COMODO Internet Security Review

COMODO Internet Security

Comodo Internet Security is an award-winning suite of tools that combines antivirus and firewall protection into one user-friendly package, winning accolades from customers for its ease of use and simplicity.

Comodo Security Suite features many helpful components, including its fast and flexible browser Dragon Browser, GeekBuddy online support service (24/7 online assistance), wireless network manager (WCM) as well as Secure Shopping capabilities.


Comodo’s antivirus service stands apart. It protects you against most cyber attacks and malware that could compromise your private data on your computer, hold it hostage for ransom payments or simply spy on browsing activities and keystrokes.

This program features a user-friendly interface that’s simple to navigate. A large panel displays your security status – green for areas deemed secure and red for those needing attention – while four smaller panels provide quick access to run scans, release programs from containment sandboxes, check updates or open Secure Shopping Environments.

VirusScope, a unique feature, monitors programs running on your system to detect and block malware. Furthermore, it offers you granular control to alter legitimate software without terminating them completely.

Rating Scan is another useful tool, offering comprehensive protection from unknown or low-reputation files and processes. By scanning running processes, commonly infected files and areas for suspicious files based on their reputations, it helps detect threats you might not be aware exist or warns against potentially hazardous ones that are present but unsuspected.

Comodo stands out with outstanding antimalware detection rates and an effective sandboxing feature, while using lots of system resources with one of the lowest benchmark performance scores we’ve seen. Still, it might be worth giving Comodo a try if you’re shopping around for new antivirus protection software.


Comodo’s firewall may not detect malware as effectively as its top competitors, but it still offers useful features. These include its built-in sandbox technology which runs new programs in an isolated virtual environment to prevent them from altering critical system files that could otherwise allow malware to infiltrate, whitelist programs with just the press of a button on its main user interface, create custom rulesets to allow specific applications access network connections and much more besides. Compared with some competitor firewalls that require digging through settings to accomplish similar results

At every instance of an application connecting to the internet, Comodo firewall checks its components are secure (if Checking of components in all active connections option is active in Defense+). When an uncertified program attempts to access network, an alert will be shown with all components used by this program – you may then choose either to accept or deny this connection – with Remember my answer activated, your decision will also be stored so it’s available the next time this activity arises.

Comodo Internet Security includes advanced features like its Valkyrie System for isolating and inspecting suspicious files and its Default Deny Protection for blocking viruses and zero-day attacks. In addition, its firewall offers threat-resistant web browsing as well as Secure Shopping which offers safe banking transactions online as well as password management tools.


Viral infections, malware infections, spyware infections, rootkit attacks, hackers and more all pose threats that threaten privacy and cause financial loss. By protecting yourself with COMODO Internet Security you can prevent cyber attacks on your computer and safeguard private information stored there from hackers. Our proprietary heuristic detection and containment technology ensures even newly emerging threats are quickly identified and quarantined before they cause havoc to your system.

COMODO Internet Security stands out from competing products by offering an innovative sandbox feature which automatically isolates unknown files in a secure container and runs them in an isolated environment, to make sure that they remain safe. This prevents many malware infections which cannot be detected with conventional antivirus software – this unique capability cannot be found elsewhere! This is truly powerful software protection feature not available elsewhere.

Comodo stands out from competitors by its exceptional ability to protect you from phishing and spam attacks. This is accomplished by blocking unapproved access to personal accounts as well as blocking known phishing sites proactively.

Gamers invest a considerable amount of time and money in their PCs, so it is crucial that they use an antivirus program designed specifically to keep these computers free from malware. A top gaming antivirus should offer continuous on-demand scanners, heuristic detection/containment capabilities, as well as a continuously updated database of known viruses/malware. A good gaming antivirus will also optimize system performance by protecting against physical theft of a gaming device as well as filter out spam texts/calls while being light on system resources while quickly scanning large drives – features which gaming antivirus providers should do not offer.


Comodo software’s Secure Shopping Environment makes shopping and banking online safe from malware intrusion; HIPS technology lets advanced users set rulesets that prevent certain executable files from running on your system, providing another layer of protection for ecommerce transactions and banking operations.

Your firewall provides plenty of options, including checkboxes and drop-down menus for configuring application rules, network zones, port sets and more. In addition, its security settings page offers quick access to common configurations like changing your default browser or enabling USB port blocking.

Comodo did not provide strong protection from phishing attacks during my testing, nor an anti-virus scanner comparable to top products available on the market. Furthermore, this product does not offer cloud backup service which I consider an important drawback.

Comodo’s Geek Buddy service gives users access to 24/7 technical support engineers who can connect remotely and solve an array of issues via instant messenger-style chat – similar to Norton’s features that come standard with its plans.

Virtual Private Network

Comodo provides a Virtual Private Network service to secure your internet connection and prevent online threats, access geo-restricted content and improve privacy by hiding IP addresses and information related to computer and web activity. Their user interface is intuitive with minimal system usage requirements.

Comodo stands apart from traditional antivirus programs by employing blacklisting technology, which enables it to effectively neutralize zero-day attacks and malware that has bypassed other security software. Furthermore, its unique Default-Deny Protection blocks any unknown files until they can be verified as safe by Comodo experts.

Anti-malware engine is one of the best we’ve tested, successfully detecting and eliminating even the most persistent malware, including ransomware. Furthermore, most adware/spyware is prevented from tracking browsing behavior or collecting personal information from users.

Comodo’s quick scans are quick and light on system resources, with CPU utilization remaining below 32% and memory utilization below 63% respectively. A full scan takes longer but checks more areas in search of hidden threats.

Comodo Internet Security suite includes an advanced sandbox for applications that can be used to test and run programs in a secure environment, providing a perfect way for new programs that may contain potential viruses to be isolated before they infiltrate your computer system.

Customer Support

Comodo provides various customer support options, including email and live chat support, as well as online guides and FAQs. However, its website can be dauntingly overwhelming and finding help can prove to be challenging.

Comodo Internet Security software suite protects against various online threats and malware, but can lead to high CPU utilization due to hardware problems, software conflicts or outdated versions. To remedy this issue, try disabling unnecessary features or checking for conflicts with other programs or optimizing scan and update settings of Comodo’s scan engine.

Comodo provides more than antivirus and firewall protection – it also features a virtualized sandbox to run untrusted programs in an isolated environment, providing protection from zero-day attacks that often go undetected by conventional antimalware tools, blocking malicious URLs, cleaning stubborn infections with its proprietary Comodo Cleaning Essentials tool and even creating Rescue disks that boot into alternate operating systems that leave Windows-centric malware powerless.

Comodo Internet Security provides 24/7 support via phone, email ticket, and live chat. Agents are knowledgeable of their products; wait times for phone support are short; agents knowledgable in GeekBuddy are knowledgeable as well. GeekBuddy also includes GeekBot to offer PC repair assistance at an additional fee.

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