Cyberlink PowerDVD Review

PowerDVD is Cyberlink’s premier multimedia player. This comprehensive application supports DVD, Blu-ray and video file playback as well as photo slideshow and music player capabilities.

The media library provides an easy and straightforward way to browse files stored across folders, external drives and DLNA devices on your network. Plus you can create and access playlists.

PowerDVD Ultra offers comprehensive technical support options.

Enhanced Audio & Visual Playback

Cyberlink PowerDVD is one of the most versatile media players available. Designed to support all common video, audio, image, and Blu-ray disc movie formats – including Blu-ray disc movies – as well as stream media content directly from cloud storage or connected mobile devices, it also serves as a media librarian and can stream it all out as needed from connected mobile devices or the cloud. However, Cyberlink PowerDVD may require higher system requirements which make it incompatible with older or less powerful systems.

PowerDVD now supports 8K, 4K HDR and 360-degree videos with its latest version, with TrueTheater enhancement technology designed to increase visual quality by upscaling content, improving colors and optimizing sound. Furthermore, compatible portable devices can sync up with PowerDVD to enable playback of music, photos and videos stored therein.

PowerDVD’s new user interface is more streamlined and intuitive than previous versions, featuring a floating control panel reminiscent of a DVD remote that includes buttons for essential functions like pausing/resuming playback, skipping chapters and docking/undocking it from the screen at will. Furthermore, customizability options include instantly hiding top/bottom panels in full screen mode instantly as well as positioning of video screen left or right of center while an information overlay displays both elapsed time as well as remaining time during playback.

Additionally, the program now offers master-quality Dolby and DTS surround sound technology for superior acoustic reproduction, lossless and highly-compressed formats like FLAC and APE are supported, along with several picture settings including brightness, tint (two bands), contrast saturation. CLPV (Cyberlink Pano Vision) technology also enables widescreen content to fill standard 4:3 displays intelligently scaling using its intelligent scaling feature.

A Movie Library feature from MovieDeck software helps organize your collection of file-based movies with links to online information and social media sharing, and easily views DLNA-streamed videos from smart devices or TVs connected via DLNA.

Intuitive Playlists & Media Management

PowerDVD’s library management capabilities include drag-and-drop for adding media files from an external folder, search, and an easy way to set up playlists. Other tools and options help manage files and improve their quality such as CyberLink TrueTheater video enhancements that provide sharper pictures, improved lighting effects and surround sound effects; reduce blur caused by poor camera work or remove shakiness in footage while improving clarity for low resolution videos.

PowerDVD now features the option to configure it as a DLNA server, making its library available across compatible devices such as TVs or Smart TVs. This useful tool can come in particularly handy for those with larger home movie libraries; its new “Library” configuration section offers options such as selecting which folders PowerDVD will monitor for media and setting media size thresholds if applicable.

This program can also create streaming URLs that you can send out to friends and family so they can view your collection of movies from any location – this feature can come in particularly handy when planning to host a viewing party for a major film.

Overall, PowerDVD provides Windows users with a great media player for movie and video playback needs. The program can handle HD and 3D content as well as various file formats seamlessly. PowerDVD features a user-friendly interface, making it simple and accessible for people of all experience levels to use. However, its resource usage may increase significantly when playing high definition and 3D media resulting in slower system performance on older or less capable computers. This program also requires internet connectivity in order to access MoovieLive, which searches online movie databases. While this may be frustrating for users who would rather maintain their online privacy, MoovieLive can be disabled if desired.

DLNA Server & Smart Device Sync

PowerDVD comes equipped with DLNA Server and Smart Device Connectivity capabilities, allowing it to play back files from a DLNA media server such as PCs running Windows 7/8/10, network devices or online services such as YouTube. Furthermore, its synchronizing content from mobile iOS or Android devices makes streaming and viewing effortless; its support can also automatically play media synced via CyberLink Cloud service.

PowerDVD has enhanced their DLNA Server feature to include multi-media folder support, file transfer mode customization options and the option to disable automatic media transcoding – this last feature being particularly beneficial as real-time transcoding may cause compatibility issues for some file formats.

PowerDVD now supports more video file types, with 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, and 3D playback now all being possible. Furthermore, TrueTheater technology upscales videos from your computer, DLNA server or YouTube to HD quality instantly!

The new Movie Info tab in the user interface makes it easy to locate information about movies you watch, such as trailers and reviews. You can link social media accounts for commenting purposes or create a list of films to watch in the future.

PowerDVD now comes equipped with features such as an enhanced photo slideshow creation tool, RAW format support, direct Facebook and Flickr uploads and VR/360 support for YouTube videos. Customization options in PowerDVD enable users to temporarily hide media panel tabs and halt background processes to make its interface less cluttered; additionally keyboard hotkeys and mouse wheel behavior can be modified.

Overall, PowerDVD remains an incredibly reliable software media player for Microsoft Windows systems. Its DVD/Blu-ray/video/photo playback abilities rival most hardware players while its advanced features like the Smart DLNA server, cross-platform media transcoding and TrueTheater technology offer further enhancement. Plus with fully integrated mobile app and cloud storage support it makes accessing and sharing media even simpler than before – offering an unbeatable value when considering premium video/audio/photo media players like this one!


PowerDVD boasts not only video playback features but also Cyberlink’s TrueTheater technology to enhance image sharpness, color accuracy and lighting; this can take Blu-rays and HD digital movies beyond their original quality, especially when watched on larger screens.

The control interface remains mostly unchanged, while the main playback window has been optimized into three tabs for easier organization: Movies handles DVD and Blu-ray discs; Videos tracks video files stored on your computer; Music lists MP3 and other file types. Furthermore, there’s now also an exciting 3D tab to add another dimension when it comes to viewing your favorite videos!

This program also supports Dolby Headphone and Dolby Surround audio playback, offering a virtual surround sound experience comparable to home theater systems. In Cinema mode, this software can display appropriate video rotation and subtitle style features for connected television or monitor screens.

An extensive range of features has been included within its repertoire: Ultra HD (4K) video support; 360-degree VR support from Samsung Gear and Nikon KeyMission cameras; media casting to Roku, Chromecast and Apple TV devices; TrueTheater HDR enhancement that offers larger color spaces, providing better image quality; “pinning” YouTube videos allowing offline viewing; support for HEIC/HEIF and GIF images as well as WebM streaming support as a royalty-free alternative to VP9 codecs commonly used to stream online video streaming – to name just a few features included among many more features that make the list.

Social networking enthusiasts will appreciate that PowerDVD 10 offers easy upload of video bookmarks directly to MoovieLive, Facebook or Twitter for sharing with their social circles. In addition, this software also enables the creation and uploading of photo slideshows directly into the cloud storage. Plus, users have access to 17 million DRM-free MP3 and AAC songs through 7digital Music Store that they can listen to offline using PCs or mobile devices!

PowerDVD Ultra is a feature-packed media player that meets the needs of modern consumers. Its 3D capability is particularly appealing, while other unique elements make PowerDVD an appealing option to appeal to a broad audience. Although madVR offers greater flexibility for video playback needs, PowerDVD makes an excellent dedicated video player option.

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