Corel PDF Fusion Review

Corel PDF Fusion

PDF is the de facto standard document format, making sharing documents with anyone easier than ever before. Corel PDF Fusion makes repurposing content from various file types effortless so your documents, presentations, and images appear exactly how intended on any device.

Enhance productivity with the ability to view, assemble and edit files using drag-and-drop from over 100 file types. Choose your favourite formats or combine multiple PDF documents into one document for maximum efficiency and more!

Creating PDFs

Corel PDF Fusion offers great value at an attractive price point, with its intuitive drag-and-drop interface making it user-friendly. It can meet most of your basic PDF editing and creation needs, from assembling documents from different file types to making changes to existing text and images. Furthermore, its e-signatures capabilities help streamline approval workflow.

Corel PDF Fusion allows you to open over 100 file formats at once and assemble them into a single document, adding new content so it looks and feels like a brand-new document in just one click. Plus, its quick and simple way of converting Microsoft Office and other editable documents into industry-standard PDF/A/XPS formats while maintaining text formatting, layout and graphics when doing so!

This software supports various document sizes and can quickly scale images to any page size, resolution or aspect ratio. It can extract pages as separate PDFs as well as crop, rotate and reorder pages. Bookmarks allow users to quickly jump directly to certain sections in a document while password protection can prevent unauthorised viewing, printing or editing of your file.

Hiding or showing comments on individual pages is also a useful feature, especially if reviewing a document with lots of text. Furthermore, search functionality makes finding what information you require much faster.

Corel PDF Fusion also automatically adds page numbers at the bottom of each page, making document distribution much simpler. Furthermore, Corel PDF Fusion can encrypt files and add watermarks that restrict what people can view or print from it.

Corel PDF Fusion also makes life much simpler by editing and creating PDFs from CorelDRAW files – saving countless hours when compared to redrawing them yourself! CorelDRAW files provide an effective graphic design tool; Corel PDF Fusion easily allows users to convert these into professional-quality PDFs for editing.

Editing PDFs

Corel PDF Fusion offers all the tools you need to view, assemble, edit or create PDFs quickly and efficiently. Save time with its drag-and-drop interface as you work with all your files at the same time; plus save in formats suitable for your target audience so you can reuse content more efficiently while streamlining workflow.

View multiple files simultaneously using Page View, Flick View and Assembly View. Simply click a button and these views revert back into LaunchPad mode (Figure 1). Drag files from various sources into PDF Fusion quickly assemble them into an accessible document for sharing!

Corel PDF Fusion offers the capability of importing text and design elements as fully editable CorelDRAW objects, making working with complex files simpler by making modifications without recreating everything all over again.

Importing PDF files as objects allows you to use the same fonts, colors, and characters from the original PDF file even if those fonts aren’t installed on your computer. Furthermore, having access to an array of additional features increases productivity significantly.

Bookmarks can help users quickly navigate long documents or highlight key areas. Form fields make it easy for people to fill out and submit forms; password protected documents prevent unauthorised viewing or printing of PDFs.

Corel PDF Fusion’s PDF Fusion converter makes it easy and accessible for you to convert files between formats. Corel PDF Fusion supports numerous industry standard file types like DOC, XPS and PNG for conversion purposes, plus features that let you resize, rotate and reorder pages quickly – helping keep your work organized and readily available.

Signature Tool makes signing documents online simple. Type or draw your own signature and upload an image of one for faster approval processes.

Converting PDFs

PDF documents have become the de facto standard for document exchange worldwide and can be opened across platforms including PCs, Macs and even mobile devices. Corel PDF Fusion provides the ideal tool for anyone working regularly with PDFs to get the most from this universal format.

PDF Fusion is an all-in-one PDF creator, capable of viewing files and quickly assembling, editing and creating PDFs with ease. Simply drag-and-drop over 100 different file types onto the Welcome Screen to open them up; combine pages from various documents, spreadsheets and presentations into one PDF that everyone can easily understand; add new text, bookmarks or comments for an organized document that can easily be searched or found later on.

When PDF isn’t the appropriate format for you, saving in other industry-standard formats like DOC or XPS without losing its formatting is vital to increasing efficiency, maintaining consistency of message, and creating cohesive documentation.

PDF Tools allow you to make PDF documents more user-friendly, such as adding page ranges or rearrangement of the pages within. In addition, text search across all the pages, zoom in/out features, zoom controls and quick jumps are all possible within PDF documents.

Corel PDF Fusion’s PDF Reader is optimized for touch-screen devices, making it quick and intuitive to navigate your document by swiping a finger across its surface. Rotate pages as needed or insert new ones. Plus you’ll gain access to advanced features like creating table of contents for PDF documents, printing PDFs or searching text for specific words or phrases.

Corel PDF Fusion allows you to easily create fillable forms in PDF Documents and collect data from recipients. Users can utilize multiple fields like text boxes, checkboxes and drop-down lists that enable users to fill out forms with exactly what information you require from them.

Sharing PDFs

PDF documents have become the industry standard for document exchange. Lightweight readers are available on almost all devices and ensure text, graphics and images appear correctly – providing access for anyone at any time – no matter where they reside.

Corel PDF Fusion offers all the tools necessary for viewing, assembling and editing PDFs as well as adding text and bookmarks. Supporting more than 100 file formats means it’s possible to view or combine files even if their creator’s applications are not installed on your computer.

Corel PDF Fusion makes repurposing content effortless. By taking pages from various documents, spreadsheets, and presentations and merging them into one PDF document for sharing, Corel PDF Fusion allows you to increase productivity by quickly and effortlessly reusing content across files. With its drag and drop interface and ability to convert to PDF/A or XPS formats, it’s also ideal for quickly import/display file access as well.

Use Forms in Corel PDF Fusion to add fillable forms to your PDF document. With its wide array of tools, Forms allow you to add text fields, check boxes, drop-down lists and other form elements directly into your document – ready for saving as a PDF or printing. Once complete, save or print directly on Windows printers!

Corel PDF Fusion allows you to quickly and efficiently organize documents using thumbnail views for quick access to specific pages. In addition, you can delete selected PDF pages, rotate clockwise or counterclockwise, rearrange pages according to your needs, search text within documents quickly and more!

Corel PDF Fusion offers excellent value for its price, offering a feature-rich program designed specifically to meet the needs of people needing basic PDF functionality. Furthermore, its integration into CorelDRAW workflow makes working with PDF and PSD files in compliance with industry standards easier. Various editions are available ranging from one that contains all essential features up to an advanced suite for advanced users who demand complete functionality.

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