Cyberfox – An Alternative to Firefox


Cyberfox is a 64-bit optimized Internet browser from Mozilla designed to take advantage of 64-bit architecture. Compatible with Firefox, Cyberfox offers its users some small tweaks designed to improve the basic browsing experience while remaining compatible with all its functionality.

This user-friendly browser resembles its more famous cousin in many respects and supports most of the same plug-ins and addons available through Firefox; however, some collection functions have been disabled making this browser more privacy friendly.


Cyberfox is an alternative web browser similar to Firefox in many respects, yet differs significantly in a few key areas. Notably, Cyberfox doesn’t collect or send any browsing habits data to third parties for use by advertisers, as well as offering additional features like an X server and enhanced privacy protection – making it an excellent alternative choice for those wanting the same browsing experience but without certain unwanted aspects of Firefox’s interface.

Cyberfox browser has many useful features that make its use easy for AMD or Intel processors, as well as both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems. When installed, its profile mirrors that of Firefox so all settings, bookmarks and preferences are transferred automatically – making the transition a smooth one for most users who switch over from their previous browser and making this browser very straightforward to use immediately.

Cyberfox is an open source web browser with a very small footprint on your system and works well with most Firefox add-ons. This fast, lightweight, and stable browser makes an excellent choice for those seeking improved privacy and security.

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Compatible with Firefox

Mozilla’s announcement in 2017 that they were withdrawing support for Firefox meant an end of an era for many users, yet there are alternatives available – some similar while others with unique features that make them distinct from Firefox.

Cyberfox, developed by 8pecxstudios, is a web browser which is built upon the Firefox open source code and designed for speed, stability and simplicity of use. Customizable features allow users to personalize their browsing experience while being compatible with Firefox allowing it to coexist on one computer simultaneously.

Australis or classic styles are available, and settings can be synced across devices. Users can customize toolbar and menu items according to their own personal tastes and needs. It features several useful tools, such as clearing speedy restart cache on startup and copying current tab URL. In addition, using one click from the menu button users can send any page they are visiting via email.

Another convenient feature is the ability to download files directly from websites, saving both time and bandwidth by bypassing unnecessary redirections. In addition, this browser boasts high security with its built-in ad blocker; users can even customize their browser by adding tools they require while disabling those they don’t.

Other features of the browser include HTML5 video support, multiple tabs and a privacy mode to protect against online trackers. Available for Windows 7, 8 as well as macOS and Linux systems and supporting both Intel and AMD processors – compatible with both 32 bit systems as well as 64 bit.

Cyberfox shares many similarities with Firefox, making it hard for most users to tell the difference. It features a classic feel interface while most changes occur beneath the surface – developers have included many small tweaks that appeal specifically to power users and nerds.

This software is free and does not require a subscription or advertising. Compatible with all operating systems and with minimum space requirements of 400MB free space for installation.

Optimized for AMD/Intel processors

Cyberfox is a free, open source web browser based on Mozilla Firefox’s source code, tailored for Intel and AMD processors, available both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, with its light resource consumption being more efficient than Firefox.

Cyberfox may offer faster browsing speeds while being more secure than Firefox. As it’s optimized for 64 bit architecture, many consider it more secure than its original form. In addition, Cyberfox’s light weight design makes it perfect for people wanting to reduce memory usage.

Installing and using it is straightforward, with several customization features and an intuitive user interface that supports most of the same addons as Firefox does. Furthermore, Opera does not come equipped with data collection features similar to Firefox for greater privacy when browsing online.

8pecxstudios has made numerous enhancements to the browser, including an improved tab management system that makes switching between tabs with one click easier, a larger search box to help find what you’re searching for faster, and easy customization of search box color so it stands out against other pages on a page.

Browsers offer another useful feature – they sync bookmarks, preferences, history and tabs across devices – this feature can be very helpful when switching between computers or laptops. In addition, users can directly email themselves a link of a website through the browser itself.

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Faster than Firefox

Chrome may be the fastest browser around, but Firefox still makes an effective rival by offering superior security and privacy protections. In addition to standard features like private browsing and starting new sessions in an incognito window, Firefox provides users with enhanced functionality through plugins as well as accessing developer tools. Furthermore, this app makes personalizing settings simple as you can easily transfer bookmarks, passwords and tabs between devices if necessary.

Like Chrome, Firefox allows users to restrict data collection through its “Do Not Track” feature and protect themselves against phishing attacks and malware with built-in features like antiphishing protection and an advanced privacy tool to stop websites from tracking your location. Furthermore, adding a VPN like Private Internet Access with military grade encryption and kill switch protection for further enhanced privacy as well as servers in over 84 countries for fast browsing is another effective solution for improving privacy while increasing speed.

Cyberfox is a free and open source web browser developed on Mozilla platform, built for 64bit architecture to take advantage of faster performance of 64bit operating systems and to maximize memory usage for applications. Optimized for Intel and AMD processors alike, Cyberfox takes full advantage of faster performance that 64bit OS’ offer to take full advantage of faster performance on Intel processors while AMD users benefit from increased memory usage through this running mode.

Comodo Dragon, a Chromium-based web browser that boasts faster performance, stands as another popular alternative to Firefox. Unlike Chrome, Comodo does not implement user tracking features and offers extra security features, including authenticating SSL certificates of websites visited.

Firefox does not boast as many extensions as Opera does, yet still provides essential functions like device synchronization and news reader. Furthermore, it boasts more comprehensive safe browsing solutions, such as Google Safe Browsing and ad blocking tools, while also warning when visiting nonsecure sites – small differences that could make an impactful statement to some users.

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