Connectify Review – Turn Your PC Into a Wi-Fi Hotspot

Connectify software turns any PC into a Wi-Fi hotspot, making sharing Internet connections simple and seamless. Dispatch optimizes multiple weak Internet connections into one strong wireless signal while fixing strict NAT to get devices online immediately.

After starting as an ad-supported company, Connectify expanded into ecommerce in 2009. FastSpring hosted their custom shopping cart, managed payments and taxes globally, maintained PCI compliance and processed recurring subscriptions for Connectify.


Connectify is a software application that enables a computer with WiFi to act as a virtual router, sharing Internet access with devices like phones, tablets and media players. Connectify can be especially helpful for travelers navigating unfamiliar countries as it helps avoid roaming charges by enabling use of your smartphone data plan to make calls, send texts and access the Internet in that country – it can even serve as a Wi-Fi hotspot at home to allow family members not in your immediate proximity access the web!

This software is free to download and use with no restrictions on usage or any viruses or malware to worry about when installing. Furthermore, Speedy helps combine several weak Internet connections into one strong Wi-Fi network connection for those living in areas with limited Internet service.

A premium version of this application enables users to broadcast a custom name for their wireless network, making it easier for others to recognize and find it, while providing an effective password to keep out unwanted visitors. Furthermore, the software comes equipped with features to manage its wireless network such as tracking which devices are connected as well as their bandwidth usage statistics – useful when pinpointing those devices that take up most of its resources.

Connectify’s other great feature is its ability to quickly turn a wired Ethernet connection into a Wi-Fi hotspot with just the click of a button, providing instantaneous Wi-Fi coverage for devices that rely on wired Internet connectivity like older gaming consoles or devices that require hardwired Internet. Furthermore, Connectify can serve as a repeater for home routers to extend its range and provide Internet access in hard-to-reach areas like basement or back rooms; additionally, travelers or those with unlimited data plans on smartphones may benefit greatly from Connectify sharing 3G/4G networks which is particularly helpful for travelers or those with unlimited data plans on smartphones!


Connectify is a software application that enables your PC to become a virtual router, allowing you to share any Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G internet connection with laptops, tablets and smartphones wirelessly. Connectify also reduces costs associated with physical WiFi routers – though not completely eliminating them altogether – though its free version doesn’t include all features; its premium versions such as Hotspot or Max can provide significantly cheaper pricing with additional features available for each premium plan.

Connectify offers a straightforward pricing structure without hidden fees or add-ons, with paid options that provide additional features like hotspot naming customization and firewall controls. Available to be purchased directly online through their official website.

Connectify Hotspot was their initial product, enabling a PC to act as a wireless router across Ethernet or Wi-Fi networks. First released in 2009 with ads supported, Connectify eventually switched to premium business model with more advanced features added as it evolved over time.

Connectify is not limited to its flagship software product alone; other products by this company include Speedify – a VPN app for mobile and desktop computers which uses multiple Internet connections for faster, more reliable Internet connectivity; it has even been deployed by military units to improve network connectivity. Connectify also plans on developing innovative technology that can save users both time and money while keeping them secure in the near future.

Connectify provides several key benefits for small businesses and home users alike, from saving money on Wi-Fi router rental fees to keeping customers connected and monitoring workflow processes more easily. It even integrates with popular CRMs like Salesforce and Hubspot to automate workflow processes and send data directly to third-party platforms. In case of disaster or data loss, Connectify also offers the capability of backing up Shopify data for future use as well as supporting various third-party integrations such as Google Analytics and MailChimp integrations.


Connectify Hotspot is Connectify’s flagship product, turning a Windows PC into a virtual router for use as a Wi-Fi hotspot and acting as a repeater to extend home network range to hard-to-reach areas, giving Internet access in hard-to-reach rooms. The software features many useful features and is user-friendly.

Connectify is designed to give users flexibility in configuring connection settings for every device connected to a hotspot. Users can assign custom IP addresses when needed and choose which DHCP server to use; users may even select their preferred DHCP server; it provides password protection and supports WEP, WPA2, or WPA2-Personal security protocols; Connectify can even run independently of any computer, ensuring devices with special network requirements continue working without additional configuration or needing new IP addresses.

Dispatch is designed to combine multiple Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections into one fast Internet connection for mobile users who experience weak or inconsistent Internet service, making the software especially helpful when combined with weak or inconsistent service. Dispatch can also prioritize certain types of connections such as streaming services or business VPN, support 3G/4G mobile connections and help manage data usage metering; among many other useful features. Despite being free to use there are a few paid upgrades available from Dispatch’s company as well as similar products such as Speedify (which provides channel bonding), Pingify (network diagnostic tool), EdgeWise Connect etc.


Connectify makes it simple to transform any PC into a Wi-Fi hotspot in seconds with just one click, enabling users to share their Internet connection easily across devices like tablets, smartphones and smart TVs. Plus it supports wired Ethernet connection sharing so you have fast, stable and reliable Internet access anywhere! Free versions of Connectify only support connecting to one network at a time while paid versions offer more extensive network support capabilities.

Connectify’s wireless security services utilize a high-grade encryption algorithm to safeguard your data, including AES-256 GCM and ChaCha cryptographic ciphers, industry-standard protection protocols. Furthermore, all Connectify users are secured behind a password-protected firewall.

Connectify provides additional layers of NAT (Network Address Translation) protection, creating the illusion that traffic from other devices is being sent directly to your computer – helping safeguard privacy.

Furthermore, this company uses ports commonly utilized by popular low-level Internet applications like UPnP and DHCP in order to protect your computer from malware and other online threats.

This app also has the capacity to prioritize traffic for live streams, so that you can enjoy high-quality video calls and conferences with friends and family. Furthermore, an ad blocker can be enabled or disabled depending on your personal preferences.

If you are using any form of security software, such as antiviruses, firewalls or combination suites, it may interfere with normal Windows functions. Most security programs disable most normal functions of Windows; thus if Connectify needs to run smoothly on your system it must be added as an exception in your security software’s “white list.”

Connectify is unique because it doesn’t rely on physical routers to work, enabling you to bring your Connectify laptop anywhere and still access Internet at work, school, or a friend’s house – an ideal way to save money while decreasing the number of devices needed in your home.

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