Dekaron G – A Multi-Platform Action-Combat MMORPG

Dekaron G is a multi-platform MMORPG developed by ThumbAge that has been soft launched for an easy access experience. It features Player VS Player content called DK Arena that will offer guild and individual rewards to those who achieve higher ranks during battle.

Playing the game for free is enjoyable, yet you can purchase items with real money. Redeem codes to receive benefits like free scrolls, summoning tickets, upgrade agates and selection boxes!

Character Creation

As the global rebrand of Dekaron M, this massively multiplayer online role-playing (MMORPG) game offers an expansive and immersive world for players to explore. From its rich lore and challenging gameplay to character customization options that make each avatar truly unique – not forgetting challenging dungeons and raid encounters that require cooperation and strategic planning in order to advance further in this title!

With its massive and stunning fantasy world, this massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) invites players on exciting quests while fighting off fierce creatures for an action-packed gaming experience. They can choose among various classes offering unique abilities and combat styles that best suit their playstyles.

Armor sets and weapons provide extensive character customization, enabling players to craft an avatar tailored precisely to their tastes. In addition, a robust PvP system offers exciting one-on-one duels or large scale team combat. Furthermore, PvE dungeons and raids require players to work together against powerful bosses to win valuable rewards – an experience all its own!

Players can select between four unique weapon types, each offering different playstyle and abilities. Furthermore, the skill-based combat system enables them to customize their characters according to their personal tastes, creating an enjoyable and rewarding gameplay experience.

As part of Wemade’s blockchain-based Wemix platform, the game provides players with an immersive and dynamic virtual world to explore while engaging in group activities with thousands of other real-time players in real-time. Furthermore, upgrades and enhancements allow players to further customize their avatars.

Dekaron G stands out among Eastern free-to-play MMORPGs by not employing pay-to-win mechanisms, giving its players equal chances of attaining top-tier gear and competing against one another in ranked arenas. Furthermore, quality-of-life items and cosmetics available through gold can be purchased as currency within the game itself; furthermore it features an active community that contributes towards its development and design, making Dekaron G an engaging yet entertaining MMORPG option for PC users looking for entertainment.


Dekaron G is typical of free-to-play games in that players have access to an extensive selection of Trans-Ups for them to select in Dekaron G, which are distinct Classes with specific weapon-types, which they can change between as they progress without restrictions or penalties. They begin the game with three Trans-Ups available; additional ones can also be bought using in-game currency.

Character building in Dekaron G is made all the more interesting with Trans-Ups as an intriguing feature that provides great freedom to play. These similar to Boosters in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds can help customize your character’s fighting style – something modern MMORPGs should provide.

The game allows the player to fuse Trans-Ups and Pets together, which will increase their stats to legendary levels. To do this, accessing the Fusion Material list and selecting pairs that correspond grade. Players may also receive random Trans-Ups or Pets by completing Pledge missions or Daily rewards.

ThumbAge and its subsidiary Unsigned Games have released Dekaron G, an action-combat MMORPG featuring both PvE and PvP battle modes for free-to-play action combat players to battle alongside real online players against monster hordes. It can be played across global regions including Europe, America and Southeast Asia.

A multiplatform title recently unveiled a trailer offering players an inside look into its development, including its unique worldview, strategic combat system and numerous Weapon Classes along with majestic monsters to battle in Ardeca and Haihaff Snow Fields.

Soft launch allows players to test out the game ahead of its official release later this week. For more information, check out its official website or follow it on social media. Mark Sellner, an MMORPG-Autor at MeinMMO has been playing this genre for more than 15 years and appreciates a compelling plot, memorable characters, and dynamic gameplay.


Dekaron G is a mobile action-combat MMORPG set in Triestre. Here, a demon named Karon causes chaos and destruction across this dynamic landscape, offering players mesmerizing armor inspired by animals and insects with eye-catching graphics that entice players to use their power and skills to advance through the game.

Today marks the soft launch of this game on iOS App Store and Google Play before its global roll out next week. In anticipation of this global roll-out, players can pre-load the title for in-game rewards to take advantage of prioritising it as it allows developers time to iron out bugs and improve server stability.

At the soft launch, players will earn Nunvice Crystals for every battle won in PvP or PvE and exchange these for INCAR coins which in turn can be converted to weMix coins which can then be used to unlock various gameplay enhancements and items.

Players will enjoy an immersive core gameplay experience as well as accessing multiple character classes with unique weapons and abilities. Combat takes place in real-time, challenging players to maximize their skills and teamwork for maximum impact.

Outside their weapons and abilities, players can also acquire Trans-ups and Pets which can be fused together to form stronger characters. Each Trans-up can be rerolled five times; with each roll costing additional diamonds. Players can check all available trans-ups via Fusion Material list while upgrading them automatically fusing similar ones into stronger characters.

Leveling Up

Dekaron G is being soft launched today on iOS and Android devices as well as PC via its official website, Google Play and the App Store, giving players a chance to experience its worldview, engaging battle systems, weapon classes and stunning visuals before its global debut next week on WEMADE’s blockchain platform weMix.

Reaching level 15 gear is a major accomplishment that unlocks access to better equipment that can keep you alive longer, but in order to do that you must also gather experience points. Although Loa Castle might tempt you into hunting down every monster it sees for experience points, the best way to gain adequate experience points is hunting the appropriate monsters of each color instead.

ThumbAge, based in Korea, specializes in mobile and PC role-playing games like Hero for Kakao, Ultimate Hero and INTERPLANET. Their flagship title Dekaron M has launched on Apple and Google Play stores since 2021; an international version will incorporate blockchain elements as part of weMix; Dekaron G will offer support in English, Chinese, Thai and Spanish with multiple monetization models like free-to-play with in-game purchases available to its players.

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