Dekaron G – The Global Launch of Dekaron G

ThumbAge and Unsigned Games have announced the global release of Dekaron G, an exciting mobile blockchain MMORPG available now on Google Play.

The game combines fast paced action combat with various PvP options such as open PvP zones and a dueling system, giving players plenty of variety when it comes to selecting classes and completing quests to drive back the evil hordes.


Dekaron G is the global rebrand of mobile MMORPG Dekaron M, released back in 2007. Played worldwide by gamers worldwide, this epic fantasy saga offers something for every type of player. Start on an epic journey across Trieste Continent as you fight back against devils, outlaws and thieves that threaten its primate realm; traverse Haihaff snowfields and Ardeca structures while unlocking weapons, armor skillbooks abilities to climb up rankings to become an authentic legend in this extraordinary world of darkness and light; play Dekaron G on PC with BlueStacks to see just how far your journey takes you – play Dekaron G today on PC and see where your journey takes you!

Character creation

Start an unforgettable adventure in Dekaron G, the PC and mobile MMORPG rebrand of Dekaron. Enjoy an engaging gameplay experience that leverages blockchain technology while offering PvE quests, monster battles, and intense PvP action – all under the auspices of this stunningly immersive MMORPG!

Create a hero capable of liberating the world from evil forces threatening it and fight through various dungeons, quests, and PvP modes to do it! Level your character up as you unlock weapons with special attacks or combos as well as upgrading their skills and armor for more damage and speed!

Players take control of characters called Dekarons as they complete quests and take down the evil forces threatening Trieste. The game features fast-paced point and click combat with various PvP options including duels, arenas and guild battles – as well as PvE instances which vary in difficulty levels including Regular, Rank B and Rank A instances and feature unlockable PvE gear!

PvP combat

Dekaron is a land beset by war and conflict. Amid this chaos, humans have opened a portal into another universe out of desperation, which allowed otherworldly monsters from another realm called Karon to invade Trieste continent and take control of it! Now, your task is to stop their invasion!

Dekaron G is a classic 3D fantasy MMORPG that draws players into its fantasy world through quests to restore peace to Trieste. First brought out to western audiences via Acclaim Games as 2Moons and later GameHi, Dekaron G remains popular and brings back many players year after year for fast paced combat with strong emphasis on PvP action.

Dekaron G offers an expansive variety of gameplay options, such as dungeons, arenas and guild battles. Furthermore, Dekaron G’s DK Square system enables cross-server PvP as well as PvE events and tournaments. Furthermore, each character class comes equipped with its own set of abilities and two specializations. Customizing one is highly customizable.

Take on other players in PvP arenas and earn experience, gold, and gems for each win! Use these gems to upgrade equipment or purchase weapons and accessories; plus buy 7% stone gems for bracelets and belts as well as 9% elemental weapon gems that provide significant damage boosts at low costs!

Play Dekaron G on PC with LDPlayer to experience wide field of view, exquisite graphics, and spectacular combat skills. The emulator includes multi-instance and synchronization support for quick rerolling; additionally it supports all the latest graphical and gameplay enhancements; macros; operation recorder functions are not available on mobile devices for those who reroll frequently – all perfect features that make the experience worthwhile!


Trading weapons, armor, skillbooks and other items is easy! Find an NPC to trade with by pressing [F]. Open their Shop by clicking it, and choose what items you would like to sell or buy from there.

INCAR is a utility coin that can be traded within and outside Dekaron G using blockchain technology. It serves as an essential resource with clear intrinsic value that enables users to continue enjoying content by exchanging INCAR for Nunvice Crystals – its Casting Fee and Melting Benefit are organically adjusted based on how many Nunvice Crystals were produced as well as player’s Nuvice Blessing Level to ensure its sustainability.

Join the Dekaron warriors of light and unleash your potential with this massive multiplayer online role-playing game. Get it for free using BlueStacks today and begin your adventure.

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