Corel DRAW Graphics Suite

Vector illustration, page layout, photo editing and color management – Corel DRAW Graphics Suite offers powerful tools tailored specifically to the platforms chosen by design professionals.

Based on customer feedback, we’ve made working with multipage documents even simpler than before. The new Pages docker or inspector provides scalable thumbnail previews and is an efficient way to manage, search, and reorder pages.


Corel DRAW Graphics Suite is an all-in-one professional design toolkit, capable of producing stunning vector illustration, layout and photo editing projects efficiently and quickly. Equipped with an arsenal of tools to help users craft everything from stunning illustrations and logos to brochures, newsletters, posters and flyers easily; its user-friendly interface is easy to navigate; while powerful tools ensure professional results quickly. Plus it comes with templates, tutorials and video lessons for beginners just getting started!

Corel DRAW was designed for use on both Mac and Windows operating systems, providing designers with an accessible, versatile tool suitable for their design needs. Compatible with the most recent OS releases and supporting a wide variety of file formats. Plus it is accessible online as a web and iPad app, providing flexibility and mobility when working remotely on designs.

Corel DRAW stands out from many design programs by providing users with access to an unlimited variety of fonts. This feature makes Corel DRAW ideal for complex layouts that involve various font styles. Furthermore, its advanced features make text and graphics editing simpler: such as mind maps for organizing ideas or concepts or providing realistic drawings through its perspective drawing tools.

Another fantastic feature of the software is its ease of sharing files between users, with PDF and PNG file export options making collaboration on projects with clients and colleagues much simpler. Furthermore, its advanced font management tools allow users to customise and manage their font collection.

Corel DRAW’s latest version contains several exciting new features, such as a customizable pick tool with improved color picking and eyedropping tools and expanded font search capabilities. Furthermore, there is now a crop tool which enables the concurrent cropping of vectors and bitmap images; and PowerTrace has also been enhanced for better accuracy when it comes to tracing images and text.


CorelDRAW is a suite of graphic design applications for vector illustration, layout and photo editing on Windows platforms. Support for industry-standard file formats allows users to share files easily between applications and platforms; its purpose is to help create professional designs using cutting-edge technology for high-quality output that stands out from competitors. Furthermore, its numerous features help streamline design workflows and increase productivity.

Sign Makers, fashion designers, manufacturing, engineering and architecture firms all find Adobe Illustrator an indispensable choice for creative professionals in various industries, from sign makers and fashion designers to manufacturing firms and engineering and architecture practices. Its powerful illustration tools enable creative professionals to produce detailed product and parts illustrations as well as diagrams, schematics and other complex visuals quickly. Plus its compatibility with various production processes helps optimize efficiency while cutting costs; plus its advanced features and support for multiple operating systems enhance its value further still.

CorelDRAW’s latest release is an extensive graphics suite designed to help designers craft logos, business cards, brochures, posters and other marketing materials quickly and precisely. Its powerful vector illustration and page layout tools give designers precise control when producing results; photo editing features also come in handy when producing posters or marketing collaterals with eye-catching posters or marketing material that grab the reader’s attention. Furthermore, CorelDRAW supports various 3D CAD formats for easy collaboration and production processes.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite goes far beyond being just an illustration and page layout software; it also boasts advanced photo-editing tools that enable users to make detailed corrections and enhancements of photos. Furthermore, its intuitive user interface, customizable workspaces, and built-in tutorials all add up for an exceptional experience.

Users have two purchasing options for Corel DRAW 2024: an outright purchase for perpetual use or on a subscription basis. Both offer various advantages; your decision should depend on frequency and user intent. Perpetual licenses provide full functionality while subscription licenses allow access to exclusive new features and content as well as support for the latest technologies.

Users looking for an economical alternative to Adobe Photoshop should consider Corel DRAW Graphics Suite from Digi License. Their 15-day free trial period gives them plenty of time to test out before committing. Plus, take advantage of flexible payment plans and discounts offered by Digi License!


CorelDRAW’s versatile toolset allows users to complete a range of design projects, from vector illustration and page layout, through professional typography and photo editing, all the way to photo retouching. Furthermore, its collaborative features enable teams to work on projects together real time – leading to cost savings and productivity gains in the long run – making CorelDRAW an indispensable asset for businesses and creative professionals.

CorelDRAW provides users with sophisticated vector illustration tools for crafting logos, illustrations and scalable graphics with precision. Furthermore, its advanced page layout capabilities and professional typography tools empower them to design visually compelling layouts, brochures and multipage documents using professional typography tools – as well as robust color management tools ensuring accurate colors across devices and media.

CorelDRAW also features high-quality image editing tools to enhance the clarity and quality of images, such as correcting distortions or changing perspective easily. Furthermore, CorelDRAW can convert raster graphics to vector images to provide crisp enlargements without pixelation.

Corel DRAW also comes equipped with various other features, including a powerful pick tool and built-in support for Adobe RGB color space. Furthermore, Corel DRAW supports numerous industry-standard file formats as well as providing extensive documentation and online resources – its user-friendly interface makes learning and using Corel DRAW straightforward for beginners.

Corel has made several enhancements to their suite based on customer feedback, such as being able to display driver update notifications and providing intuitive file names when recovering files. Furthermore, performance and stability enhancements were implemented into this version of the suite.

CorelDRAW 2021 goes beyond simply offering new features; it also features many enhancements designed to make working on large designs easier, such as the Pages docker that makes managing multipage documents simpler, and its focus mode that allows users to isolate specific objects or groups for editing purposes more quickly and easily.

Font handling features of this suite allow designers to access remote fonts without installing extra fonts, making this feature especially helpful for designers working with an eclectic selection of fonts. In addition, automation and scripting tools of the suite facilitate repetitive tasks and enhance productivity for an enhanced workflow experience.


This suite provides an unparalleled combination of vector illustration tools, page layout and typography tools, professional photo editing features, color management features, pixel-based design capabilities and versatile, user-friendly software that enables business growth and profitability through reduced production time and costs, leading to improved returns on investments and total costs of ownership compared to alternative solutions.

Corel DRAW Graphics Suite allows users to manage multiple projects at the same time while sharing files across platforms – be they desktop, laptop or mobile phone. Furthermore, the software supports numerous industry-standard file formats and integrates smoothly into various design processes for increased productivity.

CorelDRAW 2021 features several improvements based on customer feedback, such as a Focus mode that makes it easier for users to isolate objects or groups and a Font Manager that makes font management and organization simpler. CorelDRAW 2021 also boasts several speed enhancements such as faster panning and zooming when working on large documents as well as support for Excel files and improved workflow when text merge.

Other highlights of the software include a revised pick tool with greater precision, as well as an innovative setting to prevent objects from snapping to their own snap points. Furthermore, an enhancement to non-destructive bitmap effects workflow allows faster and more consistent application; and Autofit Page feature lets users automatically resize objects with custom margins in a click.

Corel PHOTO-PAINT is an advanced raster graphics editor with powerful image editing and blending tools that enable users to achieve a polished and professional appearance. Additionally, its enhanced photo capabilities include correcting distortions, adjusting perspectives and refining details for enhanced clarity and visual impact. Plus it boasts filters and layers for precise manipulation as well as support for various file formats allowing designers to produce high-quality images for print or web publishing.

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