Cross DJ Review

Cross DJ

Reviewers in the US have given Cross DJ high marks for its touch screen simulacrums of equalizers, sync and timing tools as well as its powerful beatgridding functionality that sets it apart from competing software like Traktor and Serato.

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It’s free

Cross DJ provides all the basics necessary for mixing music, with two virtual decks, a crossfader, a complete mixer with three-band EQ, automatic loops, an XY effects pad and 16 hot cue pads – compatible with MP3 and AAC files as well as directly streaming from SoundCloud! Furthermore, its BPM detection system lets you listen through tracks before mixing them together.

User-friendly design makes the software very straightforward to operate; controls are laid out like traditional turntables, with responsive jog wheels that enable scratching and other spinner tricks. Furthermore, its MIDI mapping capabilities fully support most MIDI controllers; with its inbuilt editor for creating custom maps to your favorite hardware controllers.

Cross DJ offers many additional premium services not found elsewhere, such as simultaneous 4 player waveforms and 3 synchronized audio effects per player – with Tweaker to create unique effects of your own! In addition, Cross DJ integrates seamlessly with major DJ software including Rekordbox Serato Traktor Virtual DJ.

Cross DJ stands out from similar programs with its ability to record and share mixes. This feature provides performance DJs with an enormous advantage, as it enables them to capture intro, outro and the best parts of each track so as to better prepare for performances.

Features within the program make it an excellent option for mobile DJing. Syphon and Spout technologies enable you to connect your computer with external video sources and output it on a second screen, making it simple and seamless to integrate video into mixes while adding real-time visual effects for real DJing on the move.

This app features an expansive library of professional-grade audio effects and an innovative audio engine that delivers high-quality audio and tempo sync, along with support for various controllers that can easily be configured to your favorite hardware setup. Ableton Link support makes collaboration simple.

It’s easy to use

The user-friendly interface makes mixing songs and playlists a simple task, thanks to its built-in EQ and looping features. Simply create professional-sounding mixes ready for any party thanks to this seamless workflow and modular design ideal for DJs seeking to elevate their performance.

Cross DJ also stands out with its automatic BPM analysis and syncing functionality, which makes your tracks BPM-ready by analyzing waveforms and correcting human rhythmic errors – saving both time and making this app all the more useful for those without extensive DJ experience.

The app boasts an extensive library and a host of excellent music creation tools. For instance, it can automatically detect and mark loop points in your tracks as well as sync up with the beat of songs to perfectly sync mixes together and help find perfect beats for remixes.

Cross DJ offers both free and paid versions, the former providing only limited access to its features like its stylish user interface and some basic beat and tempo matching capabilities. Meanwhile, its more expansive full version caters more towards experienced DJs by supporting more controllers, major audio platforms as well as Ableton Link for seamless integration into live performance environments.

This app boasts many useful features, including two virtual turntables with crossfaders and crossfader controls, a complete mixer with three-band EQ and an XY effects pad, 16 hot cue pads and numerous virtual shortcuts to your favorite tools – as well as recording and playing back your mix in high quality.

This system boasts highly accurate timecode that supports up to 1300Hz, can play CDs and timecode vinyl records, has low latency audio engine for true club sound reproduction, as well as supporting MIDI control.

Cross DJ offers innovative and user-friendly features beyond these basic ones, including intelligent autoplay that recognizes track intro/outro as well as an automated beat and tempo matching and quantizing system that’s great for beginner DJs as well as experienced ones. It makes an excellent choice for beginner and veteran DJs alike!

It’s powerful

Cross DJ is an excellent app to help you mix tracks like a pro, with its wide variety of audio effects, simulated turntable, waveform display and other tools designed to make music creation even more authentic. Plus, its user interface makes getting started quick and simple!

This software’s standout feature is its BPM detection and syncing functionality, making it easier for DJs to create harmonic mixes with ease. Furthermore, this app can even detect beats of songs played backwards – unlike some apps which require them to manually do this work! Furthermore, this software identifies intro and outro tracks for remixing purposes.

Cross DJ offers another powerful feature in its ability to simultaneously manipulate multiple waveforms at the same time and apply synchronized audio effects, giving DJs the power to create unique sound effects and tailor the experience more specifically. Furthermore, it features an innovative track analysis function which can recognize intros, outros, and key parts of songs – giving DJs even greater creative control than before!

This DJ software is essential for anyone starting to mix music. Compatible with most external MIDI controllers, its beat matching and quantize features provide accurate correction for human rhythmic errors while its modular design lets you tailor its UI according to your personal tastes.

Cross is not only a powerful DJ software; it’s also a versatile control system for timecode vinyl records and CDs via DVS (Digital Video Synchronization), which enables DJs to play tracks precisely with no need for external controllers such as laptops.

Mixvibes’ Cross DJ HD is a powerful DJ app with an extensive set of features and an easy, customizable user interface. Its beat and tempo matching can be highly accurate; loops and hot cues can even be adjusted automatically to the current beat! Furthermore, Cross DJ HD supports many external controllers – including VCI-100 controllers.

It’s portable

Cross DJ offers an impressive range of high-quality effects and features that set it apart from other DJ apps, such as its ability to import tracks directly from SoundCloud accounts to make set preparation more simple. Cross DJ makes an excellent starting point for anyone interested in entering the DJ industry or simply wanting something new! It makes an excellent companion app.

Use of the software is straightforward, featuring a central mixer and two decks with cue, play and sync buttons underneath each deck. On the main screen is displayed a linear track graphic which expands into detailed audio waveform graphics when DJs manipulate jog-wheels. Furthermore, their touch feel is responsive, accurate and sharp for effortless scratching or turntable wizardry – providing DJs an unforgettable experience when using scratching techniques or turntable wizardry. In addition, advance settings provide fine-tuning like output modes, master gains and support services.

The interface provides many customization options and its Beatgrid editing tools are outstanding. Furthermore, you can adjust the waveform display on each deck to facilitate mixing as well as show or hide samplers (decks C and D), FX Units, hot cues/loops per track (deck C or D), samplers from Deck C or D or FX Units as needed; additionally you can use View’s Head-Up Display or Sync feature and the Info panel displays detailed editable meta data about every track in real-time.

If you have a MIDI controller, a mapping file is needed in order to use it with Cross DJ. You can create one on your computer using iTunes by selecting the device and choosing “File Sharing Tab”, searching for your controller in “djay Pro Documents,” and dragging its respective file over.

Cross DJ stands up well against established tablet/phone DJ products like djay Pro and Traktor DJ in terms of professional tools available for use, with its selection of HID integration for Pioneer CDJs being among its many new additions in version 2.3, while its audio engine improves both performance and battery usage, as well as having its interface revised for increased intuitiveness.

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