Corel PaintShop Pro Review

Corel Paintshop Pro is an advanced photo editing program with more than just basic editing tools; it boasts features like RAW Lab and multiple workspaces to bring added flexibility to the editing experience.

Corel has designed its latest version to be faster and simpler than previous ones, as well as offering additional tools like deblurring capabilities and Smart Carver functionality.


Corel PaintShop Pro is a powerful photo editing and graphic design suite with advanced imaging tools designed for users of all skill levels. The software offers users all they need to produce beautiful imagery and content while automating workflow and automating processes; its latest version now offers AI implementation as well as an improved interface.

Features an intuitive layout designed for beginners as well as experts alike, the software makes learning and drawing a pleasure for all users – be they novice or expert alike. Novice users may appreciate starting in Essentials workspace while more experienced users may appreciate using Complete workspace instead. In addition, mainstream graphics tablets as well as Windows Ink are supported, making drawing with stylus easier than ever!

This software offers numerous advanced editing tools, such as layer masks and gradients. Furthermore, RAW format support enables users to adjust color balance parameters of their photos, correct red eye, improve skin tone and add a variety of effects while automatically eliminating noise and sharpening images.

Filters and borders can be applied to an image, as well as custom brushes created from them, with this software. Users can select from a range of templates and presets to help get them started, as well as selecting font styles for adding text directly onto an image. Furthermore, this application supports most digital cameras and comes equipped with tools for lens correction.

A new feature enables users to apply a bokeh effect to photos. It includes a background eraser for quickly or permanently changing an image’s background, while also offering analysis of contrast, brightness and saturation across several images to help users decide which ones have the best results.

This software also features plugin support, allowing users to expand its capabilities with third-party plug-ins such as Adobe plugins and brushes, Nik Collection by DXO, Topaz Labs as well as built-in discovery centers and learning centres as well as an extensive online guide that covers every aspect of its functionality.


Corel PaintShop Pro is an image editing software program with many useful features for its users, from creating and editing images, text, vector graphics and vector art, as well as its user-friendly interface making navigation and use easy. In addition, Corel offers many useful tutorials and resources to assist users in learning how to utilize its capabilities.

Corel recently updated PaintShop software with several new features and improved performance, such as support for multiple resolution screens and additional styluses, Windows Ink-enabled graphics tablets, and improved styluse functionality. These updates should make this program more appealing to users who own these types of devices.

Price-wise, PaintShop Pro stands up well against other image editing software programs like Photoshop. While not offering professional-grade features like these can only rival professional-grade programs like this one in terms of features that help photographers and graphic artists craft stunning designs – such as RAW photo processor, powerful photo manipulation engine and high resolution support – plus customizable templates to get you going right away.

Paintshop Pro’s latest release offers many exciting features, such as advanced tools and an intuitive user interface, that make editing, managing, sharing and creating animated videos or slideshows simpler than ever before. Furthermore, its integrated photo library and support for various file formats makes this software compatible with Windows 10 computers.

Paintshop Pro 2022 is an advanced photo editing and graphic design suite. Using Artificial Intelligence features to instantly improve photos with one click, and numerous add-ons such as Highlight Reel smart movie maker; MultiCam Capture Lite recording software; Painter Essentials 8 for digital painting; Sea-to-Sky Workspace; and PhotoMirage Express which turns your images into animations are included within its user-friendly software suite.


PaintShop Pro may not compare with Phase One Capture One and Adobe Photoshop when it comes to photo editing and importing and syncing raw images, but it remains an excellent program. It performs admirably at its basic functions while differentiating itself by offering user-friendly Artificial Intelligence features which give photos extra enhancement.

Corel has long provided updates to their program, constantly improving upon prior versions. Their latest release brings some very welcome additions, such as touch-friendly Photography Workspaces, SmartClone tools, and ultra-precise Refine Brush selection tools. In addition, several preexisting tools were enhanced – for instance with more customizable tolerance settings on Smart Selection Brush to easily extract shapes or people from photos without damaging surrounding details.

Now it offers several new effects and ways to create texture overlays for images, including high-pass sharpening for eliminating digital noise without losing too much detail – ideal for images that were already soft to begin with. Finally, its new Sea to Sky workspace makes adding drama easily to aerial and underwater shots.

Corel has long been one of the go-to photo editors, and their hard work to improve it has earned them respect in both user advisory boards and program telemetry. While their software remains Windows only, there is ample online help in form of discovery centres and learning centres with video and text tutorials for you to enjoy.

However, the program can sometimes be somewhat glitchy; for instance, when performing certain commands it sometimes crashes and the Organizer tabs don’t always appear on-screen; some image file formats supported aren’t always displayed correctly when you view them within work areas either. These problems aren’t frequent and fixing them usually doesn’t take too much patience to rectify.

Final Words

Corel Paintshop Pro is an industry-leading editing software and widely preferred by photographers and graphic designers alike. Offering advanced features coupled with an easy user interface, Corel Paintshop Pro has quickly become one of the go-to programs for both beginners and experts alike. Furthermore, its support of panoramic images as well as 360 degree views makes it the go-to program. Furthermore, this program includes templates and formats specifically tailored for social media posts, flyers, and business cards making it suitable for everyone from novice photographers to professionals alike.

The latest version of the software features several new features, such as a touch-ready photography workspace, SmartClone tool and Refine Brush for precise selections. Furthermore, frame tools provide artistic flair to photos while it is compatible with several styluses and tablets.

Wavelet Sharpen and zPerspector perspective correction plugins and features provide users with additional resources that enable them to create high-quality images and videos, and this program offers free tutorial videos as well as resources online that will assist in getting them started.

This program also features several useful tools for editing panoramic and 360-degree images, such as tools to remove tripod head artifacts and straighten images, convert 360-degree photos into flat files for easier editing, create 3D models of objects for 3D modeling applications and generate animations using photographs taken within its frame.

Paintshop Pro supports many image formats, including RAW and JPEG files, as well as PDF conversion. Furthermore, it features support for an extensive array of plugins.

Video software like MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 converters allow for the creation of animated GIFs and are also 32-bit and 64-bit compatible; moreover, many free plugins and features are provided with this program such as retouching tools, color pickers and stampers to make your editing tasks even simpler.

Corel Paintshop Pro is an effective alternative to Adobe Photoshop, and its latest update offers numerous improvements. However, it doesn’t contain all of the same features found in Photoshop’s user-friendly interface and its unwieldy image organization and file synchronization can frustrate some users. Primarily targeted towards beginners/crafting markets rather than professionals seeking an all-encompassing image editing solution.

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