Comodo Firewall Review

Comodo Firewall

Comodo Firewall offers an abundance of features. While its main program appears straightforward and user-friendly, underneath lies an arsenal of power for advanced users.

Virtualizing programs in a light sandbox environment provides protection from changes made by those programs to your system, with features like gaming mode and parental controls also offering extra safety measures.


Comodo Firewall is an efficient software firewall with many advanced features. Its user interface is sleek and user-friendly, and offers multiple scanning options tailored specifically for various users’ needs. Users can create custom scanning profiles which run automatically at scheduled intervals; plus Comodo also boasts tools designed to protect against malware that bypasses firewalls.

Comodo Internet Security (CIS) includes basic firewall and antivirus protection in its free version, while the paid version offers more robust tools, including gaming mode, parental controls, sandbox feature for testing programs, protection from ransomware threats on a network, password manager, USB blocker and an anti-phishing tool.

Comodo Firewall will prompt you to approve applications that attempt to connect to the internet when they attempt to make connections, with web browsers and email clients, being exempt. It does attempt to reduce these messages by only permitting apps that it knows are safe – such as web browsers and email clients – from making connections without prompts – however the more files that a program attempts to access increases its risk of prompts from Comodo. It has an optional cloud-based behavior analysis feature which sends data regarding file requests directly into Comodo servers for analysis – however before activating this option it would be wiser for one’s own considerations before turning it on!

Comodo Internet Security’s (CIS) extensive selection of settings and options may be daunting for newcomers to cybersecurity, yet their help manual provides detailed explanations on each setting’s operation. Once selected a security level (ranging from basic firewall to full suite that includes anti-virus and host-based intrusion prevention system) then selecting an Antivirus level to hiding ports on PC from scans by attackers; port stealth mode also available and customizable alert settings once chosen security level selected (click “Alert Settings” tab for details) that customize how Comodo will notify users about threats as soon as they detect an attack occurs on an internet-connected PC connected PC with internet connection – when selecting any given security level, Comodo will alert users about threats by default).


Comodo Firewall offers several advanced features that distinguish it from competitors, such as zero-day malware detection and virtual sandbox environments. Comodo’s user interface is clean and minimal system usage makes this an appealing option; though its detection capabilities make it worthwhile considering.

Comodo Internet Security provides a robust firewall and various supplementary tools, including virtual kiosks, ad blocking, rating scans, custom DNS servers and rating scans. Comodo Internet Security Premium extends these features further with Secure Shopping (allowing you to choose whether websites should open either within an online shopping environment hosted on Comodo servers or open directly within your browser) among many others.

Both versions provide the latest updates for their products, with the free firewall offering technical details and customization options, while premium software comes with an anti-virus guarantee and 24/7 support, along with a sandbox feature to run untrusted programs in an isolated environment without risking your system or data, plus game mode which disables alerts during gameplay – perfect for gamers!

Comodo’s anti-virus scanner performed poorly compared to competitors during my tests. Furthermore, its privacy policy demands it send browsing history “anonymously” back to them “by default” while using your personal information for advertising.

Disabling the Comodo firewall might seem like an effective solution to boost internet speed quickly, but this would be unwise. Firewalls provide crucial protection from attacks while simultaneously decreasing resource consumption – so disabling your firewall would leave your computer exposed and could result in costly hacking attempts.

Comodo is an industry veteran that has helped shape industry standards. Trusted by top companies such as IBM, NASA and Samsung to secure their computers. Their user-friendly UI, preventative measures and American roots make Comodo an excellent solution that secures PCs while respecting privacy online.


Comodo Firewall is designed for Windows XP, Vista, 7/8/10 operating systems and requires 512 MB of memory and 400 MB of hard disk space to be installed and run successfully without interfering with other applications or processes running on your computer. Setup usually only takes minutes – be sure to carefully read through any installation instructions as they include an option for installing an unnecessary browser that could otherwise interfere with operation of Comodo Firewall.

After an easy installation, Comodo Firewall will start scanning your system for inbound and outbound connections, providing a detailed account of inbound/outbound links. When complete, it will display a summary of these connections for easy viewing. You can configure Comodo Firewall to block specific networks or devices automatically or manually designate it as safe. It even features cloud analysis of new files to check if they have ever been quarantined before!

Comodo Defense+ includes a virtualized sandbox which isolates any new program installed onto your system from other parts, and sends any suspicious files directly to Comodo servers for review and analysis. You have the ability to enable or disable this option depending on user preference – however be mindful that doing so may increase security risks; only enable it if comfortable doing so.

Comodo Firewall offers another security feature called port stealthing that works to conceal ports on computers connected to the Internet from view, protecting against attacks by malicious hackers who scan for open ports and exploit vulnerabilities in them. Furthermore, this tool helps prevent phishing sites by filtering suspicious URLs out and blocking potential opportunistic attacks.

This program comes equipped with several additional tools and settings that can be tailored to each user’s individual needs, including firewall settings that restrict applications only from within their trusted list from running, as well as notifying them when another program attempts to modify other parts of their computer, making this tool especially helpful for less experienced users.


Comodo Firewall is one of the premier firewalls available, providing unsurpassed protection from threats while being easy to use and taking up minimal resources on your computer. Furthermore, its unique features distinguish it from rival products.

If the firewall blocks an application inadvertently, whitelisting it is easy with just the press of a button on the main user interface – unlike competing products which require you to dig through their settings to do this task. Furthermore, an useful feature is being able to see all active connections coming in and out of your computer in order to keep tabs on which programs are using up all your bandwidth and how much data they’re transmitting online.

Comodo provides more than just a firewall – they also offer various additional security features, such as a sandbox environment for testing potential malware files without risk of them spreading to other parts of your system. This provides a great way to test out new programs before installing them and also includes host-based intrusion prevention system to stop viruses and malware from infiltrating.

Comodo Complete offers additional features not found on its free version, such as an enhanced web browser based on Chromium with superior security; GeekBuddy for 24×7 tech support and product advice; secure wireless internet connectivity through TrustConnect and virus guarantees.

Comodo firewall is an outstanding option, yet not flawless. In my tests, the anti-phishing and ad blockers both underperformed significantly while real-time protection could only stop 93% of threats. Nonetheless, Comodo stands out as being one of the few vendors offering guarantees against their product not performing as described; you can rest easy knowing if there’s ever an issue they will address it swiftly and responsibly.

Comodo is an ideal option for anyone who wishes to enhance their Windows firewall protection with additional layers. Its flexible configuration options and user-friendly graphical interface will appeal to most people while its advanced security features will appeal to more technically inclined individuals.

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