Dekaron G Promo Codes – How to Get Free Dekaron G Credits

Dekaron G is a mobile MMORPG published by ThumbAge that features Trans-Up systems, weapon classes, and beautiful visuals. Set on Trieste Continent, players must fight off Karon with all of the power their weapons possess in order to save it from destruction.

Earn free codes that you can redeem in-game to unlock benefits like scrolls, summoning tickets, upgraded Agate, selection box items and essence.


Dekaron G is an engaging role-playing game featuring smooth gameplay and captivating storytelling, available for iOS and Android devices from official stores. With an assortment of weapons and equipment at your disposal, Dekaron G offers gamers a fun mobile adventure! Developed by Thumbage Co Limited – an established mobile games developer – Dekaron G may contain violence, gory themes or offensive language which may not be appropriate for all ages.

The game takes place in an ancient land where humans and a new race of creatures called Aloken engaged in an intense war, only for it all to end with otherworldly monsters led by Karon unleashing their destructive fury upon it all – known as “The Great Fall”. Everything was left devastated in its path by this eventful chapter in human history.

After the Grand Fall, a group of warriors known as Dekaron emerged to combat Karon. By traveling back through time they prevented another Great Fall from occurring and have since been charged with protecting Trieste from harm and safeguarding our world from imminent disaster.

This game’s gameplay resembles other MMORPGs in many respects, with quests and battles that advance the storyline. Furthermore, players may form guilds to work together against powerful bosses together.

DK Arena is an expansive PvP battlefield within the game that enables users to join when reaching level 45 and above, featuring both team and solo combat that rewards users according to performance. Users who reach this threshold can participate in this content.

Users can gain access to DK Arena by tapping on the Battle button in the Main Menu of their game. The gameplay is user-friendly, enabling easy control of characters through convenient on-screen options and impressive visuals. In addition, this three-dimensional platform boasts impressive visuals as well as an enhanced sound system designed to increase player enjoyment.


Dekaron G stands out in the mobile gaming world thanks to its captivating storyline and interactive experience. Players can use Dekaron G to develop their main character to take down hordes of enemies and destroy Karon – truly unforgettable! You don’t want to miss it! It is amazing, don’t hesitate – give Dekaron G a chance today.

This game’s graphics are captivating, creating an atmospheric battle experience. There are also countless quests and achievements to complete; those who complete these can earn rewards in form of special equipment and weapons.

Choose from three classes: Berserker, Cleric and Assassin. While the first two specialize in dishing out damage while stealth attacks are handled by the latter class. Each has unique mechanics and gameplay mechanics to keep things interesting as you explore forests, deserts and dungeons while leveling up characters while leveling them up as well. With gorgeous graphics that showcase various settings – you have no excuse for not playing this incredible game!

Dekaron G offers a variety of weapons – one-handed swords, whips, bows and walking sticks among them – to defeat your enemies and complete missions for experience and rewards. Use this experience to level up your character, unlock new abilities and strengthen defenses while levelling up faster. Plus there’s armor and accessories galore!

Dekaron G offers fast-paced and engaging gameplay with multiple strategies available to win each battle. Plus, play alongside friends for epic duels!

Dekaron G is an RPG game featuring classic elements as well as modern blockchain technology to add depth and interactivity. This adds another level of excitement and makes the experience all the more interactive and captivating!

Additionally, this game offers a robust crafting system which enables players to craft items and sell them to other players – this way you can get the items your character needs most quickly! Furthermore, its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls will certainly please MMORPG fans, while providing an enjoyable challenge and thrilling adventure!


Create your character and explore an expansive open world. Explore towns, landscapes and dungeons filled with mysteries. Dwell inside meticulously designed dungeons designed to capture classic dungeon-crawling experience through challenging labyrinths and puzzles reminiscent of classic dungeon crawling games – team up with friends to battle ancient dragons and formidable foes in this riveting MMORPG adventure!

With an exciting fantasy story at their core, players will embark on an incredible adventure into the Otherworld. This strange land emerged when two moons collided to form Ricketts and Miseria; now under Karon’s rule it needs your help to save its chaos from further unravelling.

Dekaron G boasts an innovative offline progression system that enables you to advance through the game even when not online. Utilizing delegated mining and cooking systems, your characters can take care of these tasks on their own while you’re away, earning rewards with each completed task – resources which you can later use to craft powerful weapons, sturdy equipment and nutritious food for yourself and other characters in Dekaron G!

This game provides players with multiple gameplay elements, from PvP and PvE battles, as well as various quests that allow you to unlock an array of armor and weapons. There are four weapons — one-handed swords, bows, whips and walking sticks — each equipped with different awakening skills that players can choose between when selecting weapons for battle. You can level up gear by participating in events.

Dekaron G is an exciting free-to-play game, without subscription fees or microtransactions, currently soft-launching across all available platforms. Visit its official website for more details and pre-download the game before it goes live!

ThumbAge will relaunch their original mobile reboot of Nexon’s 2004 PC MMORPG as a blockchain-enabled title with support across platforms in Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia. There’s still no indication as to how exactly its blockchain elements will function; however it will likely use WEMIX technology that powers successful blockchain MMOs such as Riders of Icarus and Bless Unleashed.


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Once you’ve redeemed your code, Dekaron G offers plenty of ways to explore Trieste Continent and start playing! There’s plenty to do from hunting monsters and taking part in challenging quests to competing against other players and fighting back! Additionally, with its vast arsenal of weapons and armor you can upgrade your character as you level up.

DK Arena, the game’s large-scale PvP battleground, allows players to compete against one another to earn prizes. You can access DK Arena by logging into your account and clicking the menu icon in the top-right corner. Once logged in, select Settings then Info tab before participating in battle.

Dekaron G offers more than just PvE content; players also receive numerous other rewards when playing. The website of Dekaron G offers a complete list of these prizes, such as free scrolls, summoning tickets, upgrade agates, selection boxes and essence. Players may also compete in the DK Arena for additional prizes like Guild Medals and Growth Potions!

Dekaron G is the global version of Dekaron M, the mobile MMORPG launched in Korea in 2012. This latest iteration offers upgrades in terms of Trans-Up system, Pet Growth system and map modeling, making the game compatible with both PCs and mobile devices. Pre-registration campaign will continue until October 16th; players registered will receive several potions, defense scrolls and accessories in addition to Dil, the in-game currency; as well as redeem a special item which provides instant boost in-game.

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