App Review App is an online cryptocurrency platform that enables users to buy and sell crypto, track prices, and learn about the industry. In addition, they offer crypto debit card and DeFi features. However, there have been complaints from customers regarding customer service and verification processes at App.


The App offers advanced and novice cryptocurrency users alike a host of features designed to make using cryptocurrency simpler. From purchasing and selling crypto coins, tracking coin prices and sending your coins directly to friends while keeping an eye on their progress; all with just one app!

Earn allows you to stake your coins and earn interest, with rates dependent upon both which coin and how long you lock up for. It pays out this interest weekly into your currency staked. Using Pay, your crypto assets can then be directly spent within the App – such as buying gift cards or topping up mobile phone credit. Alternatively, QR codes can also be scanned and paid using this payment option.

Payment options

The Pay feature allows users to spend their cryptocurrency assets directly through the App, for example using CRO tokens to buy gift cards and top up mobile phone plans, send cryptos directly to friends, participate in Supercharger projects to earn other cryptocurrencies as rewards and stake CRO tokens for up to 18% p/a interest rates on specific periods.

Another key feature of the App is its wallet. Users can deposit fiat or cryptocurrency into their Crypto Wallet via the account menu, withdraw their balances to external wallets or transfer them between other Crypto.

Purchase crypto is easy through the App: simply choose your currency of choice, enter an amount and confirm with either passcode or fingerprint verification. After entering all required information, your transaction should be completed within several days.


For secure cryptocurrency trading on mobile devices, it’s essential that the crypto app offers multiple layers of protection such as two-factor authentication (2FA) and robust encryption protocols that protect accounts from hackers. With these safeguards in place, your investments can remain safe no matter where they may be held.

Choose a mobile crypto app with multiple features to meet your needs, such as currency conversion capabilities or market analysis tools and resources. Furthermore, some of the top crypto apps may even provide secure wallets to store cryptocurrency and allow real-time tracking of investment performance.

An additional security measure that cryptocurrency app developers should employ is KYC (Know Your Customer) verification for users, in order to prevent phishing and other types of online fraud that could compromise your crypto assets and expose them to theft. In order to complete KYC validation successfully, users will be asked for their name, address and government-issued identification number in order to complete verification.

Coinbase and Uphold make buying and selling cryptocurrency easy. Both apps provide various payment methods – bank deposits and credit cards are among them – for your convenience, including 27 national currencies and 99 cryptocurrencies as well as deposit/withdrawal options such as ACH/instant deposits for US customers. Furthermore, these apps also provide investment opportunities such as margin trading and staking.

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