CuteFTP offers an extensive set of features designed to automate tasks from monitoring folders to synchronizing sites. A macro engine captures repeated actions for reuse later. Programmers can directly interact with its COM-enabled Transfer Engine or use its industry standard Visual Basic script.

Backup your local computer and remote servers using either one-time or scheduled transfers. After each transfer is completed, advanced operations can be executed such as switching off your computer or performing virus scans – making your data safe while protecting its integrity.

Easy to use

CuteFTP offers advanced FTP functionality in an intuitive, user-friendly package. Its powerful features allow for intelligent file movement between servers at home, the office or anywhere in the world-over a WAN or LAN-be it for publishing web pages; downloading music/images/software or documents or protecting mission-critical transfers using industry-leading security.

How to Quickly Connect and Manage Sites

At the top of CuteFTP’s GUI is a toolbar which provides quick access to its most frequently used features. Hovering over an icon for a moment reveals its brief description; on the left are Local Drives and Site Manager tabs for viewing files and folders on local machines as well as FTP sites while right section shows remote files and folders on FTP sites.

Once connected to a Site, the built-in Site Manager makes managing files and folders simple. Store frequently visited Sites in it for quick and convenient connection, set specific options per-Site, export/import Site Manager data as needed – all while export/import functionality available as an added feature.

CuteFTP offers other useful features, including MP3 and File Search, Auto-Reconnect/Resume, Bandwidth Throttling, Folder Comparison, Synchronize Folders and Site Backup. Folder Comparison lets you compare local and remote folders for changes (by case, date, size or other attributes) so only changed files are transferred; Synchronize Folders helps maintain consistency between local and remote folders on a schedule; while Site Backup offers single or recurring backup of an entire Site that compresses its archive to save both space and time.

CuteFTP supports OpenPGP Encryption and Decryption technology, an industry standard encryption method with public and private keys. Files sent over the FTP are encrypted before being sent out for upload, with decryption using either your public key or private key subsequently being decrypted on arrival at the server using your private key. Creating and exporting OpenPGP keys, specifying key sizes, as well as selecting either RSA or DSS cryptosystems are also supported allowing complete control over your transfer process allowing complete automation or scripting abilities for maximum control over any part of the transfer process.


FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is an efficient file transfer protocol that enables you to easily move, copy and edit files on remote servers. CuteFTP is a feature-packed FTP client with advanced functionality such as file resumption and site-to-site transfers (FXP). Furthermore, there is also a built-in HTML editor which makes maintaining sophisticated websites much simpler.

CuteFTP offers an intuitive interface designed to be user-friendly for both novices and experienced users. Furthermore, its customizable user interface enables quick access to frequently used functions and settings.

CuteFTP also features an HTML editor for creating, opening and editing files on both local computers as well as remote servers within its window. File transfers can take place quickly using different transfer modes including multithreaded transfer, simultaneous FTP/HTTP connections and secure SSL sessions.

Site Manager allows you to store frequently visited websites for easy access with just one click, while it can also be configured to automatically disconnect and shutdown your system, perform virus scans or perform other operations after successfully transferring data.

Advanced features also include mode Z compression, which speeds up ASP, BMP, CSS, DOC, XML, JS and LOG files significantly. Multi-part accelerated downloads make downloading large architectural, graphic and engineering files simpler by splitting them up into smaller parts and then combining them back together after completion. Finally, drag-and-drop makes moving files between Site panes simpler.

CuteFTP offers more than just transfer tools; it also comes equipped with other valuable features like a default download folder, multiple bookmarks for each Site and queue transfers. Furthermore, it can connect securely from behind a NAT/firewall via its UPnP port-mapping function, support Unicode file names and use 128-bit SSL – the same technology used by web browsers – for authenticated sessions and message integrity. Plus COM-enabled scripting languages enable automation of laborious transfer tasks as well as monitoring/control of remote sites while detailed logging of successful/failed transfers is provided too!

Compatible with all major browsers

CuteFTP offers many features designed to simplify file transfer management. With its scripting engine and compression options, transfers are easily automated; and moving files back and forth is made effortless through drag-and-drop interface. Furthermore, advanced operations such as automatically shutting down or restarting the computer after completion of transfer or running virus scans upon transfer completion can also be set up easily. Furthermore, CuteFTP supports various file types while audio transfers between remote servers.

Advanced users have access to additional features, including FTP site manager and directory compare and synchronization. With the site manager you can configure hostname and port settings for your site of connection; concurrent connections allowed and timeout settings can also be managed easily.

Folder comparison and synchronization enables users to track changes across both local and remote folders and transfer only those items that have changed. Users can compare folder contents using name, date, size or mask comparison as a basis for comparison – or select files or folders they wish to transfer or transfer using wildcard searching capabilities.

Users can set overwrite rules to determine whether any existing file that matches one they are transferring should be overwritten, renamed or skipped based on file size and other criteria. Furthermore, an automatic renaming function allows for changing file extensions, case sensitivity or the first letter of their names automatically.

CuteFTP provides several useful features, such as the ability to pause and resume a transfer, support for SSL/FTPS connections and TLS (Transport Layer Security) connection mechanisms; verify file integrity after transfer has completed; built-in help system and configurable prompts; font colors can even be set for log files, editors and the main CuteFTP window window.


CuteFTP offers powerful file transfer features that enable users to securely publish web pages, download digital images and music, transfer multi-media files between home and work computers, share software between homes and work, as well as share software between homes and work computers. Its user-friendly interface makes the program accessible even for novice users while its customizability enables it to adapt perfectly to individual user needs.

Cute FTP offers keyboard interactive authentication, an industry standard that uses passwords to verify the identities of clients and servers connecting via FTP. To enable it, go to Tools > Global Options and check “Enable Keyboard Interaction.”

CuteFTP offers Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Sessions as a further level of protection for FTP transfers with support for SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0 encryption protocols, offering increased protection when connecting to business partner sites hosted elsewhere online. Ideally, certificates signed by trusted Certificate Authorities offer maximum protection.

Site Manager–Save time by saving often accessed sites to the built-in address book, called Site Manager, so they don’t have to be typed each time you connect. Plus, its contents can be password protected to safeguard any private or sensitive data stored therein.

CuteFTP provides numerous advanced options for managing remote servers and transferring files, such as:

Overwrite Rules–When creating overwrite rules, set criteria that determine whether an existing file that matches one being transferred should be overwritten, renamed, or skipped depending on date, size and other factors. You can even choose only to transfer new or modified files.

File Editor–Edit files directly on an FTP server using CuteFTP’s built-in HTML editor, a great feature for Webmasters who need to make updates quickly and efficiently to their websites.

Backup4all can help you create an automated backup job to automatically back-up the settings for CuteFTP configuration and registry keys, providing you with peace of mind if the software needs reinstalling on another computer. Creating this backup job may save time and effort spent reconfiguring CuteFTP settings after reinstallation on another machine.

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