Comodo Firewall Review

Comodo Firewall

Comodo Firewall is an efficient firewall software with an outstanding malware scanner. Comodo also offers a premium package called Geek Buddy Support that allows them to remotely take control of your computer and perform clean up services remotely.

Each application is assigned its own Firewall Ruleset that specifies how it should access the Internet, and these rules can be altered using the Firewall Rules interface.


Comodo Firewall is a comprehensive cybersecurity solution, protecting your PC against malware infections, hacker attacks and data breaches. It features advanced scanning options, powerful firewall protection, gaming mode with parental controls and parental monitoring controls for safe application testing as well as an anti-malware guarantee.

Comodo Firewall also blocks keyloggers from recording your keyboard strokes, warns you about remote connection attempts made to your computer, detects fake SSL certificates and prevent man-in-the-middle attacks, provides easy usage with granular configuration settings to limit network access rights per application and provides protection from harmful web content and scams, plus has an HIPS system which detects suspicious behaviors and asks what action should be taken against them.

Comodo Firewall features port stealthing, an innovative security feature which obscures ports on devices connected to the internet so they are inaccessible from outside. Its user interface offers quick and easy access to major cybersecurity tasks like setting Internet access rights for each application or hiding PC ports or managing available networks. You can set security level parameters for connection to router or home networks while Firewall Settings allow you to configure computer’s internet-facing ports with frequency alerts about potential port scans.

Comodo Firewall offers one of the most useful features, known as a sandbox, which acts as an isolated operating environment for unknown applications that cannot negatively affect your system. This feature can be particularly helpful when trying out suspicious or potentially infected applications.

Application Rules is another great feature, enabling you to create custom rules that grant or deny applications network access. This feature can be particularly helpful if your antivirus does not approve of an app you want to install, while unblocking any blocked applications is now more accessible than ever with most competitor programs.


Comodo Firewall is one of the simplest and flexible firewalls available. Its intuitive user interface offers you a quick glance of your current security settings as well as quick access to pre-set security levels. Plus, Comodo offers exclusive access to their safe list of over 2 million PC-friendly programs, which helps reduce alerts while simultaneously blocking malicious incoming and outgoing connections.

Comodo Firewall offers an easy installation process and runs invisibly on your computer to detect malicious activities, prompting a popup requesting security decisions on each program detected – you may allow, treat as installer or block them depending on what suits you best. Its popups may seem less annoying compared to Norton and Kaspersky Internet Security HIPS features; in Comodo’s case they’re much more discreet.

Comodo goes beyond simply providing firewall protection; they also include a host intrusion protection system (HIPS), virtual kiosk, and their own versions of Chrome and Firefox based on Chromium called Dragon and IceDragon which offer performance enhancements and security features not found elsewhere. A virtual kiosk acts as an incubator that lets you test new applications without risking your system.

Comodo File Rating compares files against a cloud database, and, if it detects malware or unwanted programs, will terminate them, display a popup warning, and offer GeekBuddy support services if necessary. Unfortunately, we found this feature relatively ineffective during our testing; other security layers quickly intervened to stop any potential threats before File Rating could respond effectively.

Comodo Firewall offers a built-in wizard to easily create bootable CDs that run antivirus scans in a pre-Windows environment. In addition, there’s also a password manager, gaming mode and KillSwitch; an anti-hack tool which kills unresponsive processes to block hackers from taking screenshots of your screen, protects against keyloggers and protects against fake SSL certificates that trick people into giving remote connections into their systems – although unlike some competitors this one lacks a task manager which may disappoint users.


Comodo firewall program is an efficient security tool with numerous options for tailoring network protections to individual networks and computer environments. My tests revealed it could detect several forms of malware files which Windows’ built-in protections missed; and it also blocks incoming and outgoing traffic – including even small data packets – to thwart malware entry on your PC.

User interface of My Network Monitor is intuitive and user-friendly, showing the current state of each connection via green arrows moving upward for outgoing traffic and yellow arrows moving downward for inbound data flow. This gives you complete control over every aspect of your network connection and gives a visual representation of all that happens between computers on a network connection.

When using a firewall, there are three modes you can choose from when setting it up: Default Mode, Safe Mode and Training Mode. Comodo provides pre-set security configuration and firewall rules in its Default Mode that apply to most applications (except those not on its SafeList ). Use it if you don’t wish to spend time creating custom rulesets yourself or prefer the safety provided by its SafeList.

Safe Mode enables the firewall to automatically create rules for programs it recognizes and ask for your approval before permitting any traffic it doesn’t recognize – thus reducing alerts.

Training Mode enables your firewall to become acquainted with your activities, asking you before permitting any new application it doesn’t recognize to access. Over time, this should reduce the number of alerts.

Create custom rulesets is simple with Comodo Geek Buddy’s intuitive user interface making it clear which apps belong to each ruleset. Furthermore, existing rulesets can be managed and prioritized according to your preference; purge all existing rulesets can also be done when testing or starting fresh with a clean configuration is desired. Finally, for assistance when stuck or technical issues arises there’s also the Comodo Geek Buddy feature that connects you with an experienced technician for quick help and support if necessary!


Comodo Internet Security Pro stands out among antivirus programs by including an effective firewall into its full suite, and works well on Linux systems. Although there may be minor annoyances when switching over from another program – like Yahoo forcing you to change your homepage and default search engine–its overall user-friendliness makes this an excellent option.

Comodo Internet Security’s pricing structure can be difficult to grasp; their website advertises various plans with vague descriptions; but when selecting one of their cheapest plans, all its main security features come included for free!

These include a malware scanner, firewall and the Valkyrie sandbox technology to isolate suspicious files for examination. The firewall protects against ransomware with tools to block unwanted applications from starting up on your PC and protect against ransomware attacks. Furthermore, Comodo offers secure shopping to protect you from online fraud by creating a virtual environment without leaving any traces on your PC when shopping online.

Comodo’s antimalware capabilities are adequate, although they didn’t fare so well on our benchmark tests. This was likely caused by its use of a sandbox approach that requires extensive system resources; as a result, performance may suffer on lower-end computers.

Comodo stands out among home antivirus solutions by including an innovative Game Mode that disables alerts from its antivirus components during gaming sessions, making for an enjoyable gaming experience. Other home antivirus products may disable such features by default and use notifications to remind users to activate them when necessary – something Comodo stands out with by default.

Overall, Comodo Internet Security is an impressive antivirus program with some impressive features, particularly its sandbox technology which is particularly impressive and should make this download worthwhile for those who prioritize privacy and security. The price is reasonable as well, as well as available add-on security products from Comodo themselves for sale; however there may be other solutions which provide better value. Most top-rated programs typically provide mobile support as part of their premium subscription and typically guarantee virus removal as a part of this agreement.

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