Cross DJ 2.0 Review

Mixvibes’ Cross DJ continues to prove itself among DJ software titans like Serato DJ with every development update it receives – adding sample decks, multi-effects and Quantize/Snap features, making this app competitive against its peers.

Songs can be imported into the Collection view of your browser by dragging them from iTunes or a folder on your hard drive, or via MIDI controller.

BPM Detection

Cross DJ, one of the first mobile DJ apps available, boasts a solid set of features such as accurate BPM detection, track syncing and beat grid editing. Furthermore, it supports external mixers and includes five levels of pitch bending (4/8/16/32/100%) for maximum enjoyment!

Ableton Link has been added to version 4 for DJs, enabling them to sync up with other compatible DJ apps on the same WiFi network. A Sync button on each deck enables DJs to snap tracks back into sync if their manual mix starts drifting out of control – though an understanding of song structure and phasing remains essential to pull off a great manual mix.

Cross DJ has also been enhanced to include a dynamic key display, showing DJs when tracks are in harmony. Similar to production software grids, matching keys will be highlighted in bright orange to make them easy for DJs to find and browse. This represents a great leap forward from Traktor and Virtual DJ which only provide limited key display. Cross DJ is now truly competing against major DJ apps!

Other features include support for a wide variety of hardware controllers, SoundCloud integration, automatic and manual beat matching and looping, professional-grade FX/EQ with full spectrum analyzer, unique waveform view that gives DJs a comprehensive visual representation of every track so that they can better comprehend its structure, as well as import/export support from major DJ apps such as Rekordbox Serato DJ Traktor etc.

Cross DJ Free is an ad-supported version, but an in-app purchase can remove ads and unlock additional features. While experienced DJs may miss some features from paid versions – most notably record and use of MIDI controllers – those new to digital mixing will find Cross DJ Free an ideal starting point, with its intuitive jog-wheels, many rotary controls, and tutorial feature to teach how to DJ using it.

Key Detection

DJs have long relied on physical turntables and mixers for mixing tracks, but now you can also do it on an iPad or iPhone using apps. Mixvibes continues its push into professional DJing apps with Cross DJ 2.0 free download for iPad/iPhone users to bring full music sync capabilities as well as performance capabilities to these mobile platforms.

Cross DJ, like all great DJ apps, uses an accurate BPM detection algorithm to automatically synchronize and beatmatch tracks automatically, providing ultra-smooth mixing experience and taking full advantage of advanced features like looping, sample triggering, auto-syncing, and FX controls.

Key detection can be an invaluable asset to DJs looking to blend harmonically, or within the key of each song they mix. Knowing which key your tracks fall under can make or break an entire mix.

Most DJ apps that include key detection typically do this by analyzing the waveform of a track and then displaying their results either through classic notation or harmonic code. While this works fine, Pioneer DJ’s Rekordbox provides an easier and more intuitive solution by analyzing and displaying it within its circle of fifths.

Manually keying tracks is possible, but for most DJs this adds one extra step and can become confusing, making an automated solution much simpler. Cross DJ detects the key of each track when analysed, and highlights any that have compatible keys within your collection for easy access.

This app is fully compatible with external hardware controllers and multichannel audio interfaces, making it adaptable to everything from simple jog wheels to more complex setups. Furthermore, split output mode enables simultaneous use of headphones and speakers at the same time! Furthermore, its jog wheel feels responsive and precise enough for all the classic turntable tricks and moves.

Waveform View

The DJ app’s waveform view provides an effective way to monitor music and its beat. Many DJs rely on its guidance when making quick decisions when editing or changing tracks; waveform view adds depth and makes transitions smoother for their transitions.

The Waveform is a visual representation of all of the sound actions happening within each song, providing DJs with an insight into changing tempo, any sharp or loud sounds in a track, as well as its overall sound quality. Top DJ apps like Traktor and Serato even come equipped with full color RGB waveforms so DJ’s can gain further understanding into what music they are playing.

DJ’s may find two features particularly helpful when mixing: the beat grid and cue point view. These tools allow DJs to mix effectively even in environments where it may be hard to hear the beats clearly or line up songs correctly; when activated, a beat grid displays a circle around its waveform that illuminates when an important beat hits; cue points show where tracks have cued up so you can play around with them more easily.

Cross DJ offers other useful features for DJ’s working with music on phones or tablets, including its smart and user-friendly layout with two decks, mixer, waveform view and simultaneous control over numerous controls with multiple finger touches – like fade out tracks while adjusting effects or using crossfader while scratching the jog wheel.


Cross DJ offers an expansive library of professional-grade FX and samples to add depth and dimension to your sound, including flanger, phaser, echo, reverb and filter effects as well as over 70 one-shot samples and 12 loops that can be controlled either with external hardware controllers or directly through its touch screen interface.

DJs can use this app in multiple ways depending on their setup and skill level. Beginners will love using the standard layout that mimics jog wheels and full mixer. Large controls make the app easy to navigate while the jumbo display makes mixing on-the-go simple.

Experienced DJs will appreciate Cross DJ’s powerful features for manipulating tracks, such as accurate BPM detection, key detection and matching that allow them to synchronize tracks quickly. Furthermore, keylock mode enables DJs to change tempo of a track without altering its tone; making this mode perfect for mixing songs that are harmonically compatible.

This app also offers DJs other performance tools to enhance the quality of their mixes, such as auto-gain, sync and automix – three automated mixing features which automatically blend two tracks based on BPM and key. Furthermore, looping and cue point features make mixing even simpler; DJs can set six cue points on each deck that are color coded for quick reference in waveform preview; in addition there are eight loop length options that can be previewed simultaneously on waveform preview.

App compatibility-wise, Cross app supports various external controllers from manufacturers like Pioneer, Numark, Allen & Heath and Gemini. Furthermore, Ableton Link functionality enables DJs to sync their Cross app with other compatible apps or devices.

Cross DJ provides both free-to-use and premium versions, the latter featuring multichannel audio support, professional-grade EQs and custom mixer skins as well as high-quality preset effects that work with these EQs as well as advanced synchronization and keylock modes for greater ease. Furthermore, other features available to Cross DJ users include track analysis, MIDI input/output support, audio recording capability and autoplay improvements.

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