Connectify Review – Is Connectify a Wi-Fi Hotspot?


Connectify is an innovative Windows application designed to transform your computer into a fully-featured virtual router, making non-wireless connections such as USB modems or 4G tethering into Wi-Fi hotspots for any device to access.

Connectify’s team is now developing a Kickstarter project called Dispatch that seeks to combine multiple WiFi connections into one fast, reliable connection.

Easy to Setup

Connectify is one of the easiest and simplest ways to turn your Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC into a WiFi hotspot. Unlike virtual routers which require tedious setup procedures, Connectify Hotspot’s user-friendly design enables quick wireless network creation with just a few clicks – sharing Internet connectivity across iPads, smartphones, other computers, tablets, and games consoles alike!

Connectify’s main window is designed with an uncluttered interface and offers a straightforward tutorial when starting up. It features two distinct sections – Settings and Clients – where the former enables you to choose your Wi-Fi interface, select how you access the Internet (LAN, WAN or 4G) as well as editing hotspot name and password settings.

Your options for customizing the hotspot include whether to display or hide its SSID and configuring other important options like MAC address filtering and ad blocking. In the Clients section you can see all devices connected to it along with an overview of past connections as well as current ones; Connectify’s client also makes file sharing simpler between devices connected via WiFi hotspot.

Once your settings are in order, simply click ‘Start HotSpot’ and other devices will recognize your new network as available in their lists of networks. When connecting, use the password you set just like any other wireless network; WPA2-PSK encryption automatically secures it as with commercial routers.

Connectify is an excellent choice for anyone who needs a quick and reliable WiFi hotspot at home or while traveling. Combining public WiFi access with your home network makes Connectify especially helpful for travelers, who can save money by eliminating Internet costs at hotels or on planes per device. Connectify can also bridge game consoles or non-WiFi-enabled devices onto the home network to avoid irritating WiFi issues in back rooms or basement. It provides an economical alternative to costly 3G/4G data plans for mobile devices; sharing your own cellular connection can avoid overage charges by sharing instead.


Connectify is a user-friendly software tool that makes any notebook into a Wi-Fi hotspot, making it perfect for traveling users who wish to share their internet connection with a smartphone or tablet. Connectify can also extend the range of an in-house router without purchasing an additional repeater, but IT managers should be wary as it creates some security flaws: WEP security can be bypassed allowing anyone with access credentials gaining entry via an internal network, bypassing external firewalls and security systems altogether.

This program supports various connection types, including Ethernet and mobile data. Users can easily change their connection type in the Settings tab; additionally, they can name their new Wi-Fi network connection and generate a secure password automatically through this process.

Connectify is not only designed to allow device owners remote access to their Internet connections at home, but can also protect sensitive information from third-party theft by encrypting all data passing through its virtual router – an especially helpful feature for business users looking to maintain privacy in their work practices.

Connectify also provides several other features to assist with managing computer networks, including acting as a Wi-Fi repeater to expand coverage of an existing wireless network and serving as a bridge between separate networks; or serving as an enterprise’s cellular network in remote locations. Connectify also offers Speedify – its mobile VPN service with channel bonding capabilities – for further network management needs.

Connectify is an invaluable tool for both individuals and businesses alike, with its comprehensive features, user-friendly interface, and reliable performance making it the ideal choice for sharing Internet connection across multiple devices. Plus it’s quick and simple installation process means it works on any Windows-based PC! To find out more visit their website today.

Share Files

Connectify is not only capable of turning your computer into a WiFi hotspot; it is also an easy method for sharing files across devices connected to your network. The software enables you to share Internet access among computers or mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, or laptops by using its drag-and-drop menu to transfer large amounts of data across.

To start sharing your Internet connection, select your device of choice from the “Internet to Share” drop-down menu and connect. Connectify will automatically identify which adapter would make for the best wireless hotspot adapter based on Wi-Fi or Ethernet protocols and allow you to choose public or private sharing as well as whether to encrypt with WPA/WPA2 security if that’s what is desired.

Once you’ve selected an Internet connection you wish to share, the Clients tab in the Settings window (next to Internet tab) allows you to see all connected clients. Here you can also view which devices each one is using as well as their bandwidth useage. If someone on your network is abusing too much bandwidth, simply click their name to disconnect them from wireless connection.

Connectify Peers provides another means of file transfer across local networks. Simply drag files from one device running Connectify onto another running Connectify; they’ll create links so other users can download them via web pages – even those not connected directly to Wi-Fi can benefit.

Connectify gives you the power to turn off Internet access for specific devices on your hotspot network, limiting other users only to file and printer sharing. Furthermore, Connectify enables you to customize DHCP options and set static IP addresses for specific devices so you can ensure certain ones will always connect through the same port on the same time.


Connectify is an ideal solution for those in search of an easy, quick, and secure way to share their Internet connection among multiple devices. Compatible with virtually every network connection available today, Connectify makes sharing Internet access simple while traveling – offering extra peace of mind during transit!

Connectify can turn your PC into a full (as opposed to an ad hoc) hotspot, providing other devices with access. Connectify provides users with a name and password they can use to sign into the WiFi network – unlike apps which only create temporary networks like Ad Hoc WiFi Hotspot does. Furthermore, multiple devices simultaneously connected can use Ethernet networks as well as 3G/4G mobile networks simultaneously with this software supporting multiple Dispatch features dynamically assigning bandwidth allocation for streaming traffic prioritization based on prioritized streaming traffic priority for applications!

Upgrade to either Pro or Max versions of the app to unlock additional features, such as 4G LTE/ 5G mobile network sharing, wired ethernet sharing, gaming mode, bridging mode and connection sharing between Wi-Fi connections; additionally you may even opt for VPN services if desired. These upgrades are reasonably priced and well worth their value if you require stable and fast WiFi connection speeds.

Speedify from Connectify’s parent company also utilizes channel bonding technology, providing a single fast connection for Wi-Fi, 3G/4G and Ethernet services on multiple platforms across several countries – perfect for frequent travelers!

Connectify Hotspot is another product to consider, which transforms your PC into a virtual WiFi router and works across over 100 countries. Laptops, tablets and phones alike can utilize Connectify Hotspot’s app and share their wireless Internet to save on data charges while simultaneously avoiding roaming fees at home or abroad.

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