CyberLink PowerDirector Review


PowerDirector from CyberLink is a self-contained video editing program with easy setup and no complex capture device settings, frame rates or timeline options to worry about.

PowerDirector offers text formatting options and beautiful 3D text effects that will dazzle your audiences. Plus it comes packed with many animation presets which can be applied to text, image and video media.


PowerDirector provides a comprehensive multimedia solution, packed with an abundance of professional features in an intuitive interface. Unlike many competitors who focus solely on niche designs with limited feature sets, PowerDirector can handle everything from home movies to complex productions – it even supports editing at 4k resolution!

PowerDirector’s main working area is its editing timeline, where your media (video clips, images, music and effects) is organized. Each track in the timeline has a specific function; for instance the Master Video Track contains your project’s main video clips while PiP Track provides clips, images and objects designed to be inserted as special effects; Title Track contains titles for video while Voice Track offers narration or another audio clip; Music Track keeps all music clips together under one banner; these are known as subtracks of course!

Each track can contain up to 100 tracks of media, with 16 video and audio tracks being displayed simultaneously in the preview window. Every track can also be locked to prevent its content being added or edited – simply right-clicking on the timeline ruler can make this change visible or hidden as needed; any hidden tracks won’t show in preview view.

PowerDirector offers more than just standard audio and video tracks; in addition to tracking text with a dedicated Text Track, particle effects track, Title Track and Title Layer feature. The Title Layer can help create text layers with various options like font size, colour and alignment while particle effects track allows users to easily add simple particle effects or more sophisticated animations with just the click of a button.


PowerDirector offers an impressive variety of transitions for video editors to choose from. There is something available to meet every editing style imaginable – straight cuts, fades, ripples and sliders all designed to provide smoother link between clips while giving it a professional aesthetic. Glitch effect transitions add unique and eye-catching looks.

These effects can add flair and vibrancy to any intro or other clip that needs eye-catching visuals. There is an array of blur options, including linear, spin, zoom, radial and cross blurs with glow/flash variations; plus there are effects like dust/smoke/bubbles for artistically inclined users.

To apply a transition, visit the Transition Room (lightning bolt icon), drag an effect between adjacent clips and release. The software will fill any gaps automatically with it’s chosen transition effect. Alternatively, text rooms allow for you to add custom text.

Choose from an array of fonts for text and animation styles to fit with the video you are uploading. Plus, control its speed with just a tap – watch as it rolls across the screen!

The app is easy to use and packed with features for a free video editor, including M1/M2 chips on Mac computers. Furthermore, its performance has been optimized and regular updates add new features, content packs and updates as they come. Both basic and premium versions of the software exist – though basic may lack some advanced editing features found only with premium.

The Preview Window

PowerDirector offers an array of display and preview options, such as TV safe zones, grid lines, dual previewing capabilities and preview modes to make editing your video simpler and more precise. Furthermore, PiP tracks can be utilized for many purposes including titles or animations creation.

PowerDirector’s preview feature is both straightforward and user-friendly, automatically displaying your finished video in the preview window and noting any changes you make to its tracks; making this an efficient way of getting an idea of how your final project will look prior to exporting it. Furthermore, there’s even the option for full screen mode if your monitor is small or you simply prefer viewing larger.

Another advantage is that this software can handle both portrait and landscape orientations, something not all other programs can. Unfortunately, however, the app does not seem to permit adding media once an initial batch of clips have been created; instead insisting that all your files must be accessible before exporting a project; something other applications seem capable of doing without.

PowerDirector 2024/365 delivers many of the same features for which this company is known, making it one of the best full-featured editing programs on the market. Perfect for hobbyists or YouTubers hoping to become online stars!


PowerDirector makes trimming audio and video clips simple with its nonlinear editing platform, offering this functionality from both its source panel and timeline.

The source panel offers one trimming function that allows you to remove portions from either end of a clip. Simply move the mark in and mark out position sliders until your preferred positions have been reached, and click “Conclude Trimming Process.”

Use the multi-trim tool for greater precision. It allows you to trim multiple segments that will then be combined into one clip by dragging and clicking on the mark out position slider on your timeline.

One great feature of an editor is being able to add lookup tables (LUTs) to your video, giving it a stylish blue or film noir aesthetic. There is an abundance of LUTs out there; chances are good you’ll find one suitable for your footage.

AI Auto Face Blur is another helpful feature, automatically finding and blurring faces in videos automatically. In my testing this worked surprisingly well and much faster than performing this manually in other video editors I’ve tried.

PowerDirector, like other modern video editing programs, features an expansive library of free stock footage from iStock and Shutterstock that you can use to add professional touches to your videos without breaking the bank on new clips. This makes PowerDirector an economical way of adding professional touches without spending a lot on clips that might otherwise cost more.

Save and Produce

PowerDirector allows for direct upload to YouTube or Facebook from within its interface, while making a local copy for safekeeping purposes.

PowerDirector makes creating lower resolution proxy versions of HD footage simpler by creating lower resolution copies at reduced resolution, significantly improving performance while providing faster previewing and responsive editing experiences – something which is often overlooked by other intermediate editing programs.

Another nice touch provided by Cyberlink is the option to automatically shut down your computer after completing a long production render, saving both time and power consumption. Cyberlink didn’t forget any of these details when designing this feature!

Other export options include creating a DVD disc or video files compatible with iPod, PSP, DV, AVI and MPEG-4 (with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound support). Your project can also be published as a production map on Cyberlink’s DirectorZone community to learn from other users. For additional features like Auto Captions or Image Enhancer subscription is required – and unfortunately you are unable to edit clips either portrait or landscape orientation within Cyberlink which seems at odds with its advertised orientation agnosticism!

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