Corel Painter

Corel Painter

Corel Painter is a digital art application created to replicate the appearance and behavior of traditional media associated with drawing, painting and printmaking. Specifically intended to be used by professional digital artists as an effective creative tool in real time.

Aaron Rutten of Painter Master Elite fame will demonstrate how to create an imaginary landscape using digital painting techniques. Additionally, you will discover different kinds of brushes and how best to utilize them for maximum effectiveness.


Corel Painter brushes allow you to create expressive, realistic and inventive brushwork. Experiment with dry, wet and blending media and build your personal style by customizing brushes yourself – creating and customizing brushes is an enjoyable creative process that lets you experiment with various styles and types until finding one that best fits your project or simply fine-tuning a favorite even further.

The Brush Selector panel allows you to keep the categories and variants you use most often at hand while having access to all available brushes. It can be displayed both compactly or fully view, and resized according to your workflow needs; you can even hide parts of it to streamline your workspace.

Each brush category represents a collection of related brushes with similar characteristics and media, which you can browse individually or purchase as packs to complement your creative set.

Modifying default settings for each individual brush within a category is possible as well. For instance, in Sargent category brushes you can customize them for various styles of dab strokes by changing their Size/Spacing/Angle/Jitter settings in Brush Basic Settings bar.

The Brush Library panel displays layer compatibility icons next to each brush category and variant to help quickly identify which paintbrush paints on which layer type. With this information at hand, it becomes much simpler and faster for you to identify which of your selection is ideal for painting a particular project if working with multiple layers. To toggle their display or hide them altogether, click the Brush library options button, choose Category Display or Variant Display, respectively.


Painter’s Layers panel serves as its primary interface for managing layers. All layers displayed within this panel can be managed through various commands and controls, including selecting, hiding, locking, deleting, naming, grouping reordering or applying effects to them. Furthermore, icons associated with certain layers such as “Delete” display a trash can icon while “Brush Options” showcase the default settings of selected brushes.

Corel Painter’s layer support is similar to Adobe Photoshop’s, yet offers additional features that mimic natural media and paper/canvas textures when brushes are used with blending techniques such as smudging, blurring or scumbling. Furthermore, Corel Painter includes many textured brushes as well as variants specifically tailored towards painting hair, fabric or other natural materials.

An assortment of tools within this application enables users to craft compositions ranging from simple drawings and sketches to photorealistic paintings, utilizing two distinct workspaces: Drawing and Painting for traditional painting from scratch as well as Photo Painting which lets them make images from photographs.

Layers panel allows you to store and manage all sorts of objects in your document as individual layers – such as shapes, watercolor or Liquid Ink layers, dynamic layers, reference layers or dynamic opacity layers – all within one document. However, in order for brushstrokes to register with each layer properly you need to convert these to standard by selecting it and clicking Layer Options > Convert To Default Layer button on Layer Options page and choosing this option from there.

Some brush features, including opacity and composite method, depend on the layer type. For instance, brushes that utilize Buildup methods don’t do well when used with layers that use Cover or Gel methods due to unpredictable results produced.

This software comes equipped with several special effects such as Kaleidoscope and Mirror tools to give a variety of design possibilities. Furthermore, brushes allow users to apply special effects directly onto parts of an image such as objects or faces for additional personalization; additionally you can add 3D text and graphics.


Corel Painter is an incredible software application designed to enable digital painting. With tools that mimic oil, watercolor and acrylic painting techniques as well as creating textures to resemble surfaces like canvas paper or fabric it allows users to easily produce digital paintings.

Corel Painter may not have as many capabilities as Photoshop, but its strengths lie more in painting and art creation than photo editing. Corel Painter offers more realistic brushes with an easier-to-use interface for artists. RealBristle and Watercolour models mimicking pigment/media/canvas interactions can generate texture from content for artists while its Kaleidoscope and Mirror tools allow you to easily make unique designs.

Corel Painter’s left-side swatches work similarly to Photoshop’s Foreground and Background Color squares, but in a slightly different fashion. Clicking a swatch brings up a menu allowing you to choose any hue on the Hue Ring or tints/shades from its Saturation/Value Triangle; additionally gradients may be created using other effects like blurring, blending or sharpening.

Painter allows users to control several settings with pressure sensitive graphics tablets by applying pressure to the pen; such as brush size, opacity and penetration. Tilting of stylus also affects this effect; for instance a vertical angle will produce thinner brush strokes whereas tilted angles create wider ones that increase color depth and impact more heavily on creativity.

An art tablet is an invaluable asset when using Corel Painter, especially if you want to get the most from its brushes and effects. They’re generally more comfortable and healthier than using a mouse, and faster at creating lines and shapes. Krita is another free open source drawing program which works equally well on Windows and macOS systems.


Plugins are additional programs that can be used with Corel Painter to add special effects and features, such as enhanced photo editing or applying artistic filters to images. A variety of different plugins such as ParticleShop, Perfectly Clear and GRFX Studio exist for Corel Painter to increase visual effects and image quality.

Corel Painter plugins offer several advantages over using software alone, including their compatibility with different file formats and tutorials that can assist newcomers. Plus, Corel offers an abundance of brushes and styles to make creating artwork simpler than ever!

Some digital artists prefer Painter over Photoshop for digital painting, though this depends on individual preferences and needs. Painter offers more versatility in terms of its brush engine as well as having an emulation of pigment/media/canvas interactions that more closely mimics them; additionally, Painter boasts more art-specific tools such as RealBristle and Watercolour models to achieve realistic results.

Corel Painter provides users with several plugins that enable them to enhance the quality of their paintings, such as brushes, textures and patterns creation plugins. Some are free and can be downloaded directly from Corel’s website while others must be purchased through its online store. In addition to these plugins, Painter also features other enhancements that can be applied to images; such as its brush library for customizing brush settings as well as its tool for making custom brushes.

Corel Painter is an outstanding digital illustration software solution. Boasting an expansive library of artistic tools and realistic brushes, Corel Painter makes an excellent choice for professional illustrators looking to digitize their art quickly. Furthermore, Corel Painter supports pressure sensitivity for graphics tablets so artists can draw quickly while being compatible with many devices with an easy user interface; its best part though? You can try before purchasing.

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