COMODO Internet Security Review

COMODO Internet Security

COMODO Internet Security is a complete suite that offers prevention-based malware detection, virtual desktop and auto sandbox to safely test unknown files, memory firewall protection against sophisticated buffer overflow attacks and memory forensic analysis capabilities.

Comodo attempts to install extra software with each installation, such as search engines and homepage alteration tools as well as Geek Buddy for 24-hour tech support – which may prove frustrating for those on metered connections.

Detects and removes viruses

Comodo Internet Security detects and removes viruses as the primary form of malware, providing protection from them and other online threats, including memory firewall protection against buffer overflow attacks and advanced hacking techniques, as well as web browsing that creates a safe portal between you and any target website.

Comodo Internet Security features a user-friendly graphical user interface that’s straightforward for anyone of any level of expertise. A robust firewall, cutting-edge antivirus protection and other useful tools come together in this impressive piece of software for effortless protection.

Comodo Internet Security’s Auto Sandbox Technology feature automatically isolates unfamiliar files in a secure virtual environment, preventing them from infecting other parts of your system. It’s an effective way of protecting against new forms of malware; applications running within it have restricted privileges and can only access virtual file systems and registries – helping stop viruses such as worms from spreading throughout your PC.

Comodo Internet Security stands out by its unique ability to detect the behavior of an unknown file rather than just its components, using advanced Heuristic methods that enable Comodo Internet Security to determine if or when a file is harmful without performing a full scan. Comodo’s Heuristic technology can also be leveraged with cloud based Default Deny Protection to combat Zero Day attacks by analyzing publisher trustworthiness and file validity analysis.

Comodo Internet Security differs from many competing programs by not sending frequent pop up notifications about updates or forcing you to install extra software – an excellent feature since these types of programs may actually contain malware themselves!

Comodo Internet Security comes equipped with its GeekBuddy chat and remote support service as part of every license purchased, making getting assistance for any problems much simpler than before. Simply click an icon on your desktop computer to start communicating with one of Comodo’s security experts remotely through GeekBuddy – making this service an efficient way of accessing assistance when needed!

Detects and removes spyware

Comodo Internet Security Premium combines an enterprise class packet filtering firewall, high quality antivirus and advanced host intrusion prevention system into one comprehensive security suite. Preventative protection using ‘Default Deny Protection’ prevents malware from even entering your computer; and includes memory firewall, protection from Man in the Middle attacks and cloud-based instant malware analysis features for added protection and analysis capabilities. Furthermore, its virus scanning functionality proved excellent as we quickly detected and removed all forms of malware we tested against it.

One of the great benefits of Comodo Security Suite is its user-friendliness and intuitive user interface. Its dashboard displays containment tasks (which allow you to run untrusted programs in virtual environments); suspicious files; and other important security data. Plus, LivePCSupport connects directly with tech support experts should any issue arise!

COMODO also stands out with its ability to detect fileless malware, an increasingly popular threat that leaves no traces on a system and thus difficult to identify. COMODO detects this form of threat by monitoring your PC for any changes or activity that appears suspicious – should any suspicious files or activity be found, COMODO quarantines them to prevent further use and then destroys them automatically.

COMODO stands out from its competition not only through the detection of fileless malware but also with other unique features that set it apart. Its memory firewall offers cutting-edge protection from sophisticated buffer overflow attacks while its anti-malware engine effectively eliminates viruses as they emerge. Furthermore, its Secure Shopping feature enables users to shop or bank online safely without fear of their personal information being stolen by other websites.

While the suite offers some useful features, its competitors offer more comprehensive packages at similar or reduced costs. As a result, it is hard to justify paying for something with such poor real-world performance that costs the same or even less than this option.

Detects and removes rootkits

Comodo Internet Security uses cutting-edge technologies and security tools to detect, prevent, remove and block malware infections before they cause any harm to your computer or files. It protects from spyware, rootkits, worms, Trojan horses and viruses by intercepting and killing them when detected on your system; using methods like signature matching, behavioral analysis and cloud sandboxing as methods of virus detection. In addition to these features it also features firewall protection, auto sandboxing protection as well as buffer overflow protection – keeping all types of threats out.

User interface of the program is user-friendly and user-intuitive; users can select to run either a full or quick scan, select individual files/folders to scan or use “Smart Scan” option to update virus database before running full scan; there’s even an option that displays progress of scanning on main screen.

Another feature is “Secure Shopping”, which enables users to shop online in a virtualized, sandboxed environment protected from web-based threats and malware. Additionally, this feature includes a secure password manager, SSL certificate verification, key-logger protection, website filtering and remote connection prevention – making the shopping experience safer than ever.

The software offers a ‘Rating Scan’ function for more accurate rating of file status and recommended actions to take. In addition, users can manually check for virus definition updates or unblock applications via its main interface; also available is Heuristic scanning which uses various heuristic techniques to detect previously unknown viruses and trojans.

If a threat is detected, you have several options for responding: You may decide to clean (if found safe) or submit it for analysis by Comodo; alternatively you can disregard or report as false positive.

Comodo Antivirus Software can detect rootkits by monitoring various aspects of activity on your system. Once an intruder is identified, Comodo will inform you immediately and suggest solutions to address it.

Detects and removes worms

A worm is malicious software that spreads from computer to computer through networks, similar to viruses in that they self-replicate and can harm or even destroy host system files or programs. Furthermore, unlike viruses, a worm has the power to execute destructive commands directly on host machines as well as gain access to passwords, bank account details and other personal information from them – inflicting even greater harm than viruses do! With COMODO Internet Security software you can detect and remove worms that attack your PC.

This security suite includes a host intrusion prevention system (HIPS) to block malware from accessing vital system folders. In addition, CIS uses auto sandbox technology to run unfamiliar files in virtual environments without risking damage to your system. Furthermore, the program contains an exhaustive database of known safe executables which it automatically runs as opposed to traditional antivirus software solutions.

Memory firewalls protect against buffer overflow attacks by restricting malicious software from accessing system files, while an anti-virus scanner detects and removes viruses, worms and spyware. CIS can even identify and prevent rootkits used by malware to gain entry to your system.

Additionally, the suite provides a secure browser that creates a direct and threat-resistant tunnel between you and your desired website. This provides significant improvement over typical browsers which can be exploited to steal personal information from you. Additional security features of note include SSL certificate verification, key-logger prevention and screen-shot blocking.

Comodo Internet Security’s complete version boasts GeekBuddy, an instant messaging style support service which connects you with real computer technicians 24-7 via GeekBuddy and TrustConnect, providing 128 bit encrypted connectivity from public Wi-Fi networks. Plus it features backup and remote desktop services – two key add-ons! Overall this paid security suite ranks highly, yet its malware scanner and real-time protection may fall short of those offered by competitors.

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