Core FTP

Core FTP

Core FTP is an efficient software tool that allows users to seamlessly link their hard drive with a Web server. It features encryption files, zip support, thumbnail view of remote directories and the option for scheduling transfers.

Its free version offers features like drag-and-drop support, browser integration and remote file searching while its Pro edition offers extra functions like htaccess editing and transfer bandwidth control.


Core FTP is an intuitive, dependable and feature-packed FTP client for Windows that’s user-friendly and full-featured. Supporting FTP, FTPS, SSL/SSH/HTTPS protocols as well as proxy servers and firewall connectivity make this software ideal for uploading large files or keeping an eye on multiple websites simultaneously.

Downloading and running the program are free; however, to take advantage of its more advanced features such as command line transfers (both GUI version and command line version), advanced file synchronization and file transfer bandwidth control a Pro license may be necessary. In addition, this version comes equipped with tools for generating SSH keys as well as ZIP file compression mode.

One useful aspect of the software is its capability of connecting to multiple sites at once and changing your password and server address from within the application. You can also rename, move, copy and delete files as well as set permissions on files and folders – it even comes equipped with its own browser that makes site navigation much simpler!

This application can also create a desktop shortcut, saving time when using it again later on. Furthermore, its search function enables you to locate files both locally and remotely; you can customize its search option using specific file extensions or wildcard systems.

The program can pause and resume the transfer of data, as well as being set up to run automatically at specific times. Furthermore, emails can be sent notifying the user about successful or failed transfers as well as being used to retry failed ones; additionally, ping or trace route tests can be run to assess connectivity – the drag-and-drop function makes file moving easy! Moreover, accounts and data transferred between clients and servers can also be encrypted using this method.


Core FTP is an intuitive file upload and management system for websites. With simple yet advanced features ideal for experienced users, Core FTP makes the task of uploading and updating files on websites much simpler. Webmasters managing multiple domains will find this tool especially beneficial as it synchronizes files between servers to avoid duplication and save time. Notable functions of Core FTP include preview of remote directories as thumbnails; scheduled FTP transfers; encryption/decryption capabilities, file compression capability and password protection among many others.

This program stands out from similar software tools due to its extensive list of unique and interesting features. It supports numerous FTP protocols – SFTP and SSL among them – along with IPv6 addresses. Users can select their bandwidth allocation per transfer as well as pause, resume or stop it at any time without disrupting it later; moreover, when resumed from an interrupted transfer it will continue from where it left off!

Core FTP Pro and LE are two versions of Core FTP available to you; LE is free while Pro provides additional features, such as HIPAA compliance security and file compression with full Zip support. Both options allow you to easily update and maintain your website using FTP services such as SFTP, SSL/TLS encryption, IDN support browser integration drag n’ drop site to site transfers firewall support command line transfer capabilities command line support etc. The paid version also adds extra synchronization features synchronization between computers HIPAA compliance security full Zip compression support plus other extras like HIPAA compliant security plus full Zip file compression etc.

Core FTP installation takes only seconds and only consumes 2.5MB of hard drive space. Furthermore, it adds an exception to Windows Firewall to ensure seamless Internet connectivity. Like other FTP programs, its user interface offers six menus – File View Sites Managed Tools Help; once connected you will see both folders on your computer as well as those hosted by web servers side-by-side in a split window; you can easily move, delete or rename files using left button selection followed by right click of mouse – you can easily move, delete rename or download files effortlessly using left/right button actions of mouse/right button click/left button respectively allowing easy movement between them allowing quick actions and quick file transfers.


This application offers an efficient means to connect your computer hard drive and Web server. Files can be quickly transferred between them using this software, while files can also be encrypted to prevent hacker attacks. In addition, its user interface has been designed with simplicity in mind to accommodate users of all experience levels.

This program is extremely easy to setup, requiring no extra services or subscriptions. Once installed, the program runs in the background automatically logging onto your FTP domain and linking directly with it. From there you can access your Web site files, delete unwanted ones as well as transfer files between websites easily using this software.

Core FTP downloads as an executable file and requires no further installations to use. Once downloaded, double-clicking on it will launch it; and its main window contains three subsections with Start, Setup, Access Rules buttons in one section; current active servers listed under another and Site Manager functions in yet another – as well as various useful utilities in its bottom section.

The Site Manager allows you to easily organize all of your connection details in one central place. To add new sites, click on the first button in the toolbar with an up/down arrow icon – once added it will appear in your quick connect window! You can also change read, write and execute permissions per site according to Users (Login Account), Groups or World settings.

You have the option of changing the port used for SFTP connections and this program also supports HTTP and SMTP protocols, SSL/SSH encryption to protect data integrity when transferring, automatic backups to local drives for lost or damaged files and more!


FTP security measures for servers include authentication mechanisms that require users to present valid credentials when connecting, helping reduce risks of unauthorized access and safeguard sensitive information. FTP servers can also implement account lockout mechanisms to thwart brute force attacks by restricting login attempts by specific users within a set time period.

FTP encryption is an essential security measure that helps keep data private when transferred over networks, especially when used via unsecure connections like FTP that don’t utilize encryption like regular FTP transfers do. Unfortunately, regular FTP transfers don’t utilize encryption and thus leave their content vulnerable to being intercepted by attackers; but when used with SFTP or SSL connections data transmission over networks is secured and privacy can be maintained.

Core FTP also incorporates additional security measures into its software, including restricting the number of accounts that can be created on a server, setting password complexity requirements and allocating user quotas for user accounts. Some FTP servers offer file permission settings which enable administrators to specify which directories and files may be accessed by certain accounts.

Set file integrity checks as another defense mechanism against FTP servers to make sure the content of transferred files has not been altered in transit, thereby discouraging attackers from exploiting vulnerabilities or uploading infected files to FTP.

Users looking to transfer large files can streamline the process with Core FTP by choosing SSL or SFTP instead of standard FTP for connecting. Both options can be selected through the domain setup screen in Core FTP; with SFTP offering greater firewall flexibility than SSL as only one port needs be opened during transfers.

Core FTP features an intuitive user interface that makes managing and downloading files from a website or remote server simple and effortless. Free for home and school usage, licensing must be purchased for use in business environments; while its Pro version boasts additional features such as scheduling file transfers at predetermined times as well as email alerts regarding transfer statuses.

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