CyberLink Power2Go Review

CyberLink Power2Go

CyberLink Power2Go is an advanced disc burning and backup software program, featuring features that allow users to easily create backups, convert media files and even secure their discs with 128 or 256 bit encryption.

This application comes equipped with desktop widgets and menu templates to make its features accessible quickly.


Power2Go is an advanced disc burning, data backup and media conversion software program with an easy user interface. It can burn CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays as well as create data backups using 128 or 256 bit military grade encryption and create state-of-the-art authoring tools and menu templates to create impressive multimedia discs for all their digital media files.

This software also converts video and audio files to different formats for use on various devices, including mobile phones. This feature can be especially helpful when trying to play videos and music on older hardware which doesn’t support modern file formats. Furthermore, its disc copying and creation tools make duplicating existing discs an effortless process.

Power2Go stands out with its ability to encrypt files and folders, providing an extra layer of security when sharing or storing data. This feature can be particularly beneficial when handling sensitive information; only authorized individuals should have access to your files. Furthermore, Power2Go’s interactive photo gallery discs make sharing photos fun!

Even with these useful features, some users have reported that the program can be slow and error prone, not compatible with all operating systems, and cause file copy issues. Furthermore, users have noted that it comes bundled with other software programs which could make uninstalling unwanted programs difficult.

CyberLink Power2Go is a popular disk burner and media creator software found on many computers, but some may question if it should remain. This article will examine key features as well as possible drawbacks before discussing its worth and possible alternatives that can provide similar functionality with less bloatware.


Cyberlink Power2Go software is not free, but the company does offer a trial version so users can test out its features before making their decision to buy. Furthermore, this suite allows you to back up files and protect data on an external hard drive or USB recovery disc while backing up content from online platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

This application supports an assortment of media formats, such as DVD-ROM and Blu-ray. Furthermore, its drag-and-drop functions make creating discs simple, while it enables users to mount disc images as virtual drives as well as rip music in various formats.

Cyberlink Power2Go can be difficult to use due to its complexity. Therefore, it requires significant system resources; therefore it is vitally important that regular updates and virus scans with reliable security software be conducted on this software program.

CyberLink Power2Go is an all-inclusive media suite featuring DVD creation, data backup and disc encryption capabilities as well as advanced media conversion and streaming for high-quality video playback. Furthermore, the program contains tools to back up and restore data from hard disks, USB devices and mobile phones as well as repair corrupt CDs/DVDs.

Power2Go software makes data security simple with encryption discs featuring 128- or 256-bit military grade protection, plus bootable media that will restore Windows in an emergency situation.

CyberLink Power2Go users can find support at the company website. There is an extensive FAQ section and knowledge base covering every aspect of the program, as well as an active forum where they can discuss any issues they are facing and get advice from other users. Lastly, CyberLink also offers telephone support packages which may provide additional help should further assistance be required.

CyberLink Power2Go software comes preinstalled with ASUS computer packages and can be licensed for use for an agreed upon duration period. Sometimes this feature may even be preinstalled prior to customer delivery.


CyberLink Power2Go is an ideal program to burn CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays as well as copy files easily and conveniently. Its intuitive user interface makes it accessible even to novice users while its array of features make it suitable for backups and disc conversions.

This software enables you to easily create data, music and photo discs as well as backup and transfer bootable information onto a USB drive. Furthermore, there are advanced features such as 128- and 256-bit encryption available to protect sensitive information – not forgetting its ability to automatically shutdown your PC after its task has been completed.

Notably, CyberLink Power2Go requires a 64-bit version of Windows operating system and consumes significant system resources; therefore, sufficient free space must be available on your hard disk in order to accommodate it. Furthermore, certain hardware devices may not be compatible with it.

Keep in mind that software can present problems if it is not kept up-to-date with patches and updates, which could leave security vulnerabilities exposed and lead to malware infections. Therefore, be sure to update CyberLink Power2Go regularly while performing malware scans as part of a regular maintenance regimen to keep it protected.

CyberLink Power2Go should not be considered malware; however, outdated or compromised versions may pose significant threats. If you’re experiencing performance issues or have found alternative software which better meets your needs, it might be wise to remove CyberLink Power2Go from your computer altogether.

CyberLink Power2Go comes preinstalled with ASUS computers before being sold to end users, with its license usually valid for a set period of time. If you decide to keep using it after its license has expired, a renewal can be purchased; or alternatively you could consider switching out for Leawo Blu-ray Creator as it provides more professional and comprehensive burning features than CyberLink Power2Go.


CyberLink Power2Go is an all-in-one disc burning and backup suite. Featuring an intuitive user interface and numerous features tailored to different needs, the software is compatible with TP, MTS, AVI, MPEG 3GP WMV MOV FLV files as well as system restore discs created using its system restore feature. Available both for Windows and Mac.

This software features many other useful functions, including being able to rip audio CDs, erase rewritable discs, convert audio files and burn image gallery discs with gallery photos or recover data from damaged optical drives. Furthermore, the program can create video DVDs with title menus and templates as well as making backup copies of computers containing important data.

CyberLink Power2Go stands out from similar programs by not being restricted by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act; however, it cannot circumvent copy encryptions on commercial DVD discs – something especially crucial for those wanting to create copies of their personal movie collection.

CyberLink Power2Go can be an indispensable tool, yet it does have some drawbacks. In particular, it may consume too many system resources and cause issues for some users. Furthermore, this software could potentially expose computers to viruses and security risks; so it is wise to regularly scan your PC for malware as well as update all software.

Installing CyberLink Power2Go may be difficult on certain systems. Users have reported difficulty with installation as well as compatibility issues with computer hardware. In such instances, it would be wise to look for another program that better meets your individual needs; Pavtube DVD Creator offers an ideal alternative with its easy and straightforward user interface that works on Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems – another potential drawback of CyberLink Power2Go.

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