CyberLink YouCam Review

CyberLink YouCam is an exciting program developed by Taiwanese software firm CyberLink that features fun and useful video calling effects as well as add-ons.

Effects include the ability to transform yourself into Santa Claus or an alien, among other features. Furthermore, OBS Studio integrates seamlessly with YouTube Live, Twitch, and OBS Studio.


Cyberlink YouCam is a software program that enables you to add fun effects, filters, and enhancements to video calls and recordings. Compatible with popular video chat applications like Skype and Facebook Messenger, YouCam makes for an excellent personal or professional solution – though as with all programs it has its own set of disadvantages; therefore, before investing time or resources in this particular piece of software it should be carefully considered if it meets your requirements.

Cyberlink YouCam stands out from its competition by adding exciting and entertaining effects to videos, such as face-tracking avatars, 3D objects and animated photo frames. Furthermore, it comes equipped with various editing tools that enable users to create and edit photos and videos – such as stylized photo frames, color presets and free-hand drawing features – while it also features screen sharing options which enable them to create presentations, documents or websites more efficiently.

Cyberlink YouCam’s built-in media organizer makes it simple and efficient to view and organize all of your photos in a central location. Furthermore, the program automatically sorts images by their faces to group together those belonging to specific individuals – making this feature an indispensable asset for those with numerous photos of family and friends.

Finally, the program offers various security features. These can help protect your privacy by blocking others from viewing or using your desktop screen or webcam and also prevent malware exploiting vulnerabilities in webcam software by conducting scans to look for potential threats on your computer.

Users have reported that Lenovo computers come pre-installed with Cyberlink YouCam, commonly referred to as bloatware software that should be removed if its functions are no longer needed.

Cyberlink YouCam stands out among video chat and recording programs by offering more than just basic camera effects; its wide array of additional features make it an attractive option for both personal and business use. From its high-quality video support and audio playback to unique photo effects and facial beautification tools, YouCam can be an asset on any computer; though be warned it can be somewhat pricey; alternative software offers similar functionality at lower costs.


CyberLink YouCam is an impressive software that offers users a range of fun webcam effects. Additionally, the program features offline video and photo editing tools which can enhance the overall user experience with the software; however it should be noted that some security concerns exist with its usage.

While software is generally safe to use, it’s essential to be mindful of any privacy concerns that could arise. Video chat programs and other applications that use your webcam could record and share information without your knowledge and consent; to protect yourself it’s vitally important that you review permissions frequently as well as update antivirus software regularly.

YouCam 9 features are tailored to assist streamers and content creators in producing higher quality videos and broadcasts, such as using special augmented reality filters to add special effects to video or image captures, making videos more exciting and engaging for viewers. Furthermore, YouCam allows users to use custom overlays that can be integrated into broadcasts for even further customizability.

This program also enables you to easily personalize the look of your webcam by applying various filters, effects, and clip art. The tool is compatible with popular video chat/broadcasting apps like Skype & U, YouTube Live, Facebook etc and allows for real-time skin enhancement and makeup so that you always look your best during online video calls.

YouCam offers another useful feature for users looking to share photos and videos online with family and friends – the ability to create live image galleries. You can access this feature via its Tools tab in the software’s interface and select which folder should house your media.

CyberLink YouCam is an innovative software program that transforms your computer into an all-in-one live photo and video studio, complete with filters, facial recognition technology, live makeup application capabilities and live makeup updates. Compatible with popular video chat programs like Skype and OBS Studio broadcasting services; additionally it can add custom video effects directly into PowerPoint presentations.


YouCam is an innovative software tool designed to add spice and excitement to your video chats or instant messaging sessions with friends or family. Its unique visual effects such as filters, particles, emotions and avatars allow for greater personalization of chat sessions as well as taking photo snapshots or recording live desktop video – available both for Windows and Mac operating systems.

Once the CyberLink YouCam download has finished, users can install the software by following on-screen instructions. Once complete, access to the application can be gained via clicking on its icon in the system tray or directly launching from Start menu or desktop shortcut – working both as stand alone mode and instant message (IM).

YouCam features an intelligent, well-organized Adobe AIR interface. All the effects that can be applied instantly in real-time. Plus, with its latest release supporting Augmented Reality software you can interact with 3D virtual objects in the video preview window!

YouCam offers another feature to its arsenal – file sharing via email – which can come in handy when sharing important documents or presentations to clients or colleagues. Furthermore, YouCam supports various audio and video file formats as well as supporting an array of file sizes.

CyberLink YouCam can be an enjoyable and useful utility, but it’s essential that you fully consider its potential drawbacks before deciding if it’s the right choice for you. In addition to cost, consider how much storage space will be necessary as well as any impact it might have on computer performance.

Hackers could exploit software vulnerabilities to gain unauthorised access to your computer, so it is vital that antivirus software be running constantly and up-to-date to guard against such an attack. Furthermore, be sure to install any available security patches for your operating system.


CyberLink YouCam is a webcam software which offers numerous fun effects, filters, and enhancements for video calls and recordings. In addition, CyberLink YouCam includes security features like face login and facial recognition for added protection. When making the decision whether or not to keep this type of software installed it’s essential that all risks and benefits of use are thoroughly considered before deciding how best to proceed.

YouCam’s latest version offers several exciting new features. These include an upgraded face tracker that can detect facial expressions more accurately and even partially mimic them; tracking movements; locking your screen automatically when detected leaving computer; sending webcam images automatically when detected leaving computer; recording full-screen videos using fixed areas as recording areas; supporting both USB and IP cameras and more!

Other features of the program include saving captured images as JPG, BMP or PNG files; changing the default capture folder; setting a countdown before capturing; displaying timestamps before and after recording; as well as configuring hotkeys to activate and stop recording. You can also adjust webcam zoom features and customize hotkeys to activate and stop recording; create slideshows from photos or PowerPoint files using this program, adding them to camera views; recognize faces for advanced augmented reality effects and create avatars with customizable expressions using this software!

CyberLink YouCam may be safe to download and use, but there may be potential security concerns associated with it. As it has access to your camera, hackers could potentially use it to spy on or steal sensitive data from you or steal sensitive information from you. To protect yourself, regularly running a malware scanner to identify and eliminate potential threats should be performed in order to stay protected.

CyberLink YouCam should ultimately depend on how often and with whom it is being used and your privacy concerns. If it serves its intended function well and can save you time in the form of additional features that you find useful, keeping it may be worth keeping installed; otherwise if its presence causes unease around granting third-party access to your camera feed could be better left unsealed.

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