Corel PDF Fusion Review

Corel PDF Fusion

Corel PDF Fusion is an innovative software program that makes working with PDF documents much simpler, featuring tools for viewing, assembling, editing and creating. Plus, its support for over 100 file types means less hassle!

Reduce productivity with the ability to easily review, comment on and distribute documents quickly. Assemble pages, images and vector objects into unique documents for specific audiences.

It’s easy to use

Corel PDF Fusion is an efficient and user-friendly PDF program that lets you easily create, edit and assemble documents. Supporting over 100 file formats with an intuitive user interface for managing them all – Corel PDF Fusion makes the perfect choice for businesses of any size and industry. In addition to these capabilities, the program also comes equipped with features to edit PDF documents as well as convert them to new formats such as XPS or DOC formats.

Corel PDF Fusion’s standout feature is its ability to open over 100 file types, from PDFs and graphics files, to Microsoft Office documents and even PDFs produced by other programs – this gives users who work with multiple applications a great edge.

Another key advantage of this program is its capability of automatically resizing and cropping images added to PDF documents, providing time-saving benefits when working with large documents. Furthermore, its drag-and-drop function makes adding pages easily while rearrange them as required.

Corel PDF Fusion is an outstanding tool for archiving and sharing documents, featuring an intuitive interface perfect for first-time users. Furthermore, its high speed performance makes it an efficient tool for editing PDFs as well. Unfortunately, however, video files do not work within PDFs which may prove frustrating for some users.

Corel PDF Fusion offers an uncluttered user interface to allow for maximum focus on the task at hand. It offers advanced features such as merging and extracting pages from PDFs; plus customizable font size and color settings so it is easy to create professional-looking documents.

Corel PDF Fusion offers an affordable and user-friendly way of creating, editing, assembling and viewing PDF documents. Its intuitive design and comprehensive feature set make it ideal for businesses of any size; available both online and through authorized Corel dealers.

It’s affordable

Corel PDF Fusion is an affordable alternative to Adobe software designed for end-users and small businesses alike. With simple yet comprehensive tools for viewing and editing PDF documents, merging documents, creating PDFs from other files formats, accessing over 100 file types – without unnecessary add-ons slowing down or conflicting with each other – and unrivalled support provided through an expert toll-free help line, plus maintenance plans with upgrades available when needed – Corel PDF Fusion stands alone as an affordable choice that won’t break your budget!

This program is ideal for businesses, as it enables users to enhance images and improve communications with customers. Furthermore, it can quickly combine documents of various file types – an invaluable time saver when dealing with large volumes of information. Furthermore, this software reduces IT department calls while simultaneously increasing productivity by cutting processing and printing times significantly.

Utilizing this tool is simple, as it works with nearly all file types – such as DOC and XPS documents – along with many raw formats like Microsoft Office files and AutoCAD drawings. Furthermore, its wide support of languages ensures that employees from any background or language can quickly use this tool without issue.

This software is also compatible with most scanners on the market, making scanning and import easier than ever before. Users can work simultaneously on multiple documents by accessing multiple applications at once – saving both time and energy! Furthermore, its incredibly reliable design is supported by an expansive network of dealers.

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It’s powerful

Corel PDF Fusion is an outstanding piece of software for handling large-format documents. It loads fast, uses memory efficiently and converts files quickly – all at an impressive speed – all the while supporting over 100 file formats, making it the ideal solution for those needing to create PDFs from multiple file types. Furthermore, this PDF editor features unique tools not found elsewhere – for instance it enables users to add text descriptions directly onto charts or images without leaving their document behind!

PDF Fusion’s flexibility lies in its ability to open and work with various file types – even when their creator software isn’t present on your computer – effortlessly. You can import AutoCAD drawings, Visio diagrams, Photoshop images and Excel charts – then repurpose or share this content with others easily! PDF Fusion also makes adding and editing text easy – while rearrange or cropping pages is no problem either.

This software takes a visual approach to document creation, making it useful for people without much experience creating PDFs. Furthermore, there are multiple output options including PDF, XPS and DOC documents; high security levels; support for RGB and CMYK color models and so forth.

It is an extremely efficient piece of software, running smoothly without any slowdowns or performance issues. I left it working on files for three days without experiencing any slowdowns; yet there were only minor drawbacks such as not supporting videos and lackluster customer service response times.

Overall, the program is very impressive and well worth its cost. It packs the same power of Adobe’s top-of-the-line product but at a more reasonable and user-friendly price point; making it one of the best PDF solutions on the market.

It’s compatible

This program is compatible with various file formats, making it an excellent option for anyone needing to create PDF documents. At an excellent value for its price and with its drag-and-drop interface easing what could otherwise be an arduous process, PDFCreator makes creating PDFs effortless and effortless – you can even combine pages from various formats like DOC, PPT and XLS into one PDF document! Definitely essential on any Windows-based computer!

Corel PDF Fusion can easily be deployed and installed on a network for shared access, using Microsoft Windows Installer files as its deployment mechanism. Your IT staff can build a standard image of PDF Fusion for each machine in minutes and distribute it easily across your organization. In addition, installation on servers or through third-party systems like Novell ZENworks or Citrix XenApp systems is supported as well as various licensing options that support organizations of any size.

Corel PDF Fusion scores well when it comes to performance. It loads quickly, manages memory efficiently, and performs conversions without any bottlenecks or slowdowns. Furthermore, this app excels at handling large files and images – in fact I left it running for three days without experiencing any noticeable effect on my system!

Corel PDF Fusion stands out as being an intuitive program with plenty of features that is both straightforward and cost-effective. Its user interface is uncluttered and utilizes most of your screen for workspace purposes allowing you to work quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately, videos do not work and image quality may differ between devices – high resolution graphics may not display properly for example.

This software makes assembling PDF documents easier by letting you drag-and-drop over 100 different file types to form them into PDFs, making this feature particularly effective at converting large numbers of files to PDF format. It even merges pages from different documents, spreadsheets, presentations or presentations into one PDF and adds text, bookmarks or comments with just one click – perfect for mass conversion projects! It even converts PDF/A, XPS and DOC formats with ease!

This converter can save your work in seconds, making it the fastest available. In addition to transforming files, it also takes existing PDF documents and modifies them as needed. Since its lightweight software won’t impact computer speed or performance negatively, this is an ideal solution for people needing to edit PDF documents before sharing them with others.

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