Corel VideoStudio Review

Corel VideoStudio is an intuitive consumer-grade video editing suite with drag-and-drop editing, GIF creation capabilities, smart slideshow functionality and image correction tools.

This program also boasts some unique extras not seen elsewhere, such as face and AR stickers, split screen templates, webcam overlay, speech-to-text captioning and voicemail transcription services.

Corel VideoStudio Pro X7

Corel VideoStudio Pro X7 is an intuitive program for editing videos and creating visual effects, offering features such as drag-and-drop clip insertion and an integrated media browser. It supports various file formats and can render projects to DVD, Blu-ray and HD video; plus offers tilt shift and motion blur effects plus can add text and graphics directly onto videos.

Corel X6 was an impressive upgrade that significantly expanded the capabilities of their consumer product for under $100, introducing cutting-edge features that put Corel at the forefront. These included sophisticated motion tracking with customizable path drawing around objects, DSLR camera control and stop motion, support for Ultra HD (4K) video resolution support as well as powerful color grading tools like HSL tuning/tone curve adjustment as well as LUTs.

Corel has introduced some cosmetic adjustments to the interface in their latest release, though most changes are subtler and evolutionary in nature. Three-step workflow buttons have become more prominently displayed while clips in the timeline are now more vividly hued. A new single clip trim window also lets users cut clips precisely down to frame length; and maximum track count has increased from 50 (Competitors such as PowerDirector support 100 or more tracks).

This software comes equipped with an extensive library of templates to assist newcomers. They range from intros, video montages, split screens, webcam overlay (useful for gaming or instruction), social media posts, sales pitches, portrait-to-landscape clips and sales presentations to portrait-to-landscape clips that appear in Instant Project section of Welcome screen and can be dragged directly onto timeline; however you must hold down Ctrl key while dragging to place clips into placeholders, making the experience less intuitive than Adobe Premiere Elements’ similar Video Collage feature.

CorelDRAW can run on various processors from dual-core to quad-core. For optimal performance, 4GB or higher memory should be installed; Corel recommends 6GB as the minimum requirement. Furthermore, 64-bit Windows operating systems are supported. If experiencing issues, try making adjustments or updating graphics drivers.

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X7

Corel VideoStudio may not be as well known as Adobe Premiere Elements or CyberLink PowerDirector, but it remains an impressive enthusiast video editing program. This latest edition offers 64-bit power and faster rendering speed with professional-grade tools including dynamic split screen templates, cinema-grade color grading, advanced masking and titling modules and an exclusive special effects pack featuring full 64-bit versions of NewblueFX, Boris Graffiti Vitascene RotoPen ProDAD Mercalli!

Accessing media within the program is effortless thanks to a large Capture button at the top, which lets you record from connected cameras, scan DV sources or import digital media and mobile devices. Once inside, organizing it becomes even simpler thanks to a Tagging Tool which makes clips and images easily searchable while there is also a Search Box which lets you locate media and effects by name plus an option to sort sources by type, date or other criteria.

Once in the editor, you are met with a familiar layout comprising timelines and tracks for video, audio, text and image overlays. Our tests showed up to 50 tracks being handled at once – slightly fewer than rival software can manage; most will likely be happy with this number though. Overlay videos and images support numerous formats including MOV with alpha channel support as well as PNG and PSD for overlay images – in addition to Corel providing an animated title maker feature and GIF maker feature that could come in handy!

Editing features include slip, slide and stretch editing, filter effects for filter effects such as blurs and lens flares, stop motion tools, audio options and advanced features that bring it closer to professional category such as HSL tuning, tone curves waveform scope support LUT support as well as advanced motion tracking controls and multicam editing options not found on most consumer level competitors.

VideoStudio 12 offers several new features designed to boost performance and reduce interface intimidation, such as single click trim mode which enables precise clip trimming with precision down to each frame; automatic brightness/contrast controls; as well as Corel’s revised proxy editing mode which converts clips down in resolution before returning them back up for final output.

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2020

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2020 provides an all-inclusive suite of tools and effects for creating amazing films, including smart movie tools, enhanced masking capabilities, video grading features, workflow enhancements and workflow enhancements, as well as title templates, multi-camera editing features and stop motion animation features. Although powerful enough for professional editors, it remains user friendly enough for beginners.

Corel’s intuitive template engines are a stand-out feature in this edition, especially the two new ones: Highlight Reel and Fast Flick. Fast Flick works in three steps to produce an eye-catching video based on facial recognition or time range (year, month and day), making it perfect for users who don’t wish to spend too much time creating films while still needing results that look professional.

Highlight Reel takes your own photos and videos to make a montage, with or without music, organized by date, location, and people. This feature makes creating great films quickly while providing ample opportunity for customizing results if desired.

The suite also features the Paint Creator tool, which lets you add handwritten text, drawings and customized screen wipes to your projects. In addition, Painting Creator remembers your brush strokes while you create them so you can rewind and playback to see the changes taking effect.

Concerning the main editing suite, its interface has been improved significantly with quick access via keyboard shortcuts to certain functions and quick tutorials/galleries/other helpful content available to assist users in becoming acquainted with it all. Finally, there’s also an improved welcome tab providing easy tutorials/galleries/other educational materials that will assist with navigation of this new tool.

There’s also a newly revamped capture mode, offering greater flexibility when recording from either your computer or connected camera. Importing media from mobile devices has also been made simpler, while it now supports tagging less efficiently than Adobe’s similar tool, and search results by name or type can also be retrieved more efficiently. Plus there are over 150 transition options like fades, wipes, pushes and pulls, 3D effects as well as other creative effects.

Corel VideoStudio X7

Corel VideoStudio is a consumer-level application that offers an expansive library of effects, transitions and content for creating movies. With an organized timeline and easy drag-and-drop editing features, adding text, graphics and music is quick and painless; users can also edit clips with transparency adjustments; hide or reveal tracks as needed and adjust zoom levels; or quickly create one of many Instant Projects available to them.

The release of X7 brings time-saving 64-bit power, faster rendering for multi-track HD and 4K projects, a touch-friendly movie maker, new creative content and faster render times compared to its predecessor, the Pro version also includes powerful third-party special effects applications from NewBlue and proDAD (plus more for Ultimate bundle).

Corel VideoStudio remains a single application suite compared to multi-application, integrated products such as Adobe Premiere Elements or CyberLink PowerDirector suites; thus deviating from current trends. Instead, Corel appears focused on improving performance, ease of use and output quality over adding exotic video formats. They have taken steps to reduce CPU usage, increase rendering speed and eliminate the limits placed upon simultaneous track usage in order to make their program more attractive to those using slower computers.

Corel recognizes the needs of touch screen users by adding pinch and swipe gestures on the preview window to trim clips by hand or with premade frame-based trimming guides. Clips can also be cut down to exact lengths by double-clicking in the source tray and opening Single Clip Trim window – or cut right down to single frames for greater precision by double-clicking again to open Single Clip Trim window. In addition, this preview window offers tools for cropping and positioning overlays/text.

Corel has also updated the controls for moving, hiding and stacking tracks in the timeline. A button in the track header enables you to switch clips on or off; and zoom tools within thumbnail pane can zoom into individual clips or groups of clips. Furthermore, Corel’s user interface has been simplified, brightened colors added for a modern appearance with over 150 transitions available including fades/wipes/3D effects/peels & pushes transitions available as defaults.

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