Dekaron G – A Global Reboot and Reimagining of the Original Dekaron

Dekaron G

Dekaron G is an exciting global reboot and reimagining of the original Dekaron, featuring blockchain elements as part of Wemade’s WEMIX platform. Set for release soon across both mobile devices and PC, Dekaron G should arrive shortly!

Step out on an epic journey through a world on the brink of destruction! Battle monsters, complete quests, and take down evil hordes with weapons of your choosing in this free to play online game!


After the Grand Fall, an entire continent was overrun by otherworldly monsters from another dimension – only Karon, guardian of a portal to another realm could fight them off and keep humanity safe until these otherworldly beings slaughtered humanity and those who managed to flee built the Ark Arcana before disappearing forever.

Dekaron G is the new name of 2021’s Dekaron M and will launch as a mobile blockchain MMORPG, featuring elements on Wemade’s WEMIX platform. The “G” in its title signifies its global scope.

Dekaron G has yet to be officially launched across Europe, America, and Southeast Asia; no official date has been given as of now.

Character creation

Dekaron, initially released through Acclaim as 2Moons and later GameHi, is an engaging 3D Fantasy MMORPG with fast-paced gameplay and an emphasis on PvP action. Players take on the role of Dekarons who complete quests while combatting evil hordes in Trieste.

This new global version of MMORPG from Wemade features blockchain elements as part of their Wemix platform and is set for release sometime during spring 2021. Unfortunately there is no news regarding regional launch dates or how these new elements will mesh with the existing gameplay; more information should become available shortly.

Miseria and Ricchez have united to reopen the gateway between this world and another. Now, Summoners control creatures from otherworlds to fight Karon’s evil manifestation and ensure survival for humanity.


Dekaron G is the global rebrand of Dekaron M, the mobile blockchain MMORPG released for mobile platforms back in 2007. Adding cutting-edge blockchain features into core gameplay, this new title will be made available both mobile and PC with cross-platform play capabilities.

Users level 45 or higher are invited to take part in DK Arena, a large-scale PvP battlefield where battles between players take place on an unprecedented scale. Players who rank within the top 100 can receive plentiful rewards – Epic Trans-Up x11 Summoning Tickets and DK Square 30M Recharge Stone (Bound) are among them as individual rewards while Guild Medals and Growth Potions may also be bestowed as team rewards.

Dekaron G offers an engaging and challenging gameplay experience with 12 character classes, an expansive list of skills, and its high fantasy style which emphasizes visual impact during attacks. Furthermore, Dekaron G boasts an arcade-style combat interface which rewards spatial awareness and anticipation of your opponent, adding to its fun factor.

AFK Journey

Dekaron G is an impressive mobile MMORPG with stunning graphics and a vast world to discover. Featuring top-down perspective and detailed character models, as well as beautiful environments depicted with intricate detail – Dekaron G makes gaming more immersive and captivating to play!

Dekaron G offers players an AFK Journey feature to engage in battle without needing to log into the game first, offering rewards that can help enhance characters. This feature is especially advantageous for players looking to maximize their gaming time!

While the game is free to play, some items within it can be purchased with real money. Players have the option of disabling this purchase option by accessing the “Settings” menu – this way they can avoid spending their hard-earned cash on unnecessary items that don’t meet their needs or want.

Dekaron G is the global rebrand of Dekaron M, an Android mobile MMORPG released originally in 2007. Dekaron M features some blockchain elements as part of Wemade’s Wemix network; thus giving Dekaron G an additional modern twist for global audiences.

No matter if you’re new or old to Dekaron, this game will surely satisfy. From its complex plot, large cast of characters, stunning scenery and exceptional graphical style (it features unique visuals!) and sound design (both excellent), this title won’t let you down!

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