any application with its own safe environment to prevent threats from reaching your system through commonly-used applications, like web browsers. In addition, this sandbox feature is useful in testing new applications without impacting computer stability, while using heuristic detection to ensure unknown malware does not compromise it.

Also included are other useful features like a password manager and firewall that you might find beneficial, including file protection from prying eyes as well as multiple user support, making it ideal for businesses and schools with multiple users. Furthermore, its user interface is user-friendly even for novice users.

However, for maximum protection from modern threats I would recommend an expensive product like TotalAV. With one of the industry’s highest virus detection rates and an easy user interface that’s friendly enough for newcomers alike, TotalAV also boasts excellent mobile security and its full package is affordable. Plus, Comodo products feature demo versions so you can test drive it before buying it – both Windows and macOS users alike can utilize this program with one simple click to start scanning for threats immediately!

Paid version

Comodo Cloud Antivirus’ paid version offers many useful security features that justify its investment. Comodo’s default-deny approach offers robust protection from most forms of malware by automatically sandboxing suspect programs until their safety can be established, while using powerful firewall and anti-rootkit protection against hackers from connecting to your computer. Furthermore, Valkyrie sandbox technology isolates suspicious programs from core systems on your computer, blocking keyloggers from recording keystrokes, hiding files to save system resources as well as stopping unnecessary processes from running processes to save system resources as well.

Antivirus protection is provided directly from the cloud, meaning your PC’s antivirus protection remains current even if its virus definitions become outdated. Furthermore, the program’s cutting-edge behavior analysis technology can detect all manner of malicious code – including polymorphic viruses that adapt their code in order to bypass traditional antivirus engines.

Comodo software includes features for more experienced users such as virtual desktop and secure browser, making the features easily accessible without being standalone apps; for instance, virtual desktop allows you to run programs securely while providing easy administration controls.

KillSwitch Repair provides another bonus feature, helping restore your computer after malware infection. This tool scans HOSTS file, DNS settings and Explorer policies for any changes made by malware tampering; once found it can reset any affected files back to their original configurations. For beginners who require their computers restoring after an infection this can even reinstall Microsoft Windows entirely – making this feature invaluable!

The user interface of FireEye is well-organized and straightforward to navigate. The menus feature both a basic view that reveals which types of scans have been completed, as well as an advanced view with additional options. It is simple to add and edit individual scans, customize firewall rules for global rules, network zones or port sets as well as have access to a handy visual representation that shows when rules have been added or removed from your firewall status and connections – and moreover there’s even a handy graphical representation that visually indicates when rules have been applied or removed or modified or added or changed!


Comodo Cloud Antivirus is a free program that offers a full suite of protection features, such as firewall protection, ransomware defenses and malware scanning. Furthermore, the sandbox technology isolates programs to prevent them from stealing information or harming your system; and there is even a gaming mode which disables annoying alerts during game sessions – features which have become increasingly popular with antivirus solutions.

Comodo Cloud Antivirus’ sandbox version works by creating an isolated virtual desktop environment for unknown programs to run and make changes, without disrupting other processes or files on your real computer. You can access it through either the control panel or manually launch it yourself; its virtual file system and registry protect against malicious attempts of accessing real ones.

Once an application is launched in a sandbox, it goes through a rigorous series of checks by CIS’s backend technical experts. These analyses analyze its behavior to assess whether it’s legitimate or malicious; malicious ones will be added to an antivirus blacklist while legitimate applications will move onto an antivirus whitelist for safe usage on PCs.

Comodo Internet Security’s Cloud Sandbox is built into its Defense+ and Firewall modules, enabling it to detect and block threats quickly and efficiently. Utilizing powerful virus monitoring techniques combined with auto-sandboxing and behavior analysis techniques to safeguard against both known and unknown viruses/malware attacks on your computer, as well as advanced protection architecture designed to stay abreast of emerging threats – its security architecture remains unparalleled and unbeatable.

Comodo Sandbox is easy to use and accessible via the control panel, while being fully customizable according to your individual needs by altering settings for sandbox, antivirus and firewall protection. By creating rules allowing certain applications to run normally or only in sandbox mode – or easily resetting its state if there’s been any viruses detected on restart – Comodo makes the sandbox experience simple for anyone!

Comodo Cloud Antivirus is an easy and user-friendly security suite that won’t slow down your computer, offering protection similar to more costly competing products without breaking the bank. Unfortunately, however, its lack of password manager or anti-ransomware capabilities could prove problematic; but its inclusion of a secure browser based on Chromium will help protect against webcam hacks and other forms of common malware attacks.


Comodo’s Intelligent Automatic Containment stands out from traditional endpoint security software in that it uses a “default-allow architecture”, blocking 100% of unknown files from reaching computers and networks while protecting against Zero Day exploits and malware threats. According to Gartner, Comodo is considered one of the premier endpoint protection (AEP) vendors.

Comodo Cloud Antivirus’ free version provides your computer with a comprehensive firewall feature to block malicious connection attempts. It combines virus scanning, auto-sandboxing and behavior analysis for top-quality virus defense against new virus attacks; all this using its cloud-based threat database that is continuously updated in real time to offer continuous protection.

Comodo’s firewall is simple to use and offers many customizable settings. You can control how often alerts come through, whether incoming or outgoing connections are blocked and which ports are opened or hidden from scanning; port stealthing protects your ports from being exploited for malicious use and prevents unauthorised access; additionally you can configure Comodo to block specific websites or categories of websites altogether.

Comodo’s malware detection rates fall behind competitors such as Norton and Bitdefender, with its developers gradually abandoning many features like cloud storage and VPN connectivity over time; even those remaining don’t work as intended.

Comodo provides an antivirus product tailored to Linux that is hard to find on their main downloads page, though. Although Linux is generally more secure than Windows, there may still be vulnerabilities such as GNOME Shell extensions that cause damage and bugs in software used by most. Comodo’s Linux antivirus product detects and blocks untrustworthy programs with its firewall technology.

The firewall also features a heuristic detection engine, which analyzes an application’s code to identify whether it contains traits typical of malware. Once identified, it either deletes the file or recommends containment so it runs in an isolated environment away from your operating system. This approach has proven more successful than simply searching a blacklist for virus signatures.

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