CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2021

CorelDRAW is a vector-based graphic design software package with many powerful tools for graphic designers. Additionally, CorelDRAW includes cloud-based templates and personalized practice projects which provide users with opportunities to learn new creative skills while expanding their creative potential.

Vector objects are composed of curves that can be displayed and modified with the Shape tool. Each curve features nodes that define its defining form, giving rise to numerous curve configurations.

Real-time collaboration

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2021’s powerful collaboration tools help designers work seamlessly in real time to meet the challenges of remote work, meeting both colleagues and clients to produce high-quality results while remaining connected. Receive comments and annotations from one or more reviewers simultaneously within the same design file; reply back quickly, resolve feedback swiftly – all within this same design file! Plus an improved Comments docker/inspector simplifies filtering through feedback quickly to find comments you are searching for quickly.

New precision layout tools make it simpler than ever to design complex page designs. A new multipage view enables designers to effortlessly move objects across pages and compare layouts side-by-side to make faster, better decisions. In addition, a Perspective Drawing feature streamlines the workflow for drawing objects or illustrated scenes in perspective with 1-point, 2-point or 3-point perspectives; drawing new or adding existing group objects on shared perspective planes freely without losing perspective is now also supported.

Gain a competitive edge with advanced photo editing, progressive vector illustration and more in one flexible design environment. Take advantage of non-destructive filters such as Replace Colors to quickly isolate and replace colors within an image without altering anything else, as well as High Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF) support to work with photos captured from iPhones. With other timesaving enhancements it has never been simpler or faster to deliver stunning projects on time and within budget!

Non-destructive editing

Add color easily and nondestructively to outlines, text and fills without altering their original file. Works on both vector and bitmap images without creating block shadows or damaging the original. Apply nondestructively block shadows, symmetrical illustrations and perspective drawings nondestructively as well as creating block shadows, applying various reversible adjustments and effects with an AI-assisted PowerTRACE ™ feature and taking advantage of new font capabilities with fine tuning tools for fitting text to paths.

Collaborate on designs with colleagues and clients in real time using an intuitive workflow. Get feedback faster by gathering comments and annotations in one central place alongside project files; plus share projects in various formats or platforms such as Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Word or HTML.

CorelDRAW Suite provides an abundance of useful new tools for creating web graphics, such as pixel-perfect tools for designing websites and banners. In addition, advanced printing features give users complete control for all output needs – high-resolution prints as well as PDFs are no problem at all!

Experience customer-requested enhancements like being able to resize objects without losing proportion, as well as selecting all assets for export with one click. Furthermore, timesaving improvements like being able to add pages more naturally via a new page layout and more precise object sizing using Scaling tool are now available as well as performance boosting changes like an updated New Document dialogue and user interface enhancements so you can design faster!

Variable Outline tool

The suite’s new Variable Outline tool provides interactive controls to quickly adjust lines, curves, and outlines interactively by nodes at specific points along the path to define different line widths. You can access this feature either by clicking an outline shape from your toolbox’s Outline Tool Group or pressing V on your keyboard shortcut key; additionally it enables users to customize each side of a curve by dragging its arrow or entering a value into Outline Docker.

The interface of this suite is fully configurable, enabling users to change colors and sizes of various UI elements as desired. Keyboard shortcuts for common tools can also be set up easily; this feature is particularly beneficial for users who prefer typing instead of mouse navigation as this suite supports both QWERTY and function keys for keyboard navigation.

Create non-destructive adjustment presets that can be applied to multiple images at the same time – this feature is available both CorelDRAW and PHOTO-PAINT! Create consistent looks across your projects while saving both time and effort with this fantastic feature that allows for easy project completion.

Other features include an easy start page that offers access to 200 cloud-based templates and personalized project recommendations based on your experience level. This enables faster and more efficient work processes. Plus, this suite boasts significant product quality improvements based on direct feedback from users.

Pantone Colors

CorelDRAW is a vector-based graphic design suite that rivals Adobe Illustrator in terms of affordability. It boasts numerous unique features, including no-committment trial and subscription plans that are significantly less costly. Furthermore, CorelDRAW supports numerous file formats and boasts an expansive library of clip art.

Pantone Color Management Suite includes all of the latest Pantone colors to help ensure color accuracy across any print or screen output. Furthermore, there are additional color enhancements and editing tools such as block shadows and contours creation, responsive font support fine-tuning and text fitting onto paths easily – as well as numerous text effects like glyph fills and gradients for text effects.

Corel DRAW Graphics Suite boasts not only Pantone colors, but also over 20,000 professionally designed templates that can help users quickly create logos, illustrations and designs using its user-friendly user interface and customizable user experience. Document formats supported are many, making sharing files seamless while its intuitive UI lets you tailor it according to your own individual requirements.

Corel DRAW Graphics Suite is an effective photo-editing program, featuring tools for adjusting colors and tones, eliminating imperfections, correcting perspective and vector drawing tools that are among the best available today. In its most recent update, PowerTRACE brings AI-powered bitmap tracing capability – perfect for editing photographs!

Cloud template library

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, available for both Windows and macOS platforms, is an all-in-one toolkit for efficiently producing stunning vector illustration, layout, photo editing, typography projects. Trusted by millions of graphics professionals and design teams worldwide, the suite offers incredible value with its subscription model offering instant access to exclusive new features and content – not to mention best-in-class performance tools for creating product and parts illustrations, technical documents and schematics as well as supporting emerging technologies – not forgetting its Variable Outline tool that lets users quickly adjust profile curves – not forgetting hundreds of cloud templates available online to jumpstart designs quickly!

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite’s March 2023 Subscriber Update includes many customer-driven features and improvements, most notable among them non-destructive editing, real-time collaboration, and an expanded palette of Pantone colors. Other improvements include viewing multiple files simultaneously within one window for editing purposes, faster sharing/export methods for assets, enhanced pixel views/object hinting as well as faster ways of exporting assets.

Users can personalize their desktop experience by adding various widgets and plugins that enhance their experience, such as the Hints Docker which helps users learn about tools as they are selected, or a custom toolbar. The software also makes it simple for users to easily create infographics and brochures that promote products or services to potential customers, as well as enhance photos for high-quality posters or marketing materials.

Personalized practice project recommendations

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite provides professional designers worldwide with industry-leading tools for vector illustration, page layout, photo editing and more – making it the go-to choice of professional designers worldwide. From PCs and Macs to iPads – CorelDRAW Graphics Suite has everything needed to transform big ideas into flawless projects.

This suite offers an enhanced version of its popular Bitmap Tracing tool, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to convert bitmaps to vector shapes and create gradients, curves, and ellipses. Customization options for the interface are extensive allowing users to personalize every aspect of the program’s performance.

As well as offering cloud-based templates, the suite also provides custom practice projects designed to help you learn new techniques. It tracks your progress and recommends tutorials tailored specifically to your skill level; plus there’s access to an online learning library through Learn docker and inspector.

CorelDRAW may not be cheap, but the subscription model provides significant savings compared to an annual license price. Plus, frequent updates improve workflow and collaborative capabilities of CorelDRAW suite – such as March 2023 subscriber update which included user-feedback-inspired improvements like more natural page viewing/resizing methods, Multipage View enhancements that save time for editing/export, image editing/export improvements as well as support for touch-based hardware devices.

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