Cross DJ Review

Cross DJ

Cross DJ is an adaptable professional DJ software program. It boasts all of the features DJs require to succeed, such as BPM detection and sync, key detection/matching capabilities, iTunes playlist integration, as well as support for over 80 compatible controllers.

With its user-friendly layout and intelligent controls, this app is simple to use. Furthermore, its video features allow DJs to add visuals to their sets or simply experiment.


Cross is an advanced DJ program with all of the tools users need to craft amazing mixes. It includes beat matching and looping functionality as well as multi-effects and locators. Furthermore, its powerful timing engine facilitates smooth transitions. Cross supports all major MIDI controllers as well as being compatible with most music streaming services.

Cross may be low-cost software, but it boasts enough features to rival more costly competitors in the industry. For instance, Cross supports importing tracks and playlists from Traktor and Virtual DJ; its search function quickly locates items; it offers numerous customization options for decks and mixers; plus it even lets users set audio tracks as loops!

Another unique feature of this software is its HID integration with Pioneer CDJs, making this an excellent solution for DJs looking to use existing equipment. Furthermore, this program supports connecting various external controllers via MIDI mapping; and is even compatible with popular iOS app Ableton Live!

For performers looking to incorporate video into their performance, this software offers an impressive set of features to create visually stimulating mixes. Notably, an audio/video sampler deck allows rhythmic performance by playing back clips using pad or button controllers while text and image titling videos is also provided by this powerful piece of software.

The software may not be flawless; performance looping and slicing could use improvement; however, overall it makes an ideal choice for DJs looking to incorporate video into their mixes. Furthermore, timecode vinyl records and CDs can also be used with this program for those wanting an authentic record club experience. Furthermore, its cost is very attractive as well as other helpful features which may appeal to any level of DJ experience.


Cross DJ is an advanced MIDI DJ software application, offering an abundance of features in an intuitive package. If you are in search of an app to help with music mixing on the go or at home, this one deserves serious consideration; its simplicity of use and unique experience are certain to stand out.

Software designed specifically to enhance musical experiences. From its free and open source nature to its comprehensive library of effects that can help elevate the listening experience. Simply drag-and-drop files onto the program to start making playlists and importing hot cues/loops/playlists from Rekordbox/Serato DJ/Traktor into it; as well as its support for various MIDI controllers – using this program has never been easier!

Apart from its versatility in working with various audio formats, this program also supports video playback and mixing capabilities. These video features are quite impressive compared to what other DJ software provides; this represents a major advancement for Mixvibes team as they demonstrate that they’re committed to creating world class DJ software applications.

Experience is evident within this company’s software. Compatible with numerous MIDI controllers and offering a remote app for iOS and Android devices, making use of this software even simpler when on-the-go or connecting to laptop or desktop for enhanced performances. Furthermore, Ableton Link makes synching with compatible apps and hardware much simpler.

Cross is not yet one of the most feature-packed DJ applications, yet remains powerful and cost-effective for serious DJs. Given that its software can be freely downloaded, there’s no reason not to give it a go; beginners learning digital vinyl mixing may benefit as well as advanced DJs looking for additional high-end features to improve performances.


CROSS DJ is free and open source software that lets you play music from your library while also managing it. Its standout features are user-definable smart lists to notify DJs when matching songs are found, iTunes playlist integration and a “Prepare” pane for preprogramming DJ sets; as well as professional-grade EQ and FX for dynamic performances.

The program is optimized to deliver low latency and supports an array of external MIDI controllers. Its advanced beat detection and quantization feature corrects for any human rhythmic errors to ensure seamless transitions, with its modular interface easily customizable to meet the unique requirements of every DJ and featuring powerful search tools and history sections for quick track searches and playlist retrieval.

Cross DJ goes beyond audio mixing capabilities by also offering video enhancements that enable DJs to add visuals and effects to their performance. It features video overlays, cue points and crossfader transitions; plus it syncs multiple videos – this video DJing capability being particularly helpful during performances that demand high energy levels and excitement levels.

Its user interface is user-friendly, making it perfect for beginners who are just getting into video DJing. Furthermore, Ableton Link enables DJs to sync multiple apps together over one network.

Apple DJ allows DJs to easily connect with iTunes music library and playlists as well as popular DJ controllers. The app comes equipped with an impressive array of effects and loops; its waveform view makes analyzing song structure and identifying key elements easier; you can use its adjustable tempo feature for creating harmonic mixes faster; key detection/matching can help DJs make more recognizable sounds; while its seamless workflow enables them to focus on what matters most: creating music.


DJs love Cross DJ for its intuitive, customizable interface and wide variety of real-time effects. Its high quality audio engine and low latency mean music responds instantly to your actions; plus there are a range of audio formats and seamless integration with MIDI controllers; its BPM detection/key detection powers produce smooth harmonic mixes – it has even been used by Nadia Struiwigh and Bob Sinclar!

Cross DJ is compatible with almost all MIDI and USB controllers, enabling you to connect and use them either internally mixer mode or external mixer mode. In internal mixer mode, all the controls of a typical DJ mixer such as master output volume, headphone volume control and mix ratio adjustment can be found within it; for external mixer mode use a MIDI keyboard or controller to operate Cross DJ.

CROSS DJ has just unveiled its newest version with several major upgrades. Notably, portrait view now supports providing one large deck on-screen to work with (hopefully making sausage fingers a bit more accurate!). Furthermore, there have been performance enhancements that make the software less energy intensive and increase track loading speeds.

Another exciting change for DJs is CROSS DJ now offering full synchronization with Pioneer’s Rekordbox software, making their music library accessible across devices and platforms – something DJs will find invaluable for their gigs. We will see just how this feature pans out!

CROSS DJ offers another impressive feature by enabling iTunes playlists and hotcues/loops from other DJ software, such as Rekordbox, Traktor and Virtual DJ to be imported easily into its app, making your collection easily available for mixing immediately. Furthermore, its compatibility with Ableton Link opens up endless remixing opportunities – I highly recommend CROSS DJ as both professional DJs and home users alike!

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