Cyberlink PowerDVD Review


PowerDVD is a multifunctional media player and organizer capable of playing back a range of formats. Furthermore, its advanced video and audio enhancements make it a leading contender in its field.

User-friendly navigation makes the interface easy to use; use it to watch Blu-ray and DVD movies as well as stream content from local hard drives or connected devices.

Easy to use

PowerDVD is an intuitive multimedia player, capable of supporting Ultra HD 4K playback as well as DVD and Blu-ray disc playback, among other video and audio formats. Furthermore, this software offers media management features like playlists and descriptive metadata tagging as well as the option of streaming content over home networks or to mobile devices.

User interface of Movie, Music, Photos and Online is designed for maximum simplicity and is built upon five main tabs across the top to give users quick and intuitive navigation. Movie integrates with MoovieLive for information about movies in theaters and disc stores; Music; Photos and Online are your portals into online media libraries and services; using these tabs quickly is straightforward yet some may find its design cumbersome.

PowerDVD allows users to choose between PC Mode and TV Mode depending on how you intend to use the application. Customizing its look and feel by hiding media panel tabs such as Music Store, Home Media (DLNA), or Online media will further streamline its interface while stopping related background processes to speed up PowerDVD performance.

PowerDVD stands out among players thanks to its integrated audio and video enhancements, making it one of the top players available. It supports an extensive array of video and audio files including legacy codecs that other programs struggle with; however, not all video formats may play properly, meaning older AVC files that VLC handles easily may not play in PowerDVD.

PowerDVD goes beyond playing physical discs and digital media – it also provides sharing and remote capabilities, enabling you to watch media with friends and family no matter their location in the world.

PowerDVD can be an excellent option for fans of physical Blu-rays and DVDs, though it should be remembered that its resource-intensive software could affect system performance on less powerful machines; additionally, the price tag may act as a deterrent.

Powerful features

PowerDVD is more than a media player; it’s an all-in-one premium multimedia experience. This program organizes, plays and casts all your movies, music and photos onto any device at home or away – whether at home or away!

PowerDVD can play any Blu-ray and DVD movie as well as numerous video and audio formats – from high resolution Ultra HD 8K resolution up to lower-resolution videos – making it perfect for media streaming from DLNA devices, social networks and cloud storage services. Furthermore, its upscaler does a fantastic job at improving picture quality in lower-resolution videos while Dolby and DTS support provide immersive 3D virtual surround sound experience.

Other features of Cinema Mode for touchscreens and customizable menus include touch controls with touch-based controls for touchscreens, subtitle support and customizable menu. Media panel tabs can also be hidden to streamline the interface and reduce background processes for faster performance; keyboard hotkeys and mouse wheel behavior can also be tailored according to personal preference. In its latest version, there’s improved support for 4K TVs with HDMI 2.0 bonded cables as well as advanced upscaling and hardware acceleration of 8K video playback.

PowerDVD Remote is a free mobile app designed to let you control your PC from your phone or tablet using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, available both from Apple App Store and Google Play. In addition, this convenient tool also lets you transfer files between mobile device and computer – useful if you want to watch a movie while on-the-go without carrying your laptop along!

Skip or repeat scenes is another useful feature, particularly if you miss pressing pause, fall asleep during your movie, or miss something crucial such as an explosion or key line of dialog. This feature can especially come in handy when watching thriller or suspense films.

Although PowerDVD features are impressive, they may require too many resources and won’t work on all systems. If you have an old or underpowered computer, alternative media players that consume less resources might be best.

Compatible with a wide range of media formats

Cyberlink PowerDVD is an intuitive media player that can handle virtually every media file format imaginable, such as popular videos, audio and image files. Its library management feature makes organizing all your media easy; in addition, its video enhancement technologies ensure your videos look their best: TrueTheater HD/3D can upscale content, optimize picture quality and produce immersive surround sound experiences; while its TrueJitter technology eliminates jitter from home movies for smoother playback. Furthermore, PowerDVD works well with most DLNA devices including TVs receivers and mobile devices – also making playback smooth. Compatible with most DLNA devices including TVs receivers and mobile devices

PowerDVD allows you to tailor your playback experience with various settings and features, such as adding markers to media, using frame capture function, synchronizing subtitles and changing aspect ratio of videos, shuffle media as well as rewind or fast forward them; additionally it has several audio enhancement functions such as DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD 7.1 channel surround sound; multiple customer support options and tutorials can help newcomers get up and running smoothly.

PowerDVD Ultra stands out from its competition thanks to a host of unique features that set it apart. Enjoy all your latest Ultra HD Blu-ray discs and HD video formats as well as 360 degree VR viewing on virtual reality headsets with this version. Additionally, there are other useful new features designed to enhance your viewing experience.

PowerDVD is now free, but please note that its free version does come with certain restrictions and limitations that prevent its full potential from being unlocked. In order to unlock all features, a license key or subscription may be purchased; new updates and support from PowerDVD may also be made available via these methods.

PowerDVD is an ideal option for PC users seeking a superior media experience. Thanks to its wide support for different media formats and advanced functionality, it has established itself as one of the premier media players available today. However, before installing any piece of software on your computer it’s essential that you carefully consider both your needs and preferences when making this decision.

Easy to install

PowerDVD is an advanced multimedia software program capable of playing Ultra HD 4K, Blu-ray and DVD movies as well as managing your media files, while supporting multiple file formats and providing playlist management features. Furthermore, DLNA devices can connect directly with PowerDVD to stream content remotely and it comes in Standard, Ultra and 365 (subscription) editions; standard edition is free to download; however 365 edition offers premium features which require subscription.

PowerDVD features an easy and intuitive user interface, offering customizable themes and layouts. Furthermore, you can save customized settings. It can play music and video files as well as photos in slideshows; create playlists; add descriptive metadata; stream to other devices via DLNA for convenient movie watching – making PowerDVD an indispensable piece of software!

PowerDVD is compatible with multiple devices, from smartphones and tablets to game consoles and smart TVs. It supports several popular formats like HEVC/H.264/HEIF/VC-1/MP4, making it convenient for watching your favorite films on-the-go. You can even access 3D movie viewing – making this feature especially helpful for users looking to stay entertained on-the-go!

PowerDVD can automatically sync media files and folders across your connected devices, including mobile phones. Furthermore, its subtitle transfer function enables you to watch movies in any language on any mobile device – ideal if subtitles don’t make their way onto your mobile phone! Furthermore, PowerDVD connects seamlessly with home theater systems so videos can be projected onto big screens.

PowerDVD is an all-inclusive multimedia player, but its use may require significant resources and may adversely impact system performance on older or less powerful computers. Furthermore, it may be more expensive than some media players which may make it unsuitable for certain users.

If your PowerDVD installation is having difficulties, try performing a clean reinstall. To do so, launch the Windows Add or Remove Programs tool, search for Cyberlink PowerDVD, click Uninstall button and follow on-screen instructions until process has completed.

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