CyberLink PowerDVD Review


Cyberlink PowerDVD media player software excels in playing 4K and HDR Blu-ray movies, as well as providing other multimedia playback and media management features.

One of the major new features is Smart De-interlacing, designed to eliminate telecine judder from interlaced video content, as well as CLEV picture enhancement.


CyberLink PowerDVD is a versatile DVD and Blu-ray playback program with features designed to enhance media entertainment experiences. Its user interface is user friendly and allows them to tailor playback settings according to personal preference; video and audio quality enhancement capabilities make this an excellent addition for home theatre systems. While it may prove useful for many users, some may find its presence unnecessary and its resource usage excessive.

PowerDVD now supports multiple resolutions including HD and 4K resolutions and can download movie information from MoovieLive to display release date, genre, tagline information as well as subtitle display, resumable playback, bookmarking capabilities across discs as well as viewing movie collections – creating an easier media library than digging through folders in Windows Explorer.

PowerDVD also features audio enhancements, including Dolby TrueHD lossless surround sound and DTS-HD Master Audio, making it the ideal program for home theatre PCs equipped with surround sound systems. Furthermore, the program can upscale standard definition content to appear better on HD displays; its TrueTheater technology helps enhance media playback by upscaling low-resolution content, improving color and lighting settings and reducing noise – as well as supporting 3D playback for an engaging viewing experience.

Noteworthy features of MediaKind also include its built-in social network experience that enables users to review and comment on media from within the program, as well as its full set of media management tools which allows users to organize and keep track of video and audio files. Furthermore, its compatibility with legacy RealMedia formats as well as more obscure formats that other programs, like VLC, cannot manage makes this software versatile enough for most media needs.

PowerDVD may not be cheap and may be unnecessary for some users with access to free alternatives that provide comparable functionality; however, its extensive feature set and user-friendly navigation make the program well worth investing in for serious video fans.


PowerDVD is a comprehensive media player software program from Cyberlink that offers users various features to access media files. The program can play DVD movie discs and Blu-ray movies as well as audio files and photos – as well as 3D playback with customizable options and 3D compatibility support. Users can download PowerDVD from its official website for a 30-day free trial version to test out what this software can do!

PowerDVD software supports various audio technologies, such as Dolby Digital and DTS, providing users with a rich listening experience. Furthermore, its media library feature organizes media files and can be used to create playlists; YouTube and Vimeo videos can be streamed online as well as virtual reality content through PowerDVD’s use with virtual reality headsets.

Cyberlink provides its users with an abundance of technical support resources, such as FAQs and tutorials, community user forums, and customer service via email if there are issues with PowerDVD software.

PowerDVD stands out as an invaluable source for its support of various codecs, from legacy (RealMedia) and non-standard formats that other programs might not recognize to oddball codecs that other programs do not support. Furthermore, this software supports many video and image formats with HD-definition resolution support.

PowerDVD is an excellent media player software solution for anyone who wishes to access media files on their computer. The interface is straightforward and its features extensive. Unfortunately, certain hardware configurations may make using PowerDVD difficult – in addition it consumes an enormous amount of resources even when not active which may negatively affect performance – this may make a different media player program better suited for your system if resources are limited – however.


PowerDVD is an award-winning media player designed to handle everything from Blu-ray movies and digital video files, music files and more. Its comprehensive feature set makes it one of the best solutions available while its straightforward setup and use make it simple enough for anyone to take full advantage of all it can do.

Cyberlink PowerDVD is a full-featured media player designed to play DVD and Blu-ray movie discs as well as digital video, audio, and photo files. The program supports various file formats and provides advanced features like TrueTheater technology, 3D playback, wide format support and streaming online content such as movies or photos and videos – perfect for home theater systems but could become resource-intensive on less powerful PCs.

PowerDVD’s comprehensive feature set makes it a fantastic choice for both casual and power users alike, helping improve video viewing experiences by upscaling low-resolution media to increase image clarity, upscaling low-resolution media to high resolution media, reducing noise artifacts, adding subtitles or audio tracks, or providing technical information about media files.

PowerDVD goes far beyond its playback capabilities to deliver media streaming to other devices such as televisions and mobile phones, creating and editing playlists, downloading videos from websites to a local folder, as well as supporting 4K video playback.

The user interface is user-friendly and organized, making it simple to locate and access features you require. Furthermore, its adaptability enables you to modify its appearance as well as select different languages you’d like. Plus there are advanced features like frame capture, karaoke playback and 3D playback available!

The program also comes in a free trial version that gives you an idea of its features before committing to buying it. Please be aware, however, that this trial version only lasts 30 days and cannot be redeemed after this time has passed. Furthermore, resource-intensive applications may slow system performance when utilized by them.

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