CuteFTP Review


CuteFTP is an secure managed file transfer (MFT) solution, providing all of the power and security of an FTP client while offering advanced automation, synchronization, and scripting features. It offers complete SFTP session options as well as advanced automation synchronization scripting features to meet all your file transfer needs.

CuteFTP offers an intuitive HTML editor that makes updating and managing websites simple from within its secure, encrypted transfer service. Protect mission-critical files against external interference with secure, encrypted transfers that ensure their safety and protection.

User-friendly interface

CuteFTP provides everything you need for publishing web pages; downloading digital images, music and software; or moving large volumes between home and office. Its intuitive user interface enables novice FTP users to connect easily, while powerful automation features and security protocols safeguard mission-critical information transfers.

CuteFTP features an intuitive four-window design, featuring an upper window displaying its Log Pane, two center windows that display files available on local and remote sites (Site Panes), and a lower window showing its File Transfer Queue. Each of these windows can be shown full screen or hidden at your discretion; and using its File Transfer Queue you can select files for upload or download by simply “dragging and dropping” between local and Site panes, schedule transfers with one click of a button, or access its vast navigation features – CuteFTP offers you total flexibility!

CuteFTP offers many advanced features, such as the ability to overwrite, skip and rename files during transfers; right-click shell integration; auto-renaming on drag & drop; customizable list of frequently used commands; byte offset from which broken transfers may be restarted; intelligent keep alive settings and several other transfer and navigation features. In addition, CuteFTP also supports Site-to-Site transfers which bypass client computers significantly decreasing transfer times.

CuteFTP provides an in-built HTML editor to assist with editing local or remote documents and HTML pages easily and intuitively. With features such as changing filenames, paths and folders accessed remotely as well as editing remote document properties – plus support for Unicode! – the editor makes editing accessible.

Integrated HTML editor

CuteFTP offers users a host of features that enable them to manage and control remote files efficiently, including an HTML editor for editing ASCII (text) documents, an extensive list of secure protocol options, a drag-and-drop interface for automating file transfers and folder synchronization, strong password authentication and encryption, drag-and-drop file transfers and drag-and-drop folder synchronization; its drag-and-drop interface; automation options; automation features for file transfers and folder synchronization; as well as drag-and-drop file transfers and folder synchronization; its robust password authentication and encryption prevent unauthorised access. CuteFTP is available in several versions: Pro, Home and Lite; with free trial versions available online and support available through email, phone calls or live chat from its company website. Support services offered include email, phone numbers or live chat services available online from its support services providers based within its ecosystem.

By releasing CuteFTP 9, the company consolidated all its FTP client applications into one suite. This version includes advanced features like a built-in HTML editor, enhanced security features, automation of file transfers, folder synchronization capability, support of major secure FTP protocols and user-friendly navigation for initial setup process. A wizard-style walkthrough guide users through setup.

CuteFTP offers other features, including a COM-enabled transfer engine, customizable GUI, and support for various scripting languages. Users can automate tasks or set up macros to streamline their work process with this program; furthermore it’s compatible with major browsers, SSL encryption capabilities, multiple site connections simultaneously and allows selecting a specific port number as a connection point.

CuteFTP provides a built-in HTML editor to edit remote and local files, making this feature ideal for web developers needing to make updates to web pages. You can select font type, style, size, as well as display or hide title bar and scrollbars of a page in the editor. Moreover, creating document templates allows you to automatically open/edit documents whenever clicking “New” button of editor.

CuteFTP offers various features such as accelerated file transfers, automatic compression of files and event prompt sounds. Furthermore, it can compare local and remote folders to identify differences in file content as well as downloading/uploading multiple files at once to reduce network bandwidth usage.

Comprehensive secure protocol options

Cute FTP Home provides the ideal combination of ease-of-use and performance for securely moving files between your PC and a remote File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server anywhere on the internet. From publishing Web pages, downloading digital images, music and software downloads or moving high volume files between home and office – Cute FTP Home makes file transfer fast, efficient and secure!

Connect quickly and safely to new sites using our step-by-step Connection Wizard. Ensure the safe transfer of mission-critical files using comprehensive security protocol options such as FTP, FTPS (SSL), HTTP and SFTP (SSH2). Our integrated OpenPGP encryption functionality enables you to encrypt files before uploading and decrypt them once they arrive; create your own OpenPGP keys; select key sizes; utilize either RSA or DSS cryptosystems; import/export certificate sets as needed – plus import/export certificate sets!

FTP Site Manager and session logs can be safely stored on either a local computer or remote server using 128-bit SSL, the same technology employed by Web browsers for data integrity. A strong password policy, one-time password authentication and passphrase generator will help protect account information; you can also encrypt your connection to the Web, enable secure cookies and change its default Site Manager/session-log storage location if desired.

With Cute FTP you can easily create and schedule one or multiple backups of local files and folders for remote access or disaster recovery, automatically compressing it if you prefer. “On exit” events can even be set up so Cute FTP will shut down or run virus scans automatically based on user preference, shut down PCs when an exiting session ends or perform other tasks on your behalf.

Synchronize folders across multiple remote Sites easily and track changes in real-time with just a few mouse clicks, while viewing changes live. Speed downloads of large architectural, graphic and engineering files by dividing them into multi-part accelerated transfers that recombine once delivered on their destination end to form one completed transfer. Furthermore, queue transfers can be managed and set properties and modify statuses so as to prioritize and transfer critical items first while working with less important items while keeping a history of all transferred items.

Automate your transfers

FTP automation in CuteFTP is an invaluable feature that saves both time and money by automating common file transfer tasks. Utilizing its scripting engine, users can create sophisticated automation scripts to monitor files or folders and perform specific actions automatically; you can even use its built-in recording/playback tool to record/playback entire sessions! Plus, CuteFTP supports numerous programming and scripting languages as well as industry standard COM (Component Object Model) interfaces so it can fully expose its functions to third-party software applications/services!

CuteFTP provides many advanced features, including an extensive set of transfer options allowing for custom FTP/SFTP/FTPS modes; transfer data connection modes (PASV/PORT/Auto); after transfer event handling; restart broken transfers from their beginning; right-click shell integration that lets you transfer files directly from Windows Explorer; a powerful text editor supporting HTML and PERL tags as well as site-wide find/replace, file renaming capabilities as well as customizable commands list support – plus support for SSL certificates!

Queuing Transfers

CuteFTP stands out from most FTP clients by allowing you to select files and folders spanning multiple remote sites and queue them for transfer later. In addition, CuteFTP also lets you organize queue items according to priority, track file transfers progress, modify their properties as necessary and split larger download files into several smaller chunks for easier transmission before rejoining them at completion.

Stay connected to sites that disconnect after periods of inactivity with CuteFTP’s robust and customizable Smart Keep Alive system. Configure different time intervals between sending commands, configure a list of commands to send, and decide whether or not you would like the site monitored for activity after command completion. Utilize the industry standard UPnP protocol to easily connect securely behind a firewall/NAT using PORT mode, using CuteFTP’s NAT traversal features as a boost. This feature makes connecting from behind a firewall/NAT easier, making life simpler for customers working with many servers or large directories who don’t want to manually reconnect every time they want to upload or download large files.

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