CuteFTP provides simultaneous file transfers using an intuitive two-pane view. Local folders appear in the left pane while remote directory contents are shown on the right pane.

Configurable focus helps to easily identify the active pane and tile or cascade connection windows. Other features include sorting local and remote listings as well as filtering files or folders based on name or size.

Faster Transfers

CuteFTP is designed for both novice and expert users, offering simple yet intuitive use with powerful features that meet both of these categories. Quickly connect to new sites with its step-by-step Connection Wizard and store frequently accessed sites in its Site Manager for later reference. File management is fast thanks to an efficient transfer queue with support for drag-and-dropping files from site to site as well as Mode Z compression compression of large transfers. Secure connections and transfers are ensured with its industry standard Component Object Model (COM) interface connecting directly with its Transfer Engine as well as password and certificate based SSH2 OTP encryption with SSL/TLS support ensuring secure connections and transfers can take place.

Mode Z’s newly upgraded version compresses transferred files on-the-fly, drastically decreasing download times and bandwidth utilization. Support for file types like ASP, BLAT, CSS, DAT, DOC, EXE, FAT, GFDL, HMTL JSP JS LOG PPT RTFD RTML RPZ TXT and XML further accelerate file transfers times.

The left section contains two tabs; ‘Local Drives’ gives access to files and folders located on your local PC running CuteFTP, while ‘Site Manager’ helps organize FTP sites that can easily be connected to later. Both tabs feature color coding to help distinguish between different sessions while keeping tabs organized easily for future reference.

CuteFTP offers numerous advanced security features, such as OpenPGP encryption and decryption; RSA or DSS key sizes to accommodate public/private key pairs as well as certificate-based authentication; an extensive firewall configuration including an inbuilt Firewall Rule Generator; as well as global bandwidth limit controls to prevent exceeding ISP bandwidth caps. Furthermore, an advanced bandwidth usage monitoring feature helps CuteFTP users stay within limits set by their Internet Service Provider.

The Queue Window and Log Windows tabs at the bottom of your screen provide a list of files being transferred or stored, along with their status, for you to review. In addition, you have access to select and move files within Queue Window via keyboard, mouse or menu commands. Using Log Windows you can display up to 100 lines of transfer activity, each line showing date/time transferred file name extension status status; automatically deleted after a specified number of hours or days.

Script Transfers

CuteFTP’s transfer engine can be directly scripted using Windows Scripting Host (WSH). A text file provides an effective means of automating tasks or integrating CuteFTP with other automated processes; please refer to its help for more details and sample scripts.

CuteFTP makes uploading files and folders from a local computer simple by selecting them within CuteFTP and dragging them directly into another window on the same computer – great for uploading large architectural, graphic and engineering files! Plus it automatically schedules file transfers when connecting to remote sites!

Make use of CuteFTP’s Folder Monitor to periodically review a local folder and upload any new or modified files discovered, providing an effective solution for monitoring changes on a website or when working with backups.

The newly revamped and advanced browser allows you to browse and manage your FTP site while viewing and working on remote files as well as managing the entire FTP site. It features improved support for drag-and-drop between CuteFTP and Explorer as well as a remote to local file copy operation, in-progress edit saving on local machines, working in full screen mode file editing mode as well as numerous other features.

For increased security, OpenPGP allows you to encrypt your data before uploading or decrypting files retrieved from servers, by combining your public key with that of the recipient’s private key. Furthermore, you can specify various RSA and DSS key sizes, retransmission timeouts, delays between retries, as well as specify retransmission delay times between attempts.

Addition security features include an auto-detect and port mapping function, secure login password protection, customizable site manager support for SOCKS 4/5 protocols and more. When combined with Smart Keep Alive “stealth pinging”, which avoids unnecessary connections to FTP server you can be assured of 100% compatibility with firewalls.

CuteFTP offers other notable features, such as multithreaded transfers and resumed interrupted transfers; easy site tagging capabilities for easy access; multiple logging levels and fully customizable user interface with custom dialogs, higher color icons and other customization features – making the application fast, stable, and secure.

Auto-Rename Transfers

CuteFTP lets you change file names as they transfer by creating auto-rename rules. These settings can be found both in the Global Options dialog and Transfer menu; simply check off “Apply auto-rename rules to transfers” and set up your list of file name patterns, one or more separator characters, folder location and rule list accordingly. Any time a transferred file matches one of your patterns it will receive its new filename from your rules list automatically saving time and reducing errors due to mismatched filenames.

Advanced Features

CuteFTP download offers powerful features to meet the individual needs of every user, such as creating and customizing command lines to automate repetitive tasks; scheduling file transfer tasks using its script engine; using multiple-threaded transfers for greater speed and performance; as well as an OpenPGP encryption system which uses public/private key pairs to protect data transmitted from your computer by only you being able to decrypt it later; archive sites and their contents prior to download, compress files before downloads occur, automatically renaming uploaded files automatically renaming uploaded files after transfers occur – these features allow for maximum personalization!

Other advanced features include NAT auto-detect and port mapping to provide secure connections behind firewalls using the FTPS protocol in PORT mode rather than PASV mode, customizable connection and transfer timeout values, showing frequently accessed commands on the toolbar, using an integrated FTP browser which supports HTML editing, faster application startup times, bookmarks with customizable bookmarking functionality, overwrite logic redesigned for Windows 2003 servers with IIS6, enhanced error descriptions with high color icons as well as many usability enhancements that enhance usability such as faster application start up times as well as many usability improvements such as faster application startup times; customization of connection and transfer timeout values can also help secure connections behind firewalls using FTPS protocol rather than PASV mode; as can customize connection timeout values; customize connection and transfer timeout values while display commonly accessed commands on toolbar and more usability improvements such as faster application startup timeout values as well as customizing connection and transfer timeout values with more flexibility, customizeable bookmarks; redesign of dialogs/overwrite logic improvements; Windows 2003 compatibility/IIS6 compatibility/enhancement error descriptions/high color icons etc.

Users can quickly synchronize local and remote folders using the Folder Synchronization tool, which enables continuous mirroring between local and remote file systems. You can compare their contents by case, name, date, size or attribute and easily identify files that have changed between both locations to easily update your website or other online content.

Right-Click Shell Integration

CuteFTP integrates seamlessly into Windows Explorer context menu by providing a submenu option when right-clicking files in Windows Explorer, providing access to sites using its new Connection Wizard or through definitions created in CuteFTP. It can also be used to launch or open sessions; to activate right-click shell integration go to Tools > Global Options (ALT+F7) and check “Integrate into Windows Explorer context Menu.”

Advanced Transfer Wizards Hot drops, backing up sites, mirroring local and remote systems and more can all be accomplished effortlessly using our task automation wizards. Color coded tabs make managing multiple transfers more efficient than ever.

Script Transfers

With our program’s built-in Scripting language, you can easily write complex command-based scripts. For those unfamiliar with writing scripts, session Record and Playback offers an easier solution: it automatically records everything that occurs during an Internet session and saves it as a script file.

CuteFTP supports industry standard FTP/FTPS, HTTP and SSH protocols to make web publishing and downloading digital music, images or software easy and transfer files of any size between computers in your home, office and elsewhere. Thanks to its advanced features, CuteFTP makes an ideal solution for both business and personal use – check out its Product Overview page and download its free trial, before heading over to our Order page to purchase full access for yourself!

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