CyberGhost VPN Review

CyberGhost stands out as one of the few VPN services to offer all subscription plans with their own dedicated IP addresses, various payment methods and an initial free trial period.

This service utilizes 256-bit AES encryption to protect customer data, identities and online activities. Additionally, other security methods – including network resilience – are also featured by this brand.


CyberGhost VPN stands out as an affordable yet robust VPN service with excellent pricing, secure connections and plenty of servers. It features an audited no-logs policy, AES-256 encryption and an effective ad blocker; additionally its mobile apps make an impressionful debut by replicating many key desktop features in an intuitive fashion for on-the-go use. However, not every aspect of CyberGhost’s services runs perfectly smooth; some minor glitches do arise.

CyberGhost boasts an expansive global server network of more than 7,000 servers in 100 countries. Their coverage in Europe stands out, placing near the top. Furthermore, CyberGhost demonstrates commitment in areas less often supported by VPN services – like Africa and Asia.

Speed tests conducted on CyberGhost revealed its connections to be fast and stable, its VPN protocols modern, meaning it should provide good performance for most users – though one drawback may be its lack of a dedicated P2P protocol which could slow download speeds.

Split tunneling functionality of its Android app enables you to select which apps should use a VPN and which ones shouldn’t – an invaluable feature for protecting mobile data from prying eyes. In addition, this service offers a built-in ad blocker; though its effectiveness may be limited as it only blocks ads or malware on unencrypted websites/apps while leaving encrypted traffic unaffected.

CyberGhost kill switch is an integral component, cutting internet traffic should your VPN connection go down and protecting your privacy, especially on public WiFi networks.

Other advanced features available to you are Smart Rules and VPN scheduling, which enables you to automatically connect to a selected server upon boot-up or when specific apps launch; additionally, this service can even be configured so it launches whenever a device connects to either a secure or unsecured WiFi network.

CyberGhost stands out from its competition by providing a 45-day money back guarantee – 15 more days than industry standards! Additionally, their generous six month plan starts from just $2.19 monthly or two year plan at a discounted price of $3.84 monthly plans are also offered.


CyberGhost boasts an expansive list of VPN servers across many countries, and includes mobile ad blocking to reduce load times and block malware distributed via ads networks – though its ad-blocking functionality doesn’t work as effectively as free tools such as AdBlock Plus. Furthermore, their Android app requests unusual permission to read your Wi-Fi connection information which may appear intrusive to some.

Service is easy to use and offers many customization options, featuring 256-bit encryption that ranks among the best available and WiFi protection that will automatically disconnect you if the VPN connection drops – protecting from potentially unsafe public Wi-Fi connections. Also fast, although Windows clients frequently fail to achieve similar speeds as MacOS clients.

CyberGhost stands out when it comes to security with a no-logs policy and regularly audited infrastructure – making it an excellent way to secure data against hackers and governments that might gain access to it.

CyberGhost boasts an expansive server network, but coverage in certain regions falls below expectations. For instance, China and Iran/UAE networks experience performance issues from time to time; however, CyberGhost stands out as being one of the few providers who has invested heavily in Russian servers; users report positive experiences there.

Established by German tech entrepreneur Robert Knapp in 2011, Crossrider Group purchased it in 2017 and took control of mobile ad platforms and browser extension development platforms operated by this company, as well as developer tools bundled with potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) known as Crossrider Adware PUP. Although originally located in Romania, Crossrider now operates from Isle of Man – self-governing British Crown dependency.

CyberGhost offers subscription plans that span six and two years, including 45-day money-back guarantees – 15 more days than industry standards -, with all plans offering ad blocking capabilities that are essential for mobile users and streaming services, and the latter even including access to “no spy” servers that cannot be accessed by third parties.


CyberGhost boasts an array of features, from multiple server options to easy mobile app use and an intuitive user experience. Furthermore, CyberGhost also provides a free version that provides access to some key features; additionally it is capable of supporting up to seven devices through one subscription and boasts excellent support options.

Through our tests, CyberGhost proved itself reliable and responsive when streaming and torrenting content online. Its servers are tailored specifically for specific services and its feature that helps find the ideal server can help find one to meet your needs. Furthermore, its service offers dedicated IPs which you can purchase for an extra fee; these dedicated IPs don’t tie directly back to your account and may help protect against being tracked by third-parties.

The app features an easy and straightforward user experience, with a list of available servers and a big “Connect” button for each. Furthermore, there’s also a distance picker showing each server from your current location as well as capacity/load indicators to help find what you’re looking for quickly.

CyberGhost offers an impressive variety of advanced security and privacy features, such as a malware filter to block harmful URLs, HTTPS redirection for better performance and split tunneling capabilities. In addition to these services, there is also the Force HTTPS feature which automatically redirects insecure URLs onto HTTPS versions – helping improve load times while preventing data loss over non-encrypted connections.

CyberGhost does collect some personal information (name, email address and payment info) as well as non-personal data for service improvement, but does not store your Web activity or other sensitive data. In addition to having a strict no-logs policy and being audited by Deloitte to confirm their strong privacy measures.

Romania offers privacy advocates an added layer of protection as it does not adhere to data retention laws or join intelligence-sharing alliances like 14 Eyes. Furthermore, this company offers plans longer than six months with 45-day money-back guarantees and users may use Bitcoin payments for added anonymity. Lastly, their encryption is strong while offering optimal performance across networks.

Customer support

CyberGhost provides numerous means of assistance, including an accessible FAQs page that’s easily accessed from its website and mobile apps. The FAQs cover topics ranging from installation to advanced security in an approachable, clear manner aimed at users of all technical levels. In addition, email support is available. Furthermore, its staff speaks multiple languages including English, French, German and Romanian fluency – ideal if your customer support staff speaks one of those four.

Cyberghost provides a free trial period and 45-day money back guarantee on subscription plans purchased for six months or longer. Their website lists monthly, biannual, and two-year options; those who purchase six month plans or longer gain access to “no spy” servers that are maintained end-to-end in its facilities without third party interference or access. Those looking for added anonymity can pay via Bitcoin which adds another layer of privacy for those opting in.

Desktop programs from this company feature clean, user-friendly interfaces that work across Windows, macOS and Android systems. A large button on its desktop enables you to quickly connect to one of their many available servers quickly; and you have the option to filter by connection speed or country. Mobile apps from the company offer similar simplicity; Android users only require permission in order to read out the name of a Wi-Fi hotspot; any personal information collected will never be tracked by it.

In 2019, the company released an upgraded version of its program with improved performance and features, such as IPv6 leak protection. Furthermore, dedicated VPN servers were introduced as well as an ad blocker. Furthermore, customers are kept up-to-date via monthly transparency reports from the brand.

Kape Technologies was initially founded by a German tech entrepreneur in 2011. Later, in 2017, they were acquired by Israeli firm Crossrider who operated both a mobile ad platform and browser extension development tool that leveraged so-called ad injection techniques to monetize add-ons through so-called ad injection techniques. Crossrider later changed to Kape Technologies which are headquartered on Isle of Man a British Crown dependency fully complying with EU data protection laws while having implemented no log policies as audited by Deloitte audited while providing free VPN access for iOS devices users as well.

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