Corel Painter Review

Corel Painter

Corel Painter is a digital art program that allows you to create realistic paintings. Specifically tailored for artists and supporting industry standard pen displays and drawing tablets.

This program comes equipped with an expansive collection of brushes that mimic natural-media, making it easier to achieve the ideal look for any subject matter. Furthermore, there are multiple filters available to further enhance images.


Corel Painter is an excellent way to create digital art with a natural feel, offering multiple features that make it a versatile tool for artists of all levels. These include brush engines with different effects as well as other tools that will help improve your skills. Furthermore, Corel Painter works on both Windows and Mac computers and works well with digital freehand drawing devices like Wacom’s Cintq interactive pen displays and Intuos drawing tablets; furthermore the software comes in multiple languages with user-friendly interface.

Another impressive aspect of the software is its support for various forms of media. Natural-Media brushes and paper textures bring traditional painting materials closer to life in your paintings, while layers allow you to work seamlessly and blend colors seamlessly while its sculpting tools help sculpt shapes effortlessly and add texture with ease. Plus, there are selection tools to save you time when isolating certain areas.

When using digital painting programs, it is crucial to be mindful of their memory and graphics processing requirements. Some programs can quickly consume all available resources on your computer and cause lag or slow performance – however many top digital painting applications feature built-in features which reduce this impact.

Corel Painter is one of the premier tools for creating art on PCs, designed to support an array of drawing and graphics tablet input devices as well as file formats. Its intuitive design and high-quality results make it a suitable option for both professional and amateur artists alike.

Corel provides excellent support for its customers should any problems arise with the program they purchase from Corel. Their extensive help page covers five key categories – install and activate, download, orders, your account and a discovery center. Likewise, customer service agents are always on call via phone or live chat to assist in troubleshooting any issues that arise; plus Corel offers a full money-back guarantee so you can test out its software risk-free.


Corel Painter is an effective piece of software that empowers digital artists to produce realistic artwork with flair and ease. The newest version offers improved performance as well as an array of helpful tools designed specifically for artists. Available for one-time purchase or subscription model. While pirated versions may be readily available online, these pose security risks and could compromise your device’s operating system; for this reason it is wise to procure legal software from trusted sources only.

Corel Painter features many new brushes and enhancements in its latest release. In addition, its improved user interface (UI) makes navigating and using it simpler for artists of all levels – whether creating photorealistic paintings or stylized sketches; you can even use it to turn photographs into paintings in just a few clicks!

Corel Painter 2023’s improved brush and user interface (UI) are just part of its offering – you’ll also enjoy enhanced Fluid Paint properties for a smoother painting experience, as well as its Selection Brush panel and brushes, which give you control of opacity for each stroke of paint you apply to canvas.

Corel’s new brush technology aims to increase the speed of your workflow. The program features a built-in performance accelerator which analyzes your system setup and suggests upgrades or tweaks you could make to enhance your experience. Furthermore, there is also a color blind mode so you can work in an environment which best fits you.

If you’re new to Painter, take advantage of its free trial period to try it out and download tutorial videos to help get you going. The videos are user-friendly and make learning the program simpler than ever!

Corel offers several useful resources on its website for troubleshooting software issues. Their FAQ page may help answer many common queries; furthermore, phone or email support are always available if needed.

Trial period

Corel Painter trial period offers an excellent way to test out this digital art program and see if it meets your artistic needs. It’s user-friendly with plenty of tools that make creating stunning pieces easier, making this an excellent option for new artists wanting to try their hand at painting and drawing.

Corel Painter stands out among digital art programs as it precisely recreates the look and feel of traditional media used for drawing, painting and printmaking. It is designed to work seamlessly with industry-standard pen displays and drawing tablets for an intuitive experience; furthermore it supports layers and provides advanced photo-editing features.

Corel Draw can be quite powerful, yet at times can also be resource-heavy in terms of memory and CPU use. To mitigate its effect, Corel has devised various means for mitigating its resource hogging tendencies; one example being their GPU accelerator which helps optimize system performance. Furthermore, its user interface can also be customized according to your individual requirements so you can design a workspace tailored perfectly for yourself.

Corel Painter features a comprehensive collection of brushes, cloner brushes, variants and customizable workspace settings; an AI-powered bitmap-to-vector converter; automatic tracing; font management services and AI powered bitmap-vector converter among many others. In addition, Corel Painter can create 3D objects as well as curves.

The latest version of our software has been widely lauded as faster than ever, boasting its GPU acceleration feature which speeds up painting using multi-core processors and hardware analysis. Furthermore, this tool will tell you exactly how much of your CPU and graphics processing power are being utilized during certain tasks, providing suggestions to enhance your setup further.

The program boasts numerous features to enhance artistic creativity and help achieve maximum realism, including high-quality brushes, canvases and tools for digital painting. Ideal for both novices and professionals alike, as it supports various pen displays and drawing tablets for more immersive experiences.

Final Words

Corel Painter is an intuitive digital painting application with an expansive collection of brushes, canvases and drawing tools – perfect for beginners looking for digital painting! Corel Painter is compatible with various industry-standard pen displays and tablets, enabling painters to create realistic artwork using their desired hardware. Beyond its reasonable price and helpful features, Corel Painter also provides outstanding customer support via chat, phone call, or email. Corel’s website also contains helpful resources geared toward their products, enabling users to quickly and efficiently solve common issues quickly. In particular, check out Corel’s Winter Fantasy Fine Art Webinar from 2020 (see tutorial tab above for information) where creating oil-style brushes in Painter can be achieved simply.

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