Comodo Dragon Browser Review

Comodo Dragon

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Comodo Dragon (IceDragon) is an Internet browser developed by Comodo that combines Chrome’s speed and features with enhanced security and privacy protections. As one of their more common security software products, this web browser helps safeguard users against some of the more prevalent online threats.

Google Chrome is built on Chromium, an open-source platform. The aesthetic minimalist interface resembles that of its open source counterpart making it simple for people familiar with Chrome to navigate it easily. Unfortunately, however, Microsoft Windows operating systems only are currently supported.

Comodo Dragon browser stands out from other browsers by not transmitting browsing data to a central server, making it more privacy-friendly than many. Furthermore, this program displays a bright yellow warning whenever users visit websites with weak security certificates; and can be configured to automatically clear privacy-related data at every exit (such as browsing/download history, cached images/files/data, cookies and site data, autofill form information/passwords etc).

Comodo Dragon can also be configured to block certain applications not on a user-specified whitelist, helping increase security but increasing the risk of blocking legitimate programs that could be exploited by hackers to gain entry. Furthermore, Comodo Dragon may be configured to open your most recently visited website upon restart, display a search engine in the address bar with prediction service enabled when typing web addresses, synchronize bookmarks between browsers and manage cookie preferences – among other functions.

An additional feature that stands out is the sandbox mode, enabling users to browse in an isolated virtual environment that reduces security risk by preventing malware from infiltrating other parts of their device. Furthermore, the browser includes a tool for identifying suspicious EXE files which can prove invaluable in an event of infection.

Comodo Dragon provides quick access to the browser’s main features, such as scanning and unblocking applications. There is also a shortcut for its sandbox mode and customer support links; however, most advertised features don’t work very well or have been discontinued altogether.


Comodo Dragon is a Chromium-based web browser with added security features, offering unbeatable browsing speed and protection from malware by running websites in an isolated container. In addition, this browser comes equipped with password manager, file scanner and extension manager, along with social engineering protection features to detect suspicious sites or social engineering attacks; advanced privacy options as well as a domain validation tool are all part of its feature set.

Beginning the installation, Comodo requests your permission to send usage details directly. Upon granting this, software installation commences automatically – although you have the option of customizing installation further by selecting “Customize Installation.”

Once the installation process is completed, you have several options for adding or disabling Comodo Dragon as a startup program. You may also choose which folder will house its installation; select “Browse” if required for more flexibility; import bookmarks, apps or settings from another browser using “Import”.

Comodo’s main window provides quick access to its primary operations through a widget, including scanning, “rating scan” (for frequently infected areas) or infected area scan. Unblock applications (to reactivate desktop programs you had temporarily disabled); update virus definitions; or start a “secure shopping” session which provides virtualized desktop environment with only access to Windows File Explorer and certain installed web browsers such as Comodo IceDragon).

Right next to the main window is a mini-dashboard which displays information about Comodo’s containment tasks (the feature that lets you run untrusted applications safely in an isolated sandboxed environment) as well as any suspect files that have been identified as dangerous or suspicious.

Comodo Virtual Mode runs any downloaded files on its servers to conduct instantaneous malware analysis in an isolated environment, typically taking 15 minutes before sending back results back to you computer. To activate this feature, Comodo Internet Security 2013 or higher must be installed, as this provides virtualization technology to power this feature.

User interface

Comodo Dragon is an advanced web browser built upon Chromium with Comodo’s unparalleled security features integrated. SiteInspector malware scanning technology from Comodo provides protection from online threats such as phishing scams; domain validation technology is included as well as an incognito mode feature to enhance privacy protection.

Comodo Dragon features an interface similar to Chrome, making navigation simple for familiar browser users. Customization options exist for making Comodo Dragon user-friendly such as changing its language. Furthermore, this browser also offers password-protected access for managing user settings.

Comodo Dragon stands apart from Google Chrome by prioritizing user privacy and security, making it an excellent choice for those concerned about online tracking or security risks. Furthermore, Comodo Dragon comes equipped with security enhancements like secure DNS that prevent hijacking attacks as well as other types of attacks against DNS services.

Security and privacy features offered by Comodo Dragon include an incognito mode that enables users to browse the internet anonymously; an integrated virus scanner capable of identifying and eliminating viruses in downloaded files; as well as a customizable start page and multiple user accounts to support multiple people who use a computer simultaneously.

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Comodo Dragon is an Internet browser designed to enhance users’ privacy, provide strong protection from online threats and trackers and prioritize security and privacy. Utilizing Chromium technology similar to Chrome but designed with greater emphasis on security and privacy in mind. Available free for download in both 64-bit and 32-bit versions with an intuitive user interface and SiteInspector feature for website scanning to detect malware and threats, Comodo Dragon boasts several privacy enhancements while protecting users.

Comodo Dragon differs from Chrome by not tracking user behavior or sending browsing data to a central server, protecting your privacy from hackers and malicious software. Furthermore, Comodo displays warning messages when websites’ digital certificates become out-of-date or weak; which could indicate security vulnerabilities on those websites.

Comodo Dragon browser boasts many features that make it one of the safest and fastest web browsers available, from its built-in VPN feature allowing secure Internet browsing to its ability to block advertisements and prevent malware installations, to phishing attacks by analyzing pages for suspicious code detection, as well as search capabilities to find terms used by scammers on the Internet.

Comodo Dragon provides another convenient feature with its GeekBuddy customer service, available 24 hours a day and offering technical experts to answer any inquiries about your device or program’s functions.

Comodo Cloud Security (CCS) of this software provides zero-hour protection against undetectable threats by analyzing files on the cloud for suspicious behaviors, and then controlling which devices connect with endpoints as well as blocking DLLs, apps, portable executables (PE), autoruns that could expose endpoints to danger. Furthermore, CCS offers automated signature updates to speed up update cycles while its lightweight agent improves performance and decreases network load.

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