Corel PDF Fusion Review

Corel PDF Fusion

Corel PDF Fusion is an all-in-one PDF creator, providing users with everything they need to assemble, edit and create PDFs. Increase productivity by opening over 100 file types by simply dragging and dropping onto the Welcome Screen.

Convert Microsoft Office files to PDF using assembly view and enjoy its other useful features – all this makes for an impressive set of PDF editing tools!


Corel PDF Fusion offers users a comprehensive suite of tools for creating and working with PDF documents. Corel’s suite can be used to quickly generate PDF documents from scratch as well as other useful functions, including editing existing ones, combining multiple documents together into one PDF, restructuring pages as needed and protecting against tampering using its easy user interface.

Users will be pleased to learn that Corel PDF Fusion can even convert Microsoft Office and other editable file formats back into PDF document format, providing great convenience for users with limited storage space on university-managed laptops and those looking to maintain original formatting.

Corel PDF Fusion offers users an easy and efficient way to view documents by opening over 100 file formats by simply dragging and dropping. Once uploaded, users can then combine files, add text, bookmarks and comments, as well as convert them to the PDF, PDF/A, XPS or DOC formats with one click.

Corel PDF Fusion offers another excellent feature – extracting specific pages from a PDF document and saving them as individual files. This can be especially beneficial to users working with large PDF documents that contain high-resolution graphics they don’t wish to lose. Easily switching between page view, flick view, assembly view helps keep users’ workspace neat while using this software regularly. Despite these useful features, however, Corel’s PDF Fusion may have certain limitations: for instance it can be challenging to create high quality images which then convert into PDF documents due to how this process works.


Corel PDF Fusion provides a full suite of tools for editing and restructuring documents in PDF format, from leading software maker Corel. Available both for Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX systems, this fully functional program enables import/export file types as well as creation/editing PDF documents from scratch.

Since it supports multiple formats, Adobe PDF Editor serves as a central hub for managing all your document needs. You can import over 100 file types and merge pages of documents, spreadsheets, presentations and other files into a single PDF document that can then be shared or converted to other formats like PDF/A, XPS and DOC for conversion or storage purposes. Furthermore, using its Assembly View, multiple files at once can be seen simultaneously while their structures easily adjusted according to individual needs.

The software is user-friendly with its tabbed interface that makes everything clear and straightforward. All of its main functions can be found clearly outlined across the top of your screen, while multiple tabs for different projects may be opened at once – perfect when working on larger projects that involve many documents or inserting many page numbers at once!

Another helpful function is the ability to extract pages from existing PDFs in order to save them as separate documents. This works easily via a dialog box which allows you to select page ranges that you would like extracted, followed by exporting these new PDFs as Word documents or Excel sheets.

Software such as this also enables users to insert fillable PDF forms, making questionnaires and surveys easily fillable online, with text fields, check boxes, drop-down lists and other customization features for form fields that can be personalized accordingly.


Corel PDF Fusion features an extensive suite of editing tools that will enable you to modify any document that may be converted to PDF format, including creating various annotations, restructuring documents (by removing or inserting pages) or merging multiple PDF documents into one unified document.

One of the key functions found within any PDF software application is its capability of editing existing text in documents by selecting and then retyping. This feature is accessible at any point during processing; however, be mindful that doing so incorrectly could result in loss of accuracy.

Another very useful feature available within this program is the capability of quickly and easily editing existing text to repurpose into another field, change font style and color, etc. Simply by clicking on a small in-document menu that appears when any of the document text has been highlighted, this tool allows users to quickly and efficiently repurpose content that already exists or edit text for new fields by quickly changing font or colour settings in existing documents.

Extract individual PDF pages by opening the document and using its Document menu to access ‘Extract Pages. This opens a dialog box which will allow you to specify which pages of a document should be exported and can be especially helpful when sharing individual pages with others or repurposing them into new documents.

Corel PDF editing suite also makes it possible to easily create and fill form fields within PDF documents – an indispensable feature for anyone needing to regularly create new form documents in order to collect information for future use.

Corel PDF Fusion is an affordable and feature-packed program that should prove beneficial for those working regularly with PDF files. The user-friendly drag-and-drop interface and its wide array of file types that it supports make this software well worth considering.


Corel PDF Fusion offers a well-rounded tool set that should aid most users in their PDF related activities. While not as robust and feature-packed as other leading editing solutions, its suite still manages to cover most bases including editing, restructurign, merging and creating documents – it even supports over 100 file formats!

Corel PDF Fusion supports an array of file formats, from spreadsheets and text documents to images and graphics from various file types – making it suitable for creating PDFs from virtually every document type imaginable.

Corel PDF Fusion makes creating PDF documents simple and straightforward, and its ability to restructure existing files is an additional asset. Furthermore, Corel PDF Fusion’s robust document security capabilities include password protection as well as the capability of controlling who can read or modify specific parts of a document.

This program can merge multiple PDF documents together into a single, consolidated file containing pages and elements from all of their separate sources. This feature should prove especially helpful to anyone needing to compile several pieces of work into one place for storage purposes or keeping track of various pieces of information all at once.

The program can also be used to generate PDF forms with embedded forms for recipients to fill out electronically instead of manually. Creators can choose from an extensive selection of pre-built form fields such as checkboxes, drop-down lists and text boxes for their recipients to fill out quickly before saving the completed file as a completed form – all while enjoying an intuitive user interface designed specifically with end users in mind.

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