Comodo Cloud Antivirus Review

Comodo Cloud Antivirus is an antivirus program with many unique features, such as running unknown files in virtual containers to block them from accessing real file systems and the registry.

Security-wise, it offers cutting-edge protection from sophisticated buffer overflow attacks. Beginners will appreciate its user-friendly UI; advanced users may switch to Advanced View for accessing additional tools and settings.


Comodo Cloud Antivirus employs a comprehensive combination of virus monitoring, auto-sandboxing, and behavior analysis to safeguard computers against viruses, malware, and unknown threats. Its cloud-based scanner offers up-to-the-second defense against new viruses while its Viruscope technology recognizes and blocks malicious behaviors in unknown files; while its containment engine isolates any potentially hazardous files within secure containers so as to prevent any unintended changes to registry or file systems.

Firewall functionality includes application whitelisting, port visibility and remote desktop protocol (RDP) access blocking; however, its response times to new threats and detection rates of malware in the wild is somewhat lackluster. A sandbox feature called Valkyrie lets users test-run applications or files safely in an isolated secure environment – however it doesn’t compare favorably with similar offerings from other antivirus programs in terms of speed or reliability.

Another disappointing aspect of the program is its bloatware. Upon installation, it installs a web browser based on Chromium which does not stay up-to-date and has experienced major security flaws over time. Furthermore, it doesn’t provide as much protection as industry standard Chrome does.

Apart from its bloatware, Comodo also provides useful features, such as a sandbox feature and virtual keyboard to prevent keyloggers from recording your keystrokes. Furthermore, this product comes equipped with secure shopping features which encrypt transactions while warning of fake SSL certificates as well as game mode which eliminates notifications that might interrupt gaming sessions.

The company offers excellent customer support that can be easily accessed via its user interface by selecting either “live support” or its ticket system that sends emails directly to expert technicians. A community forum with user guides is also provided.

Comodo Cloud Antivirus’ free version only covers one device, while paying subscribers can protect up to three. Though its plans can be more expensive than those offered by competitors, Comodo offers a money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with its products – though this does not include Geek Buddy (24/7 product and tech support) or generous virus warranties like its competitors do.


Comodo Cloud Antivirus is an award-winning security tool that offers top-tier protection from viruses, spyware, malware and suspicious hidden files. Based on cloud computing technology and constantly updated with the latest threats and virus definitions – Comodo offers safe shopping, virtual keyboard protection against keyloggers and many other features to safeguard users online. As an ideal alternative to expensive antivirus solutions such as McAfee or Norton that cost thousands for software licensing fees plus accessing virus definition updates yearly access plans; Comodo provides effective coverage without cost or commitment required of other expensive programs like McAfee or Norton which cost thousands annually for access to virus definition updates annually – this security tool offers quality protection at an unbeatably affordable cost!

Installation is quick and straightforward for this program. Available online for download, all it takes to start is clicking the ‘Free Download’ button for it to be automatically downloaded to your computer and double-clicking its installer file for installation. When completed, you will be asked to choose language of interface interface as well as agreeing with license agreement terms before the program automatically begins scanning your PC for malware, spyware or viruses.

Once your scan has concluded, you will be asked to restart your computer and save any unsaved data before continuing. When rebooted, this application will run a deeper scan to identify potential threats hiding on your system and monitor for suspicious activities like changes to system files or registry entries.

Another impressive feature included with this antivirus program is ‘Auto-Sandbox’ technology. This innovative solution allows you to run new applications safely in an isolated container that isolates their impact on other parts of your system and provides extra protection should any programs prove malicious – eliminating potential damage while making deletion easier.

This feature also features the built-in behavior analysis technology ‘Viruscope’ that continuously analyses sandboxed processes and reports them back to Comodo servers, helping improve its functionality for consistent protection. This information allows Comodo CIS products to remain effective.


Comodo Cloud Antivirus features an active real time scanner to quickly identify suspicious files and prevent infections with malware, and comes equipped with an in-depth system scan that checks more areas for threats such as adware and ransomware. Comodo boasts impressive detection rates from third party labs which is evidenced by its impressive scanning performance.

Ultimately, the software is lightweight and won’t have a dramatic effect on daily use of your PC; however, during benchmarking or intensive scans the program tends to cause slowdowns, using 35% of CPU resources and 63% of memory resources during these tests – not a major concern; however those prioritizing computer performance might prefer another solution instead.

By employing the EICAR virus test, we pitted Comodo against carefully chosen samples to assess its ability to identify malicious programs. Comodo performed exceptionally well at both detecting and blocking threat samples; in particular it recognized all EICAR viruses while blocking all non-EICAR ones as well. This indicates that Comodo can detect even some of the toughest infections.

Comodo also provides other security features, including auto-sandboxing that allows untrusted applications to run in an isolated virtual environment without access to actual file systems and registry of the computer, helping prevent malicious software from accessing vital components of the system and altering or stealing information. 10GB Trust Connect allows users to secure their internet connections and protect themselves against hackers when connecting to public networks.

Comodo Cloud Antivirus offers more than just antivirus protection; its firewall can allowlist and port visibility for the user, and viruscope helps detect and neutralize undocumented malware before it spreads throughout your system. Other handy features include game mode to temporarily silence alerts during gaming sessions and web filtering to protect children from encountering inappropriate material online.


Comodo Cloud Antivirus’ malware scanner can thwart many types of viruses before they cause harm to a computer, including spam emails and Trojan horse threats. Once detected, threats are promptly eliminated rather than left to stay and do their damage; additionally it prevents accessing other files such as personal photos/videos/passwords/credit card details/bank details etc by malware which might access them – one of the best protection features you’ll find in a free antivirus program!

Comodo utilizes a combination of virus monitoring, auto-sandbox and behavior analysis technologies to secure systems in real time. This enables it to protect computers against viruses and spyware not yet recognized by its databases; moreover it uses Valkyrie technology which analyzes programs running within a secure environment to determine whether they pose a security threat or not.

My tests of the software showed it performed well on both EICAR and Malware Protection tests. EICAR proved the software could identify all viruses and malware threats tested while Malware Protection proved it could block nearly all threats tested.

However, the software can be somewhat taxing on system resources when performing a full scan and takes longer than other competitors to download and install updates – this may pose issues on older or slower computers or laptops with limited memory available for storage purposes.

Comodo provides additional security features, such as a sandbox, VPN and advanced firewall, that may enhance overall computer security but don’t have as strong an impactful performance impact as their competition. Unfortunately many of these features have been discontinued – for instance Comodo used to include virtual desktop and cloud storage as part of its paid plans but these have since been taken out; additionally anti-phishing and secure browser features don’t work as they should and the sandbox feature hasn’t been updated in some time either.

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